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Kristen visits John; Airs week of 10/22
Topic Started: Oct 18 2012, 01:23 PM (5,137 Views)
The Room Stops
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Oct 18 2012, 01:57 PM
Oct 18 2012, 01:41 PM
The problem is John being such an idiot. Why would he even want to believe that Kristen has changed? He should really want nothing to do with her.
BOOM. And even if she had, legitimately, changed ---- John should still want nothing to do with her based on the fact that she tried to destroy his wife's life on numerous occasions in the past.

Kristen being manipulative doesn't bother me. She is who she is. John being a dipshit, though, does. He's being stupid by not telling Marlena about his memories (most of which he should be revolted by in the first place) and he's being a dipshit by not telling her when he meets up with Kristen. That's all on John.

Exactly. It doesn't matter if she is, because she almost killed his wife, his daughter and was the cause of torment for him and his entire family. John should hate her, and setting it up to create conflict because he wants to think she's changed and Marlena knows that she hasn't... is stupid. Creating conflict IS good... but neither John or Marlena should ever give Kristen anything resembling benefit for anything doubt-like.
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The Room Stops
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Oct 18 2012, 03:20 PM
Pretty underwhelming since the character of Kristen was a driving force in the 90's. I am embarassed for these writers. Didn't anyone watch As the World Turns when James Stenbeck returned in the hooded cloak? "Hello, Barbara." Now THAT's an return!
Seriously. Have her sneak around town, and let only Marlena see her. Marlena tries to convince John that she saw her, and Marlena starts to freak out, trying to protect her family and prepare for whatever is about to come... then Marlena is kidnapped, thrown in a room, there are little hints, like a baby crying, the smell of soap and whatever gas it was that knocked them out, Elvis music playing... and Marlena asks John when she suddenly wakes up on the street, free, if he'll believe her now. Then have Kristen turn up at a dinner party they throw (ala their engagement party) and ask where her invite was... Creepy and delusional, but yet innocent and potential for funny.
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The Room Stops
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Oct 18 2012, 03:34 PM
And when John's an idiot, he's generally unlikable. He should want nothing to do with Kristen, "changed" or not. No matter what Marlena is - or is not - doing.

Deidre and Eileen should rock in their scenes. It's John I'm worried about. He shouldn't be "worried" at the thought of Kristen's influence in his marriage (because he never loved Kristen with 1/8 of the passion he loved Marlena), but he should be feeling feelings of sickness, repulsion, and his skin should crawl with the thought of Kristen being around him, Marlena, or his family.

Like I said, Kristen is who she is. She's an entertaining villainess, and I'm thrilled she's back. I look forward to her scenes with Marlena (especially regarding her entire family), but when it comes to John, HE should be repulsed by her presence. She could save a village of children, and his thoughts should be "Well that's nice, but I don't want her anywhere near me or my family due to the pain she's put them through in the past." She could stand buck naked in his bedroom, and his thoughts should be "Eww! Disgusting! Get her out of here!" I mean, hell, he use to fantasize about Marlena while with Kristen anyway. He never did the opposite.

So he shouldn't be "worried" or "concerned". Which is why it's stupid that he wouldn't tell Marlena about his nightmare. Just tell her so you can both get a good laugh over it. But he should be revolted and disgusted. I guess if John's integrity isn't a priority, and you are just interested in DH and ED (which I am, too), it doesn't matter what the writing for John looks like. But I do care about John not looking like a dipshit.

Ok, off my soapbox. LOL
Just... word... All over the place!

I care about John not looking like a dipshit too. The last 10 years, it's been a habit, they make John an asshole to make something writable. And it sucks shit.
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The Room Stops
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Oct 18 2012, 04:29 PM

Give me a break,Kritter started acting nuts BEFORE she lost her baby,the loss of her baby was her fault,if she had not assisted in Stefano kidnapping Marlena to Paris they never would of been in the tunnel and in the explosion.

She is nice to a kid and bang she is no longer the whacko she was,come on John,don't be so gullible,she is still the same person who had Marlena stuffed in a secret room,used a dying Roman to her advantage and almost killed Belle when she was little,though he doesn't know that,she was trying to kill Marlena,but almost killed Belle instead,actually helping John and Marlena to get together.
I know, right? She was showing signs of turning towards Stefano more and more since Aremid. She lost her baby because Stefano got away with kidnapping Marlena.
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