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Thursday, October 4th Daily Discussion
Topic Started: Oct 3 2012, 01:46 PM (8,675 Views)
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Thursday, October 4th

It's a new morning in salem

Nicole is at daniels
thinking about what she heard dan telling brady the night before
she says here we go kiddo show time
dan comes out
she says she was doing research online
she thinks she found a way to take control of her destiny

Maggie visits jen and abi
says mel called her the minute she landed in Barcelona
abi leaves
jen says hear that,, glorious sounds of silence
Nicole my house guest from hell is gone,,,,i kicked her out
Maggie says im not surprised
but i came to ask you to please stop hurting my son

Ej is outside the square
talking to a lawyer, Mr. Brown
guess he is the best criminal lawyer Ej knows
EJ tells him his brother and nick gave depositions and they are going to be problematic
he should make the depositions disappear
he didnt work this hard to have everything undone by a couple of bloody children

gabi goes to see rafe and say sits all over

sami goes to visit Chad
she says we need to talk about your brother
i know there is something going on
i know something is going on and i know it involves gabi
i overheard enough of your fight with your brother to know he promised you something
that he is not delivering on
he is playing you and i would like to offer you the opportunity to beat him at his own game.

gabi tells rafe chad is never going to hurt her anymore
its not going to court
chad struck a deal and he is never going to tell anyone about what she did
you dont have to protect me anymore

Ej says every single word in those depositions is a lie
the first one clears
my brother of a crime , i know he committed, a brutal attack
Mr. Brown says wasnt the victim the one who gave that deposition
Ej says yes but its fraudulent
it was a quid pro quo
for the one that my brother gave him
mr. brown says where he swore he has no knowledge of gabi being
complicit in melanie jonas kidnapping
EJ says right
when in fact he was the only person who could have nailed her
mr. brown says but now his word
isnt worth a dime
EJ says i need you to find me a loophole

Sami says so Ej told you he was going to help you get mel back
chad says it doesnt matter he cant help, mel is gone , she left
its over
sami says so what does it have to do with ej, whats his angel and
and where does gabi fit in ?
He says you are better off not getting involved
she says if you are smart, we are going to want me involved here
i know how ej helps people
i know how he keeps those kinds of promises , want to know my theory
chad says no i had enough
she says ej says he is going to help you but the only person he helps is himself
and if my theory is accurate dont you think you should know about it?

Abi goes to the pub
talks to some woman about a book
she tells her she works at the hospital , she is a surgical intern
then her date comes in
its Cameron

jen tells Maggie things were tense between her and dan
mggie says because of Nicole
jen says yeah she is taking advantage of him and he is letting her
maggie says they are friends
jen says the last thing that woman is , is his friend, she is manipulative and deceptive
she is using him
maggie says you have to know how much your opinion of him means to him
jen says it use to but not since Nicole came around
maggie says when you tell dan you are disappointed in him and dont respect his decisions it rips his heart to shreds

nic says i had a nightmare Ej proved the baby was his and he came and took him away
if ej gets the dna test he wants, this can all be over and even if we stopped it, rafe cant keep pretending to be the father forever
dan says you want to tell the truth
and admit ej is the father
she says thats one way to go but what would my option be
so i went online and found this
there is a law in Utah
there is this way to work the system where the state will deny the biological father all or almost all parental rights
he says you want to move to Utah by yourself?
that is insane , im not going to let you do that
she says i know it sounds impulsive but the dream was so intense and
he says if you want this to work the way you are hoping you have to do more than move to Utah
your child is going to need an adopted father
she says will you be willing to adopt
i know you would have to make a life long commitment to me and the baby
i know its asking a lot
and you would be as much as a father as ej would be legally
but ej could still try to take your license away if he finds out you helped fix the DNA results
you are better off living somewhere else and it would be harder for him to do that if you were living in another sate
dan says you are getting way ahead of yourself here
she says but it could work
he says but moving ,leaving town has got to be our last resort
she says you are right
just that dream and everything else thats going on ,its driving me crazy
he says i know you are scared but for us to leave
my mother is here and my practice is here
she says i know how devoted you are to Maggie
he says there are other way this can play out
she says it was a stupid idea
he says i made a promise to you that im going to protect you and that baby and im going to stick by it ,you have my word
she says i know i do ,im more grateful than you can imagine
he says he has to get to work
she says she will be fine
he says he will see her later and they will look for a place for her to stay
he leaves
she says well it was worth a shot
now im going to have to find another way to keep dan away from Jennifer
she says we have an appointment
with Dr. Knapp today.

jen says im not important enough in his life to ruin his day let alone rip his hear to shreds
he doesnt want me in in his life
so im going to stay out of it
Maggie says i know nothing can be more painful than what you are going through
so she feels incentive worrying about her son and his needs
she hopes she can forgive her
jen understands she wants to protect her son and she was trying to protect him and he got upset and he doesnt want her involved in his life anymore
maggie says thats not true
jen says he is dismissive of her opinions
maggie says i cant believe dan would be dismissive of her
jen says i know you are trying to help
but i have not lost my mind or all perspective
i know you are trying to help your son you dont want him to be stressed, i get that
Maggie talks about dan not being a surgeon and his daughter left
all of this upheaval in his life
he needs to know the people who care about him are there for him
this is tearing him apart to think
that you arent his friend anymore

EJ tells Mr. Brown the depositions
were conducted by Justin kriakis
mr. brown says he is one of the best attorneys in the state
Ej says is there no way to discredit him?
mr. brown says how?his reputation with the bar is impeccable
Ej says fine, we will go after a judge
Mr. Brown says no judge is going to crawl in bed with you those days are over
EJ says then we will prove my brother is incompetent or we will remind the public nick fallon is a convicted murderer
mr. brown says im sorry those depositions are solid as a rock
he leaves

gabi tells rafe nick made everything go away
she tells him that chad beat nick and nick made a deal with chad
they did depositions
rafe says Justin has this now?
She says yeah and chad cant change his story
they are legally binding
they hug
he says this is great news
they are so happy
rafe says wow this is great
( bad acting )
he says sami

Chad tells sami he has something big on gabi and big enough to send her to prison and when things blew up with mel , i told ej about it and he said he would handle Melanie he could get her back
sami says he said he would help you and it had to do with what you have on gabi?
chad says yeah and then i got into this thing with nick and i lost what ever hold i had over gabi
thats what i was telling ej and when i did he
she says Ej lost it
i was right
he needed what you had on gabi but not to help you
he was doing it to keep rafe away from me
chad says rafe has nothing to do with it
she says he is gabis brother
he would do anything for her
he says i thought you guys spilt up
she says ej was using what you had on gabi to make rafe stay away from me, he said he wanted to help you , but the truth was he was keeping rafe away from me
thats why he said that you ruined everything thats why rafe told me , he had to stay away from me
thats what he was doing
chad says son of a bitch
didnt help me
damn him
chad leaves
sami says go get him chad ,now i get to call rafe
sami forgot her phone
she rushes out
rafe rushes out of his place

Maggie goes home
vic has brunch set up for her
he says thought it would be a good idea to spend the day with my beautiful wife
she says thank you victor, ts lovely
how did i get so lucky to have a man take such good care of me
i cherish you
he says an old fool like me?

Jen goes into the coffee place
dan is there
she says she wants to clear the air

Nicole goes to the hospital
she tells Maxine she has a change
of address to add to her files
Maxine says this is doctor dans address
nic says its creepy that you know that but yes it is
Maxine says you are living with him now?
Nic says he is helping me with the baby
maxine says helping you ?you are kidding me
nic says what , he is the most loyal friend i ever had
maxine says then lord help that man

sami goes to rafes apt
banging on the door
saying i know what Ej did
oh god where is he?
well there he is at samis
banging on her door
(this is cheesy)
he runs off

The woman introduces Cameron to abi
abi says we met before
Cameron says we are friends
they leave
gabi asks abi if she is ok
she says yeah do i look it
gabi says no
abi says im glad you are here
they hug

sami goes to the coffee place looking in the window for rafe
he isnt there
she takes off running

rafe goes to the pub looking for sami
says where is she?

ej is at samis door
he has a key
says she gave him this for emergencies
this is an emergency
he goes in and chad comes in and says you lousy bastard
EJ says what the hell is wrong with you ?
i trusted you, i asked you for one thing
to help get back Melanie
ej says i mean
chad says you promised you were going to take care of things
ej says what do you think i have been doing
chad says nothing Melanie is gone
she is not coming back
ej says yeah i told you to be patient but you couldnt do that
you had to run away to justin
and give some asinine deposition
what did you think was going to happen?
Chad says what difference does it make you had no intentions of helping me in the first place
Ej says calm down
chad says no, you dont get to tell me what to do anymore
you dont care about me and melanie
what you did was took what i told you and twisted around to help yourself
you used me ,you used me to get sami back and you didnt care
how or what it cost me
Ej says im your brother
chad says stop lying i know the truth now about all of it
eJ says who told you this truth ?
Chad says who do you think ?
sami told me.

maggie says you arent a fool
vic says i thought i could distract you and cheer you up since mel left town
she says you did cheer me up being so thoughtful and sweet
im not very hungry is all
its not just mel its dan too
he is hurting and there is nothing i can do
vic says he knows you are there for him
they hug

nic says i didnt know it was appropriate for hospital personnel to comment on patient files
Maxine says just confirming the facts
nic says are you going to file this or not?
maxine says when i get around to it maybe by then someone will come to their senses and change their locks
the doctor comes out
says she is doctor sedwick
says dr. knapp was called to an emergency across town
she doesnt have much time
she is leaving town going to south America, volunteer work
the doc asks her if there is anything she should know
nic says the baby is due in less than 3 weeks
the father is working couldnt be here

jen and dan sit at a table
she says maybe its loosing jack and a lot of things
i feel like i have been very judgemental where you are concerned
no matter whats going on with you and nicole it is none of my business
before all of this we were friends
we were really good friends
wondering if we can pick up where we left off
is that possible
ej says what did Samantha tell you?
Chad says why dont you ask her
although come to think of it
she probably wont talk to you again
EJ says where is she?
Chad says my guess she is probably looking for rafe
Ej yells you idiot do you have any idea what you have done
you could of had everything
all you had to do was follow a simple instruction
but you couldnt , trust me could you ?
chad laughs and says you are such a coward, you lie , you manipulate you stab people in the back and when its all shot to hell, it is never on you
you are just like him,,, stefano
you are his son
you two are exactly alike
chad leaves

sami is looking for the rafe in the square now
she cant see him there
she goes into a shop
now rafe comes into the square
looking around
no luck
sami comes out of the shop
looking around
then he turns around and sees her
he smiles
she smiles
(this is embarrassing)

chad is outside the pub
gabi comes out and he says you cost me to lose everything and somehow im going to make you pay for it

The doc tells nicole
there is problem with the computer this morning so she has to write everything down
she gets the instrument out
to listen to the heartbeat
asks her if she sleeping fine
taking the vitamins
nic says the baby is a future kicker
the doc say so he is a lively one
nic says yeah
probably going to be a soccer player or a football player
but i hope he grows up to be a doctor just like his father

dan says he is thrown
jen says you dont miss our friendship?
He says i think you are an amazing person ,you have always been
but our lives are going in opposite directions
you are trying to rebuild your life
after jacks death
and i made this commitment to be there for nicole and her baby
she says so we cant be friends?
He says it changes everything for us
friends ?
I dont see it

sami and rafe walk towards each other slowly
then they run
she says i know
they kiss
Ej walks in the square and sees it
he is sad

Nicole tells the doctor he was kicking up a storm last night
woke her up several times
till after midnight
guess thats why he is so quiet now
he is resting up for round 2
the doc says so there has been no movement this morning none at all
Nicole says why would you ask me that is there a problem ?
The doc says i dont want to alarm you but we are not getting a heartbeat on the fetal monitor
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Omg it's the same people everyday.. :puke:
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Sounds horrific.
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STFU Maggie :flipoff:

Poor Nicole :(

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Oct 3 2012, 01:48 PM
Omg it's the same people everyday.. :puke:
Seriously. I'll take a pass again. Are EJ and Sami contracted to appear in every single episode? :shrug:
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Don't get up. So how are you? What happened, eh? Let me guess, Stefano told you that you could fly,and you jumped off a building. HeHe It's funny right, no I'm sorry Bad EJ, I should'nt be that cruel!

This sounds atrocious, must miss.
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Oct 3 2012, 02:00 PM
Oct 3 2012, 01:48 PM
Omg it's the same people everyday.. :puke:
Seriously. I'll take a pass again. Are EJ and Sami contracted to appear in every single episode? :shrug:
it seem so
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OMG the baby was due less than three weeks thats so sad I'm sure fridays ep will be heartbreaking can somebody please kill jenn i'm sick of her whining
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Oct 3 2012, 01:46 PM
sami and rafe walk towards each other slowly
then they run
she says i know
they kiss
Aw, such a well-earned payoff. I mean Safe has been building to this moment for 6 whole weeks. And they've had to face a horrible, angsty seperation for 4 whole episodes. What compelling storytelling! What an epic reunion!
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Yes! Sounds like a great day for Sami and Rafe! Should be a fantastic episode :)
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sami and rafe walk towards each other slowly
then they run
she says i know
they kiss

perhaps if it was only less week it had any kind of impact

now it just meh
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Except for the Jennifer stuff I think the show sound good. I've never understood Jennifer's popularity, I've never liked her from her first day in Salem. Not looking forward to another round of Dannifer but I think it's just short term until Chloe arrives back in town. I do like Safe and especially enjoy whenever one of EJ's idiot plans to win Sami blows up in his face. The baby stuff will be sad but I know AZ will be fantastic. The show is back on my DVR.
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Poor nicole....i hate the writters for doing this to her again
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Wow Sami and Rafe

Posted Image
Poor Nicole Posted Image

Hold on so you mean to tell me they going to kill of Nicole baby for Safe and Dannifer caan be together Posted Image
Killing two birds with one stone hm, Impressive If the Babby dies Rafe and Daniel are no long tied to Nicole and the most irrelevant boring couples live happy okay okay
Posted Image
with writers like this who need a villain in the story Tomlin Posted Image
You better fix this shit or else Posted Image
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Oct 3 2012, 02:08 PM
Oct 3 2012, 01:46 PM
sami and rafe walk towards each other slowly
then they run
she says i know
they kiss
Aw, such a well-earned payoff. I mean Safe has been building to this moment for 6 whole weeks. And they've had to face a horrible, angsty seperation for 4 whole episodes. What compelling storytelling! What an epic reunion!
The only thing that would make it better is if this all played in slo-mo. :puke:

It's the ICK heard round the world.
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I've not watched the entire week-- from the looks of it, I'm not missing anything...... this is OLD!
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Do these people not have cell phones!!
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Maggie being Egg-Baby's champion and #1 cheerleader is truly hurlworthy.

And why is everyone going on and on about poor, fragile, tender-hearted Daniel? Daniel who had no compassion for a man who spent a year being tortured in Afghanistan, but who derided and mocked him, then made him compete for his own wife's love in some stupid Bachelorette scenario that Daniel was sure he'd win? Daniel who dumps women like yesterday's trash--including his own PPD-afflicted wife--the moment things aren't smooth sailing? Daniel who's hot to trot with anything nubile and female in a hospital gown? And we're seriously meant to believe that a breath of adverse criticism from Jen-Jen about his morals and ethics has completely devastated him? :shame:

Try being Jack, Dr. Douche. Try coming back with a year's worth of nightmares in your head and find your wife continually making out with another man and acting as if your very existence is a burden to her. Try being told that she's not interested in helping you recover from your trauma and that she only wants a happy man, which disqualifies you in her mind. Try being excluded from family occasions in favor of your wife's boyfriend of a few months. Try having your daughter scream at you that she wishes you were back in captivity, being tortured. And then maybe you'll have some right to whine about how harshly you're being judged by your ex-girlfriend, whom you dumped six times by the way, so why should you care what she thinks?

I have more sympathy for Abigail seeing Cameron on a date right after he dumped her, and Cameron was blander than bland. I guess he really is just a jerkwad who's not willing to stick around if he doesn't get what he wants.

I wonder how glad Abigail would be that Gabi was there if she knew just what Gabi had done.

Poor Nicole. Schemer, bad girl, vixen, or what-not, no woman deserves to have to go through a loss like this twice.

Everything else . . . zzzzz.

TFP, Skye.
Edited by Romancer66, Oct 3 2012, 02:25 PM.
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:wine: :cheer: :wub: :cheer: I'm happy!
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Now where is that giant monster truck I've sent for to make this Safe reunion complete?
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