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Tuesday, November 20th Daily Discussion
Topic Started: Nov 19 2012, 02:43 PM (11,414 Views)
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Tuesday, November 20th

At the hospital
in Bradys room
john is angry that Kristen
never called to tell him that brady
was hurt and in the hospital
Kristen comes in and says she did call him
and left him many messages
john says what kind of game are you playing now?

Sami and rafe in her office
she says its about gabi
she made me promise not to say anything but you are her brother
and you have the right to know what is going on
you know she works at the pub with nick fallon
he says are you serous
she is sleeping with him right?

Will says You want to get an abortion
gabi says i told you all night i was thinking about this
you are gay im straight we are with other people, you are a student, im a part time student slash waitress , our lives this year have been crazy and we are just now starting to get our heads above water
what kind of life could we give this baby
he says i dont know not much of one i guess
this is what you want
she says you have always meant so much to me,,,if i do this
will you hate me?
He says i was the one who showed here that night
and you were upset about chad
and not in any shape to say no and i knew that and i took advantage of that i wasnt thinking about you
i wasnt thinking about anything
so if i hate anybody, i hate myself
i could never hate you no matter
what you decide
this is your life your body and your choice
she says this is your baby too
think about it cuz if you cant live with it i wont go through with it

sami tells rafe to try breathing deeply
he says gab is my little sister and he is an ex con
sami says he is more than that
he is smart and sweet
he says he killed someone and kidnapped melanie
sami says he wasnt in his right mind addicted to those pain meds
wasnt in control of his actions
he says so we should give him a pass?
She says no he served his time and now he is trying to start a new life
he says i talked to him about gabi and he lead me to believe nothing was going on between them
now im going to have a different kind of talk with him
she says he loves her
he says he told you that
she says he didnt have to i have eyes and i can see she feels the same way about him
he says thats beautiful
she tells him to sit
he says they knew each other for 5 minutes
and the guy was in prison for 4 years
he will say and do whatever he needs to to get what he wants from my sister
she says i broke a confidence to tell you this
he says i appreciate it
ill make sure
before i kill nick that he doesnt know who told me
she says before you go killing people
give me a chance to stop you from making a big mistake
he says the mistake i made was not being clear to nick that if he touched a hair on my sisters head that
i was going to kill him
she says you are mad at nick cuz
you dont think he respects your sister
what you are about to do disrespects gabi
in a way that is much worse

Kristen says i called you at least once last night
2 or 3 times this morning and i left messages
he says where is my phone
Marlena says she has it and gives the phone to him
he looks at it and says no messages
Kristen says i made those calls
if you dont believe me check my phone
brady says i heard her make one of those calls and she left a message
john looks at her phone and say i think i know what happened
he tells brady he is sorry he wasnt there for him last night or this morning
john tells kristen he is sorry he jumped to the wrong conclusions
thanks for reaching out
john and marlena leave
brady says what the hell just happened ?
Kristen says beats me

mar and john go into a waiting room
he says do you want to tell me what you know about those missing messages

brady says john is mad at marlena and he usually doesnt get mad at her
do you know why
she says i cant be involved , you should ask them

mar says i didnt listen to the messages
i didnt know brady had been hurt
he says i told you i wasnt going to talk to her anymore
she says i know so when
he says you thought i couldnt handle a damn phone message from her?
She says no
he says what is it then
you dont trust me anymore

Lucas comes into the coffee place
tells sonny they may need to talk

Will says i feel that you are making this my decision when its not
she says you and i are not together and
and i know we are never going to be
since i found out i was pregnant
you have been there for me
and i never felt alone
this is our decision
he says no
she says i can face having this baby alone
but i cant face not having you as my friend we need to agree together
he says ok
i will always be you friend no matter what
i watched my mom go through this
you are the one who has to carry the baby and have the baby
thats something i cant think about
she says that makes 2 of us
your life will drastically change a lot more than mine
we know thats true
so whatever you want i want
whatever you decide to do i will be there all the way

sami gives rafe a drink
he says you know how much i love my sister
so how is protecting her from fallon is disrespecting her
she says if you beat nick that is saying you dont think she is smart enough to make her own choices
he says if she is choosing fallon then clearly she is not
she says cuz you know best
he says yeah
she says like you knew best when you decided not to trust me with nicoles secret?
He says totally different
she says yeah it is
but if you beat nick then blow up at gabi she is going to walk away from you just like i did
she will know just like i do that you dont have any faith in her
he says i have faith in both of you
she says prove it
he says how?
She says you want gabi to come to you when she is in trouble she has to believe that you wont judge her she has to know that you respect her and her life and she
gets to live it the way she wants to
he says is this something you learned with will
she says i had a rough year with Will
its much better now
because i took the advice i am offering you
he says alright
when you are right you are right
she says whoa theres a first
he says take it easy
im not saying i like her and nick being together
he says he is going to tell gabi he knows everything
but i dont do i
alright come on what else is there?

Maggie goes into brady sroom
and says hi Kristen
i heard you were back in salem
kristen says and i heard you were married to victor
is that true
maggie says yeah
we are very happy
kristen says horray for love
kristen leaves
maggie says what was she doing here
he says long story

mar says of course i trust you
saw the phone and it was the same time kristen found out you werent going to
be serving on the board with her
i just thought it was one of her ploys
he says brady could have died
and i wasnt there
and dont blame kristen it was you
she says you are right
Kristen comes in
says everything ok
mar says john didnt get the messages because i deleted them but you know that
kristen says how could i knew that
all i knew john wasnt picking up
or getting back to me
i thought his phone was dead
mar says really, why didnt you call Hope or sami, a member of the family
kristen says i dont have their numbers
and it didnt occur to me
mar says you are lying
what did you do hire the 2 muggers
john says thats enough leave her alone

sonny and lucas sit together
lucas says i may have pushed you too hard last night
sonny says i pushed you too
lucas says yeah you did, but i deserved it, i was out of line
i dont have a problem with anyone who is gay
i never thought my son would be one of them i have realized
i have to change here
i have to accept things
it wont be easy i love will very much
sonny says well what do you know you and i have one thing in common

gabi says we should call the clinic
he says have you thought about adoption
she says yes but i feel my mom and rafe would never stop working on me to keep the baby
and they will say they will help me
and eventually i would feel guilty and cave in
will says my family would do the same
she says this baby would still be our responsibility
this world would be a better place if it were filled with wanted children
he says me too
she says i have been so lost and just now im starting to find out who i am
he says because of nick
i know what you mean
she says sonny?
He says You are afraid if we keep the baby we are going to have to give them up

rafe says what else is going on
sami says promise me you wont go ballistic
he says how bad can it be
she says im trying to figure out how to say this
he says just tell me
she says i do believe nick and gabi are in love
i think nick was at the brink of hell and he pulled himself back
he is going to make a new life for himself
he says just tell me
she says gabi is pregnant

will says when i look at you and nick i see you have something you always wanted you didnt have it with chad or me
she says i can say the same thing about you and sonny
i want kids
he says i know just not now and not with me
she says do you want to tell sonny
he says it kills me not to tell him
but im afraid of what he might do
she says ok so here we are
he says my parents were so young when they had me
and it wasnt easy being the big mistake of 2 stupid teenagers
they were still chasing after what they wanted and kind of past me off on whoever was available
she says this is the time in our lives where we are supossed to chase after what we want
he says i dont want my kid growing up feeling the same things i felt
she says ok so what you are saying is that you agree
this is the right thing to do

lucas says you love will
which tells me we both want whats best for him
so its best we try to get along
sonny says i agree
might take some time
lucas says im wills dad im not going anywhere
sonny says me either
lucas says ok guess we settled it
see you around

will says how much is this
gabi says its 350 dollars
and she wants to pay cash
she says she has 90 dolalrs
im almost 3 months pregnant and the longer she waits
he says he has 48 dollars
she says we are off by 200 and some
he says dont worry i will get it
she says there is another problem
your mom
he says of all the people to find out
she says she thinks its nick
he says and she thinks she doesnt have to worry about me getting anyone pregnant
she says well after the procedure i will tell her i lost the baby
that happens alot in the first trimester
i want to do it today
i want to take care of it before anyone else
finds out

rafe says my baby sister
is having a baby
sami says yeah
i was at the hospital when sh got the news
nick brought her in cuz she fainted
he was so sweet with her
rafe says he swore to me nothing was going on between them
sami says maybe that was true at the time
you know sometimes friends can end up more than that

maggie tells brady her friend texted her that he was attacked
he tells her he was chasing kristen down and she was being mugged and the partner hit him on the back
he just has a concussion
she says glad you are ok
why were you running after kristen what has she done
he says not a damn thing

mar says dont you see it
she showed up in bradys room right at the proper moment and now she pops in here
do you think its a coincidence
kristen says what is my evil plan
mar says you want to keep me from explaining this to john
kristen says like i happen to know you deleted my messages
mar says i know what you are doing
kristen says brady had a close call
and you are upset i understand
i have been trying , gave up a great position at my fathers company
to limit my contact with sami
and brady came to my rescue last night i was just trying to do the right thing
in the future if one of your loved ones
get hurt or are in danger
i will make sure someone else contacts you
guess there is no getting past the past
mar say you and i finally agree about something
you need to get out of here
and leave bradys care to us
and crawl back under your rock
you conniving bitch

will goes to see sonny at he coffee place
he asks if he could borrow some money and he cant tell him why

gabi in her room
touching her stomach
looking in the mirror
thinks of calling rafe says no i cant not yet

rafe says i cant believe it
sami says she didnt want me to tell you cuz she didnt want you to hate her
he says i would never hate her why would she think that
cuz i would rant and rave and read her the riot act
make her feel like nothing but a screw up and thats the last thing she needs right now
i have to see her
samisays ill go with you
they leave

Maggie says you were running after kristen cuz she didnt do anything
brady says well not yet
he tells her of the run ins his dad and marlena had with her
maggie says well thats their problem
you should be concerned about taking care of yourself instead of your father and marlena

kristen says i cant take anymore
of this and she leaves
john says kristen
mar says really you are going to comfort her
he says whats going on here
i dont know you anymore
you called her a conniving bitch thats not you
she says she hired those muggers i know she did
and brady could have died
john says thats ridiculous
you are saying she is planning everything
that our lives are at her mercy,,,thats paranoia
she says i will not wait around until her stunts destroy or kill someone we love and i will not be her victim
sorry if that makes me unladylike
lets say she is right and im wrong
she tried to kill me
im sorry im human im hurt and scared and human
and i dont want her in our lives
i dont want you finding a way to take her side
i want you on my side
and if im not at the top of my game when she is around
then take the high road you forgive her i cant,,, i just cant
he says i never asked you to forgive her i asked you to move on for me
can you do that
no answer
then ill leave you with one more question
when did you and i stop talking to each other

Kristen goes back into bradys room
she left her phone there
she says she appreciates him coming to her rescue last night
he says welcome and thanks her for helping him
she leaves

sonny says how much do you need
will says 200 bucks
sonny says damn
will says i know thats a lot
he says no i left my wallet at home
did a bank drop only have 150
will says thats perfect
i will pay you back as soon as i can
sonny gives him the money
and says i hope it all works out for you
will says thank you sonny
i wanted to tell you last night meant so much to me
sonny says me too
will says ok c-ya soon
sonny says hope so
Will leaves

rafe and sami come into the pub
nick is there working
rafe asks where gabi is
nick says she is upstairs resting
rafe says you better do the right thing
nick says i love her you dont have to tell me to do the right thing

gabi is outside the square
lucas comes by asks her if she is alright

john goes into bradys room
brady asks if everything i alright between him and Marlena
john says no
brady says about Kristen
i was talking to maggie and she said i have been a little too involved with this and its your business not mine
john says that was some knock on the head you took
brady says and you may be right about Kristen

marlena is still in the waiting room
Kristen comes in and says i saw you alone in here ,i have one more thing to say
thank you
she smiles and walks out of the room
looking very happy with herself

sami says to nick you have to cut rafe some slack , you expect him to
be thrilled to find out his sister is pregnant
nick says what?

Rafe goes up to gabis room
knocking at the door
yelling gabi open up its me
he goes into her room
and looks around and says where the hell is she

gabi says yes im ok
Will comes and says i got 150 from sonny
we just need 50 more
lucas says which one of you is going to tell me what is going on here?
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the REAL Kristen returns,great scenes. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AD3XbRXaIDI&feature=g-all-u
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Love 'em or hate 'em, it does appear that some of the stories are staring to gel. Thanks for the write up, Skye!
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It sure didn't take Sami long to tell that secret! I am kind of surprised she kept it for as long as she did. I don't think anyone believed she was going to keep her mouth shut.

Will has a lot of nerve hitting up Sonny for money to pay for an abortion for his secret baby with his ex-girlfriend. I wonder how he is going to explain this one as this secret is growing uglier by the day.

Thanks for the write-up, Skye. Sounds like another pretty good episode.
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Sami :shutup: Really you couldn't just keep quiet for a little longer.
Love Kristen.
Hey Lucas, got 50 bucks?
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Geez Sami you couldn't even keep a secret for 24 hours.

Seriously Sami, i love you, have for years but that was not your secret to tell. You weren't even suppose to be in the room.

how does Will only have $48, doesn't he still work for EJ.

So Sonny just gives him the money no questions asked.

Will Lucas give them the money, we shall see.
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Posted Image
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Nov 19 2012, 03:10 PM
Posted Image
you chanded your avi is this youare wilson fan now?
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Nov 19 2012, 03:10 PM
Geez Sami you couldn't even keep a secret for 24 hours.

Seriously Sami, i love you, have for years but that was not your secret to tell. You weren't even suppose to be in the room.

how does Will only have $48, doesn't he still work for EJ.

So Sonny just gives him the money no questions asked.

Will Lucas give them the money, we shall see.
Will no longer work for EJ :cheer: :cheer:
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STFU Sami. Didn't you promise Gabi you wouldn't say anything to Rafe?!! Rafe STFU too. You have no room to judge either.

Will you are going to ask your boyfriend for money to pay for you/your ex's abortion?! *SMH* Really?!
Edited by guessgirl, Nov 19 2012, 03:50 PM.
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Nov 19 2012, 03:11 PM
Nov 19 2012, 03:10 PM
Posted Image
you chanded your avi is this youare wilson fan now?
I just like the way Sonny looked on this scene with his smile and all, and my banner well I like Gays haha but WilSon is a nono but still.
Okay I admit I just loved these scenes lol but no i am not pulling my #teamWilSon shirt haha :D
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I Love it! Poor Doc lmao~ Love me a bad-ass Kristen!
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Geez Sami you couldn't even keep a secret for 24 hours.

It appears as though the only secret Sami is capable of keeping is that her brother became a priest. Honestly though, who didn't see this coming with Sami?
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she says i had a rough year with Will
its much better now
because i took the advice i am offering you

Just whose "advice" on Will are you passing onto Rafe Sami?
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Doesn't will have anybody else he could go for the money too besides sonny that took guts lol
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Days Preview 11-20-12


John, Kristen, Mar, Brady, Maggs, Will, Sami, Rafe, Sami
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Ahhh there is the real Kristen!!!
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The Room Stops
Member Avatar

Boy, John. To quote Robin Scherbatsky: "Oh, HE DUMB!" John, I really didn't think you could be dumber than 1996-1997, or blinder than from 2000-2002, but boy, you're getting there aren't ya?

Nov 19 2012, 03:30 PM
Ahhh there is the real Kristen!!!
At last! Now let her stay, and give us some damn Marlena VERSUS Kristen. Not Marlena versus John, because Marlena is clearly possessing the Salem brain right now, so that's no match.
Edited by The Room Stops, Nov 19 2012, 03:33 PM.
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Preview 11-20-12
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Gone, But Not Forgotten!

I was loving ED... classy dresser... she was looking HOT!!!!

AS really needs to take some lesson on good dressing. Her trampy low cut tops are not appealing. TomSell trying to sell fans sex or porn? I thought MARDAR had left the building. That Yellowishy colour sweater on Sami reminded me of a mustard bottle, almost as bad as her hooker red dress several weeks ago.

Of course Will doesn't tell Sonny the truth. I was yelling 'chicken shit' Young Will should also know that lies and deceit get you no where. He should have learned that 10x over from Sami in every direction. I was so mad!

Nick finding out that Gabi is pregnant-- good lord, Sami shut the F up!

Safe-- not so good scenes boring! But somehow Rafe is really growing on me.

Marlena by far was my favorite today. Finally some real soap acting and good dialogue. John is huffing and puffing as usual. All I have left is J&M to root for, so please bear with me.

Edited by Dreamer, Nov 19 2012, 03:33 PM.
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