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Melissa Reeves Sony Interview
Topic Started: Oct 30 2012, 04:36 PM (9,802 Views)
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It would seem that what put Jennifer on this trajectory began several months ago. During the 'Daysaster,' she lost her beloved husband Jack. Of course, she's lost him several times before. This time, however, seems just that much more real and she's been dealing with the after-effects.

Next, Nicole got pregnant and Daniel became involved with her. He wanted to find Nicole some place to stay that wasn't a hotel, and, after things didn't exactly work out when it came to moving her into the Kiriakis Mansion (Victor likely said something along the lines of "over my dead body"), Jennifer offered up the Horton House. Naturally, this wasn't what Nicole wanted. She wanted to move in with Daniel. Long story short, neither woman was thrilled. And neither was in a particularly strong emotional point in her life.

"I think she's just at a breaking point," Melissa told us regarding Jennifer's emotional state. "She lost her grandmother; she's had such loss in her life, and her son doesn't live at home anymore. She has Abigail back. But I think she's just feeling this incredible emptiness and then this love for this man Daniel and not wanting to lose him.

I think it's just this overwhelming feeling of loss, of not wanting to lose another person in her life. Jennifer loses it a little bit. She really does. She ends up coming to the conclusion that she is losing it emotionally and needs to get her life back in order and back on balance."

Jennifer has lost a lot, then, and doesn't also want to lose Daniel. She doesn't want to lose him to Nicole, but it would seem even more than that she doesn't want him to lose everything he's fought so hard for, namely his career. She's sure that Nicole convinced him to do something that would jeopardize that. And she's right. Daniel isn't the one who switched those DNA samples, but he did allow Nicole to get away with it, to keep EJ from finding out that he is the father of her baby. And EJ wasn't about to just let them get away with that. He would make them all, Daniel included, pay, and Jennifer knew that.

"She wasn't going for Daniel emotionally and to fall in love so quickly again," Melissa confirmed. "She wanted to take it slowly, to get to know him again. But what started it with Nicole was that I had heard EJ have a conversation to find out about the baby and what Nicole was stirring up, what she was talking Daniel into doing for her. So then it became this protection mode. This man could lose everything now, his medical license, everything he's worked for his whole life.

And after overcoming his hand tremors, all of that, that Nicole was now going to take that away from him because he was going to sacrifice pretty much his life and career for this baby."

Jennifer was angry (really angry). She hated Nicole - she even told Billie as much - and she was determined to keep her from ruining Daniel's life. She told Brady that, and he had to wonder exactly what she meant by it. She relentlessly confronted and pursued Nicole, who had herself been relentlessly pushing Daniel to leave town - that night. And that's when the two of them ended up on that staircase in the Horton Town Square, just in time for both Brady and Billie to arrive for the show.

"As characters we just thought, ok, we had both come to the end with each other. Then Jennifer decides I'm not doing this, not going to that place again. And Nicole follows her up the stairs, just to maybe get the last word - which we all like to do - to get that last word in. Jennifer just swings around to get her last word in. And Jennifer's like, did I push her? Did I not push her? In the scuffle of each one getting their last word she goes flying down the stairs and Jennifer's not sure. She's not sure if she pushed her or not until she sorts it out in her mind ... It's the combination of all of that, each wanting to walk away from it, but each having to get the last word. And that's when the whole stair fall happened."mmediately after the incident, Jennifer didn't know whether or not she had pushed Nicole. And both Brady and Billie saw it, and thought, yes, it did look like Jennifer had done it on purpose. And that was certainly what Nicole was claiming. Eventually, however, after a night in jail, Jennifer came to the conclusion that it had been an accident. No way did she deliberately push Nicole. Then, she was left to hope "that people will believe her. She's sort of thinking, my gosh, I'm starting to lose my mind. I even went to a place of such anger and such hate for someone else, trying to protect someone else. I don't even think Jennifer understands the emotions that she's going through right now. But she still has to make everyone around her believe that she didn't mean to hurt Nicole in that way."

It does seem surprising to see Jennifer go to a place of such anger. No way would we ever believed she'd intentionally hurt anyone. She's typically the good girl. Okay, she had her problems in high school, but that was a long time ago. She's had her fights with Jack, with Abigail, but nothing that seems this extreme. As Melissa told us, "I know that Jennifer's always been a strong character. And she's chosen her strengths in different ways. I do believe there is a time, or there can be a time, in people's lives where they just cross the line with their anger. They just cross a line with an emotion and they don't mean to go there, but they do.
I think for any character there can be that justification to cross that line of anger. Not that it's right, but as human beings we can all go there. She just went, she was pushed to that limit. And Nicole is such a strong character, she could push Jennifer to that place."

That is certainly somewhat understandable. Nicole is the type of character who can push the buttons of even the most mild-mannered of characters. If Jennifer was ever going to be that angry, going there in response to Nicole is more believable. But does she really feel that strongly about Daniel?

"I think she sees a lot of her family in Daniel working at the hospital and what that represents for her," Melissa told us. "That's where Jennifer and Daniel met, in this hospital that represents her entire family. He's so respected there and such a great doctor. Jennifer and Daniel were both very broken people when they met, both going through divorce, so they have a lot of understanding together. Jennifer feels that, yeah, this could be someone, because of their brokenness together, that they could really relate to one another."

She's lost Jack, and, as Melissa told us, "she knows the finality of that, that he's really never coming back this time .... I think if she even thought for a minute that he was alive she would not go forward as quickly as she is with Daniel."

Whether or not she will get the chance to go forward with Daniel, or whether he'll end up with Nicole, remains to be seen. But, much like her Grandmother Alice, Jennifer seems prone to fighting for love. And for everything else

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