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Monday, October 15th Daily Discussion
Topic Started: Oct 12 2012, 01:14 PM (8,580 Views)
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Please note: This report is not to be copied and pasted to any other sites. Please link only. Link to:


All day ahead reports are archived at:


Director: Herb Stein
Script Writer: Richard Culliton

Some restaurant in Europe - Part 1: Kristen tells Stefano that look doesn't scare her anymore. I'm not going back to Salem and there's nothing left to say. That's that. She stands up. Stefano barks - Sit down! That did not come out right. I meant to say please. She sits down. Stefano - And here I was determined not to get off on the wrong foot. Kristen - You might avoid giving me direct orders. Stefano - As if anybody could make you do what you don't want to do. Oh Kristen, Kristen, I'm desperate. Ever since I lost Alexandra, I don't know, my whole family is coming apart. Kristen - We were never exactly the Waltons. Stefano - I know but you you know what I'm talking about, what I mean. My whole life has been formed by family. Everything I've done is for the children and now ... Kristen - This is really tearing you up, isn't it? Stefano nods yes. I think that you are the last chance I have.

Common Grounds - Part 1: John asks Marlena if she's ready to roll just as Sonny and Will come in. Marlena comments about how nice it was to see Sami so happy with Rafe. They see the boys and say hi. Will looks around - Wow, did you eat here? Marlena - We did in fact and it was good. John - When you said Will was seeing someone did you mean him? Dude, you could do a hell of a lot better than this guy - he gives Will a noogie ... then laughs. They all laugh. The four of them are sitting around a table. John suggests all of them going to Chicago and picking up a Bears game. Marlena thinks that's a wonderful idea. I think Will was just sitting here thinking 'How great to see Grandma and John; maybe we can double date together soon.' John groans as she laughs and asks if anyone else wants a refill. John - I don't think so. Will - Yeah. Marlena - Then why don't you help me get it young man. After they leave John comments - You've got a good thing going on here Sonny. It's busy tonight. You must be doing well. Sonny thanks him. Yeah, I am. I'm always looking for ways to make the place better. John - Spoken like a true entrepreneur. Soony - As a matter of fact, along those lines, there's something I'd like to talk to you about.

Rafe's place - Part 1: Rafe and Sami kiss passionately as they start to undress one another. A lot of heavy breathing going on. They end up on the couch but Sami hesitates. Rafe wants her to tell him what's wrong.

EJ's office???: He's sitting there drinking alone and talking to himself. How about a toast to my father who made me what I am. To love, to love; Samantha might have something to say about that I suppose. To future generations Nikki. Oh I know, why don't we drink to misery. To misery!

Salem PD Holding Cell - Part 1: Jen paces and recalls her argument with Nicole. Hope brings Abby down. Mom, what happened. I got a call. They said it was an emergency. Jen - I'm here because of what happened. Abby - What do you mean? What happened? Jen - Nicole's baby is dead and it's my fault. I just keep thinking about it; going over and over it in my head. I just ... I can't really see it clearly. I was angry, yes I was so angry but I just wanted to get away from Nicole. I didn't want to fight with her again. So I went up the stairs and she followed me. I don't know why she did that. I should never have gone up the stairs. Hope - Jennifer, why don't you sit down and take some deep breaths. Jen - She grabbed my arm and I pulled away from her and the next thing I know she's lying on the ground and she's crying and they said that she lost the baby and I pushed her. Abby - No! Jen - Baby, I don't know ... maybe I did. It was so fast and so confusing. I don't know. What if I did push her? Abby - OMG. Does this mean she could go to prison? Jen - I don't know what's going to happen now sweetie. Hope - Abby, why don't you come with me. We'll call Justin. He'll make your mom's bail hearing happen as soon as possible. Abby - He will. Hope - Yeah and if anyone could restore sanity here I would say that would be Justin. Abigail, there's been a terrible accident but this ... your mom ... I'm sure it's all just a misunderstanding. Jen - You trust me right, sweetie. Just trust me that we're going to figure this out. Abby - Okay. Hope - Let's go call Justin. Hope tells Jen to hang in there.

Hospital - Part 1: Nicole is crying when Daniel knocks and comes into her room. She asks him to please leave, don't look at me. Dan doesn't think she should be alone. Nicole - I'm always going to be alone now. Dan - I'm here and I will help you. Nicole - You can't help me. My son is gone. He's dead. Dan - There are no words ... I'm sorry. When I was here before ... it was so overwhelming I still don't understand what really happened. Nicole - Jennifer, she pushed me. She killed my son. I was looking at her from the ground and I was holding my stomach and she looked down at me, she didn't even do anything. She just stood there. She didn't do anything. And I was lying there and everything hurt and I started having contractions and all I could think about was please don't take our son. Dan - Nicole, I ... I'm ... I ... Nicole - You don't believe me, do you? Dan - I didn't say that. Nicole - Everyone thinks I'm wrong and that I lie; everyone does. Dan - Stop. Nicole - Why? Dan - Because I have talked to some people tonight and what they saw backs up what you just said. Nicole - I keep thinking about all the what if's ... what if you didn't get called back to the hospital. What if I didn't get restless and decide to go for a walk. What if I decided to stay longer in the baby clothing store. I was looking at this cute little snowsuit and I was trying to decide if it was too much money so I just decided to think about it. What if I didn't go to the town square. What if we decided to go Utah 3 weeks ago. If one of those things happened then I wouldn't have run into Jennifer. That's what I should have done. I should have tried to stay away from her. Dan - Please don't do this to yourself. You can not change what happened. Nicole - By what happened you mean my son being dead. She cries. Daniel it was finally my turn to have a child of my own. He holds her. Someone I could build my life around. And if one of those things happened differently this would still be true. My life wouldn't be so meaningless and hopeless. I would have a baby.

Rafe's place - Part 2: Sami - Nothing is wrong. Believe me, it's right. In fact it hasn't been this right since ... well you know how long it's been. Rafe - So what are we talking about then. Sami - I just want you to know before we ... you know ... that I never stopped loving you, not for one minute. I love you. I love us. Rafe - It took me a long time to stop being mad as hell. Sami - You had a right to be. Rafe - Yeah, I did and there was a lot of stuff inbetween but I never stopped loving you. Not for one minute. They kiss. Rafe's phone rings. They ignore it. Suddenly the answering machine cuts in. It's Daniel. Rafe, are you there? Pick up. It's Nicole, it's important. Rafe grabs the phone. What's up. Dan - It's Nicole. I'm at the hospital. Rafe - What is it? What happened? Dan - I think you should get over here. Rafe - Okay. Sami - What's going on? Rafe - Nicole's in the hospital so I need to get down there. Sami - Do you want me to go with you? Rafe - I don't think that's such a hot idea. I'll call you and let you know what's going on. I'm so sorry. They kiss. Sami - Go, go. He leaves. Sami - Of course, of course, everything is going perfect. Stupid Nicole rears her head and ruins everything. I have to go down there. Rafe's baby's being born; I should be there. She heads out the door but EJ is standing there.

Hospital - Part 2: Nicole mutters Daniel's name in her uneasy sleep. Billie startles Daniel when she puts her hand on his shoulder. (He's at the nurse's station). Are you okay? I've been calling your name and you didn't hear me. Dan - I was just overwhelmed. Billie - The whole thing is overwhelming. How's Nicole. Dan - She's not good. This baby meant everything to her. Billie - I know it meant a lot to you too. Sorry seems so inadequate. Dan - You were there. You saw it, didn't you? Billie - Yeah. Dan - Tell me what happened? Billie - I don't think that's a good idea. Dan insists. Billie - Brady and I were walking through the square and we came around a corner and saw Jennifer and Nicole. Jennifer was screaming at Nicole. They were standing on the stairs and then Nicole was screaming and we saw her hit the ground. It was so horrible I can't get it out of my mind. Dan - Have you seen Jennifer? Is she still here at the hospital? Billie - Oh, so you don't know. Dan - Know what? Billie - Jennifer's been arrested. They're going to charge her with murder.

Common Grounds - Part 2: Will - Rafe told me that he was never going to get back together with Mom. Marlena - One thing I know from living with your mother for years is that nothing is ever absolute. Will - What do you think would happen if we were all happy at the same time? Marlena laughs. What a concept! Sonny - So I thought about having a speaker series, one or two nights a week, someone gets on stage and tells some stories from their life; maybe answer some questions. What do you think? John - Depending on who you get, could be kind of interesting. Sonny - Agreed. Definitely need the right people which is why I'd like to start with you Mr. Black. John - Me. In case you haven't noticed, I'm not a real big talker. Sonny - That makes it even better. Can you imagine a tight-lipped guy going on stage telling stories. We kind of know what happened but we don't know any of the details and we certainly don't know why. Like when you went after Stefano when you were married to his daughter. John - Oh no, no, no. Sonny - Come on that's an interesting story. John - That's not going to happen. All that's in the past. It's all over. It's over.

Some restaurant in Europe - Part 2: Stefano - Haven't I made it clear that the family is in tatters? Kristen - So we are what? Circling the wagons, all hands on deck even the ne'er do well big sister. Stefano - You need us too. You can not tell me that your life has not been lonely. I want you to listen to the voice in your head that is telling you that I am right. Listen to that voice Kristen and then you will know what to do.

Hospital - Part 3: Rafe rushes up to Daniel. I got here as fast as I could. What happened? Dan - I didn't want to tell you on the phone. Rafe - Tell me what? Dan - Nicole, she lost the baby. Rafe - What! That doesn't make sense. She was fine. Women don't lose babies ... Dan - It wasn't spontaneous. She fell down the stairs. Rafe - Oh man. Dan - Then she went into labour and the baby was stillborn. Medically speaking I don't really have all the details. Rafe - You're kidding. She's gone through all this trouble and we've gone through all this trouble to protect the baby from EJ and now this. Can I see her? Dan - Yes. That's why I called you. I promised Nicole I would be here but I have this thing I have to take care of. Can you stay? Rafe - Yes but will she be okay with me being there? Dan - I think so. She's sedated but if you don't want to do it ... I just don't want her to be alone. Rafe - Just go do what you need to do. I'm good. Dan - Thank you. He leaves. Rafe goes into Nicole's room. She's sleeping. She wakes up and sees him there when he takes her hand. Nicole - Rafe. I'm in the hospital. Rafe - Yeah. Nicole - I wasn't sick. She rubs her stomach and cries. I had the baby. OMG OMG OMG. Rafe holds her as she cries. I woke up and I keep thinking I can't stand this, I can't stand it, I can't. I can't!

Rafe's place - Part 3: Sami - What are you doing here? EJ lets himself in. I came to have a quick conversation with Raphael, that is if he's not too busy. Sami - Get out. Just leave. EJ - That would defeat my purpose in coming here. Sami - I think you should go. Hasn't anyone told you not to drink and drive anyway. EJ - Maybe. He starts laughing. I thought you'd be happy at the prospect of me wrapping myself around a tree. Sami - That goes without saying. EJ - So where is he anyway, the chosen one. Raphael! I thought he'd out here rushing to your defence, stomping his hoof in the ground and huffing and puffing. Oh, you're here on your own, aren't you? Sami - I'm not doing this with you EJ. If you want to be bitter and angry and drunk leave me out of it. EJ - You're losing your powers. Why? Did Rafe suddenly remember mid-act ... all your previous transactions. That led to a change of heart I suppose. Sami - Okay. Get out, seriously. EJ - So this famous reconciliation hit quite a snag. You didn't make it past your first date, did you. He laughs. Well as the French would say quelle dommage. Sami - If you're here when Rafe gets back he's going to kill you. Do the French have a saying for that. EJ laughs. Funny. So wait a second, 4 hrs ago you were kissing in the corridor and now he left you high and dry. That has to be a record even for you. Sami - I'm telling you to leave. This is your last chance. EJ - What are you doing later? We could go get a bite to eat. We could go bowling or whatever you want. Sami - Okay, I'm not listening to this. I'm calling my Dad, I'm calling my uncle, I'm calling the police to have you thrown out ... she keeps going on and on about it hitting the papers etc ... EJ sees the call display on Rafe's phone so he knows the hospital called. He leaves while Sami continues her rant. She notices he's gone. I can't believe that worked. EJ's in the elevator smiling - The baby's coming.

Alice's house: Abby - Justin's not going to get your message until tomorrow morning. Hope - And as soon as he does he'll call. Abby - That means my mom has to stay in jail tonight. Hope - Let's pray this is all resolved quickly. Abby - I don't know about that. Hope - Why do you say that? Abby - Because ever since my mom agreed to let Nicole stay here she's been furious with her. Hope - Well it was a very bad time for your mom to have a house guest, wasn't it? Especially one like Nicole. Abby - It wasn't about that. It was about Daniel. Hope - Daniel? I don't understand. Abby - My mom thinks that Nicole is doing something to hurt Daniel; it was driving her nuts. Hope - Do you think other people knew how angry your mom was with Nicole. Abby - Yeah, they had to. My mom had screaming fights with Nicole in public. Hope - How long have you known about this situation between Nicole and your mom. Abby - Almost since the beginning; she talked to me about it. Hope - Did she say how Nicole was hurting Daniel? Abby - No, just that it was happening. Oh God I .... Hope - What? Abigail - I told her not to sit on the sidelines. I said if Nicole was doing something to hurt Daniel that she should do something about it. Hope hugs her. Honey you have to know that what happened tonight had absolutely nothing to do with you did or didn't say to your mom. Abby - No. Nicole was scary when she was pregnant but now ... Hope - Stop. You need to calm down. Stop thinking the worst. Abby - This is the worst. My father is dead and my mom is in jail and she could go to prison for murder. This is as bad as it could get.

Salem PD Holding Cell - Part 2: Jen is sitting on the cot crying when she hears someone enter. She stands up - Justin. It's Daniel. Dan - I just heard. Jen - I don't know why you came here. You should be with Nicole. Dan - I came here because I don't understand what happened and I have to. I really have to. I heard what happened from a lot of different people but I want to hear it from you. Jen - What do you think happened? Dan - Well I know a baby is dead and I know Nicole is in a hospital bed. We're not sure of the extent of her injuries. Jen - Oh God. Dan - What I don't know is how it happened and you do and I need you to tell me. Maybe I could tell you what I've heard from people I trust, people you trust, Billie and Brady. Jen - Yeah they're trustworthy. Dan - I'm trying really hard to put two opposing thoughts together to make them one, to make sense. Now I've heard things about you that don't make any sense to me cause I know you. Jen - But you're a doctor and facts are facts. Dan - Yeah facts are facts but I don't what they are and I need you to... Jen - There's one fact, the fact is, I'm sick about what happened to Nicole and her baby. But I know that's not why you're here. I know you want to know what happened on those stairs. Dan - Yes I do. Jen - I sit here and I keep going over it again and again in my head. It was all so fast and it was all so confusing but ... Dan - But? Jen - I know what everybody said. I know Brady and Billie are simply saying what they saw and heard. They heard Nicole saying that I pushed her down the stairs but when I relive that moment in my head it's not like that. It's not what Nicole said. I couldn't do that Daniel. I'm telling you I wouldn't do that. I know that! Please, I need to know that you believe me.

Hospital - Part 4: Nicole - Oh God, Rafe, I'm so sorry. Rafe - I'm sorry too. Nicole - Daniel? Rafe - He just stepped out for a mintue. I can get him right back if that's what you want. Nicole - No, he needs some time besides I have you, my friend. Rafe - Yeah, you sure do. Nicole - The three of us, we were in this together. Rafe - Yeah. Nicole - You and Daniel loved my baby too. Rafe - Yes. Nicole - Daniel, after Parker, he didn't say this but he was glad it was going to be a boy. He was going to be so happy and now he must be so sad.

Some restaurant in Europe - Part 3: Stefano - Well? Kristen - I'm listening to the voice inside my head alright. Stefano - And what is it telling you? Kristen - That you win as usual. Stefano - Good, you are not going to regret this. Kristen - Oh yes I will but I'll deal with it. Stefano - I also took the liberty of having this made just in case. He hands her a passport. Kristen - Wow. You don't miss a trick, do you? Stefano - I try not to which is why we will go back to Salem separately. Kristen - Oh because you don't want people to hate me on sight because I'm with you. Stefano - Exactly! Besides I have some business to take care of here. Kristen - I don't think it's going to make much of a difference no matter who I'm with. I think there's certain people in Salem who are counting on the fact that they've seen the last of me.

Common Grounds - Part 3: Marlena asks John what he and Sonny were talking about so intensely. John - Just an idea he had for his place here. Marlena - Oh business conversation. John - A promotional idea that would involve people looking back on their lives. Marlena - What do you think? John - Didn't really appeal to me because I'm more interested in looking towards the future. They leave.

Salem PD Holding Cell - Part 3: Jen - You're freaking me out here. Dan turns away. Jen cries. Dan comes back. Facts are facts, you're right. I do not believe you could have done this. Jen - Why? Dan - Because you said you didn't and you don't lie.

Rafe's place - Part 4: Sami calls and leaves Rafe a message. I called the nurses station and asked if they had seen you but they hadn't. I guess you must still be at the hospital. I'm just really excited for you. I can't wait to hear. Call me.

Hospital - Part 5: Rafe - I know this isn't the best time but there is something else we need to talk about. Nicole - Okay, what. Rafe - Me being the baby's father. Nicole - You've been so good about that. What do we do if we tell the truth now. Rafe - EJ will freak out; we both know that. Nicole - I wanted so badly to get you off the hook but we have to keep lying about this, don't we. Rafe - I think it's for the best. EJ is outside the door and he hears all this. Nicole - EJ has to keep believing that you're the baby's father.
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If Nicole's 'What if ... ' speech was supposed to elicit sympathy ... it didn't work on me. It had the exact opposite effect instead. It made me angry because all I could think of was so what if ... you're baby still would have been dead anyway because it was dead before you met up with Jennifer at the Square ... a confrontation that Nicole herself orchestrated. But I have to give credit to Ari Zucker's powerful acting because even though I was angry at the What if stuff and the out and out lies about Jennifer ... I still felt so sorry for Nicole losing her baby. Her pain is just raw - so powerful.
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