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Wednesday, November 28th Daily Discussion
Topic Started: Nov 27 2012, 02:47 PM (7,929 Views)
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Wednesday, November 28th

Chad comes to gabis very very blue bedroom
he says lovers quarrel
nick says you can say that
he says to gabi ,he is going to find out right now and if you dont tell him i will

Rafe arrives at samis office with flowers
he has this day dream
about going in with them and sami kissing him
he knocks on the door goes in and says hey
Ej says ooh you shouldnt have but i have to tell you i do prefer roses
rafe says what the hell are you doing here

Brady notices the text on his phone
says i didnt send this to Kristen
oh no
then he looks at marlenas pic on his phone and says
no you wouldnt have have done that
he starts to leave and runs into Eric

While Marlena is in Kristens room
snooping in her tablet
she says must be a journal
Kristen comes in and shuts the door
and says marlena
whatcha doing looking for something
mar says in fact i think i found it
kristen says care to share
mar says i do i will share it with john and brady
im going to expose you for the liar and fraud that you really are

EJ says let me put them in some water for you
dont want then to whiter up and die
rafe wont give them to him , he says
what are you doing in samis office
EJ says im waiting for Samantha to get back so that we can get started on some work
rafe says what are you talking about
EJ says she didnt tell you?im her new boss

chad says what happened did your new boyfriend finally see the real you
nick says tell him
Will comes in
she says can you make nick stop before he ruins everything
nick says havent you already done that for both of us

eric says he came to meet his mom but she had to cancel at the last minute
brady says he has to go and he will explain to him later
he leaves

kristen says if you dont give me back my tablet and get out of my room
im going to call the police and have you arrested
mar says im not leaving here until i know what you are hiding
kriaten says what yo are doing is against the law
mar says help me out here
whats in your little jb file
is it the real reason you came back to salem
game over Kristen so sorry
kristen says i dont think so
mar says i think so
kristen tries to grab the tablet and marlena wont give it to her

rafe says you are samis boss
yeah right since when
EJ says since now
the day to day operations at countess w were handed over to me by my sister
rafe says really kristen
just handed them over to you just like that
EJ says well thats kristen generous to a fault
rafe says you are doing this to stay close to sami and no other reason
you got all the money and power you need
you are trying to make a play for my
EJ says your what
what is samantha to you
sami comes in
and says whats going on
Ej says Samantha, rafe brought you flowers
rafe says is this true are you really working for this nit wit

Will says did you come here to upset her again
chad says she was a hot mess long before i got here
whats going on here
Will tells him nothing
gabi says i didnt lie to you nick i swear
Will tells chad this has nothing to do with you, can you leave
chad says i have no idea what this is about but im not leaving until i find out

john meets eric at the pub
he asks if his mom was ok
he was supposed to have lunch with him and she cancelled at the last minute
john says i guess something important came up

marlena and Kristen struggle for the tablet
and Kristen falls
marlena goes to look at the tablet
she yells marlena stop
brady comes in and yells what the hell is going on here
Kristen is on the floor crying

sami says i dont see why this matters but yes Ej has taken over at Countess W and yes he is my boss
rafe says seriously why this matters
sami says ej would you mind giving rafe and me a private moment please
EJ says no not at all , just to remind you we are on a deadline
she says i havent missed a deadline yet and im not going to start now
EJ says i will get us some coffee
he leaves
sami says so before your head explodes
he says why didnt you tel me about this
she says we were doing other things all day
he says you couldnt find a minute to tell me
you are working for your ex he is your boss again
she says you were upset about gabi so i didnt think it was important enough to tel you , why does it matter
he says it does matter

nick says i think gabi and will are right
what you said got into my head that gabi pretended to love me in order to protect herself from you but now i think
i might have overreacted i dont think its true
gabi says it isnt its not true
i love you with all my heart
chad says you 3 are something else truly
he leaves

Eric says guess mom had a last minute patient
is there a reaoson why you and my mom never mentioned that kristen was in town
john says your mom should have said something but kristen is a touchy subject between your mom and me
eric says how bad is it

brady helps Kristen up
she says marlena broke into my room
grabbed my personal property and pushed me to the ground
brady says how much of that is true
mar says all of it
except that its justified
how else can i prove that she is hell bent on destroying me
kristen says you have lost touch with reality
you think the only reason i came back was to go after john and you
mar says this is an act
but you and i are the only ones who know that
i know you came back for revenge and i can prove it
kristen says give that back to me
mar says no not until i can prove to brady just who you really are

Ej is out in the square
chad walks by him
Ej says how are you
its a beautiful day,,,,, brisk
chad says someone is in a good mood
Ej says i am..life is good , for you too i hope
chad says yeah definitely smooth sailing all the way
EJ says drop the sarcasm
pinning for melanie is not going to help you get your life back together
chad says wow thats deep
i will really have to ponder that one
EJ says you are my brother i care about you
chad says im sorry i dont see you as a mentor,,,,no offence
EJ says ok why not talk to your sister and get some guidance from her
chad says Kristen?
EJ says take it from me she is formidable, shrewd and she is family which means she has your best interest at heart,,let her get your life back on track ,she is an asset

gabi tells nick nothing ever happened between her and chad
he says but you told me there wasnt anyone else in your life for a long time before we met
she says thats right you are the only person i have ever been so happy with
hesays but im not the only one you are pregnant and i am not the father
unless this was an immaculate conception
who did you have sex with before we met who is the father of this baby
Will says i am
i am the babys father
chad and Ej sit at a table
EJ says so aside from the obvious what is bothering you
chad says well if you really want to know
every time i turn around i see the person who ruined my life
Ej says gabi?
chad says i feel like i cant move on until i return the favour
EJ says sometimes the best medicine is revenge
chad says this girl she ruined everything
EJ says well do yourself a favour ,stop ruminating about it and make her pay

nick says why say that
Will says cuz its true im the babys father
nick says is this some kind of a joke
gabi says no its true
nick says but you are with sonny
Will says yes im gay and with sonny
yes gabi and i are having a baby
nick says i dont get this
why be with him at all you knew he was gay
gabi says i did something happened to us and it was a mistake we both know that
nick says i dont get whats going on here at all
gabi says it was after the explosions i was upset and i needed someone to talk to and i saw Will
nick says so you decided to have sex
gabi says we use to go out its not like it was the first time
i didnt know he was gay then
he says but you did this time
she says yeah i did
nick says why would you take advantage of her like that
she says it wasnt like that
Will says yes it was i was struggling with some stuff
gabi says i wanted it to happen but we both regretted it was a mistake and we moved on and now we are having this baby

sami says calm down
rafe says im very calm
im freaked out that you couldnt tell me the truth
how could you not tell me this
she says its not that big of a deal
he says if you tried to pull this game on anyone eles maybe it might work but this is me
she says cut it out
he says you know the only reason is here is so he can be close to you
she yells i had it , i dont care what Ejs agenda is
im a grown woman and i can make my own decisions, i do not appreciate the implication that i cant have a professional working relationship with ej if i chose
he says i hear you but Ej always seems to get what he wants and with you its only a matter of time isnt it
you can deny it all you want but you are only kidding yourself

brady says if you let her see whats on the tablet that would be a good idea
Kristen says she broke into my room took my personal property and attacked me
and now i have to show her whats on my tablet this is no ones business
she broke in here and now she is supposed to get her own way, how is that fair
brady says if you have nothing to hide
kristen says i dont want her to humiliate me anymore
he says if you let her see and there is nothing on it incriminating you will be vindicated
that has to be satisfying to you
Kristen says ok knock yourselves out look at it
Marlena looks at it
and says i dont believe this
kristens face, lol

sami says you cant handle it can you
he says what
your inability to tell the truth
she says how about your ability to sabotage any progress we make
he says you are putting this on me
she says yes i am
there is nothing happening here except cooperate shuffling
he says its Ej
you should have seen his face when he realized i didnt know the truth
she says ok now i get it
i dont have time for this
he says you are super busy
thats why Ej went to get caffeine, so you guys can pull an all nigher
she says stop it please just stop it
he says well
thank you for your help with gabi
she yells you are welcome
he leaves
ej comes in with coffee
says is everything alright
she smiles

nick says why didnt you tell your mom and your brother
Will says they thought you were and i didnt ge the chance
gabi says im in love with you and will is in love with sonny
will says we have to tell mom and rafe very soon
nick says wait
you dont have to do that
we dont have to tel anybody the truth not yet

john says its rough for your mom having kristen back in town
wish she could stop expecting the worse
eric says can you
have you stopped expecting the worse
seems like you have forgiven her
john flashbacks to Kristen hugging heim

mar says my god
kristen says my therapist had me doing morning pages for years
marlena reads marlena has proven to be a tough nut to crack and i can understand why, i hurt her deeply and when i dont think she would put it behind her
or come back for any reason than to hurt her
brady takes it and reads john is thankfully much more open to forgiveness
but i know they wont trust me again
mar says this is all for show
its a setup
Kristen says may i please have that back
brady gives it back
kristen says you should be ashamed of yourself, you are a doctor what would your patients say if they knew you broke in here
and attacked me and read my personal diary
i have no choice but to call the police
brady says dont do that
he tells mar to go and not say a word
she leaves
brady says this is your call
hope you will help me out
im not going to tell you what to do
mar needs more time
she says to do what
he says to see what my dad is seeing that you have changed a lot
she says what about you , do you think i changed

ej sits
sami says im fine rafe will be fine
everything will be fine
EJ says good
we have work
we may have to work through dinner
that if thats ok with you

nick says i dont think you should rush off to tell rafe and sami
i think the 2 of you and me we need to look at everything and figure it out before we tell people whats up
gabi goes to wash her face
she is tired
nick says to will i know you mean it
this is gabis call and this is important to you
i need you to give her some time with this
once people find out everyone will want to weigh in
dont tell your mom
and that way she wont tell rafe
will says so gabi needs a day to think about it
thats fair
nick says dont tell sonny either

john says he believes Kristen has changed
but he understands why mar is having a rough time with it
eric leaves

brady says i do believe you have changed
he wants her to extend herself to others as well
she says she tried
she wanted people to see she has changed and accept her for who she is now
marlena never will
he says give her some slack
she says im trying so hard to be a bigger person
he says here is your chance prove it by not seeking revenge on marlena for what she did to you
she says ok i wont call the police
help me ,protect me from marlena so that she doesnt do something like this again
he says i will
she says your father has a right to hear what happened
she gets her phone
he says dont call him let marlena tell him
let me talk to marlena and ill make sure this wont happen again
if my dad finds out what happened tonight
it will be hurtful to him
kristen decides not to call john
brady thanks her

Will says why is it you business what i tell my boyfriend
nick says do you want sonny to know you are going to be a father
will says no i dont
gabi comes in
nick says we have to keep this to ourselves
we need to slow things down
Will says i could go along with it for a little while hopefully not too long i dont want to keep this from Sonny forever
Will leaves
gabi gets a call from rafe
she says she is ok and nick is with her
he tells her to get some rest
she tells nick she cant lie to him for a long time
she doesnt want to hide
he says you wont
im going to take care of you i will

Sami puts the flowers in water
and tells EJ that
Abigail is going to watch the kids
for her so she can stay as late as she needs to
Ej is sitting there looking at the lipstick
he says excellent
she says
this lipstick campaign has to be a success
it will be
im going to prove to kate and everybody that i am a successful business woman and i deserve to have this job , stefano didnt just hand to me
he says there we go, there is the Samantha i know and love
lets get started shall we
she gets on the computer
and he looks at her

john sees marlena at the square
he looks at his phone
he says Kristen called but didnt leave a message
she says you should call her back
he says you want me to call her
she says i do
he says why
she says just do it

brady says thank you , you made the right decision
john calls her
she says that him calling me back
john says did you call me
she says i did
he says is everything alright
she looks at brady
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Thanks for posting Skye!

* Always love when John has scenes with any of his kids.
* Kristen is playing them all so well, she has really brought a spark to the show.
* Love fierce take-no-mess Marlena!
* Sami, EJ and Rafe annoying as usual and Sami is still a frickin idiot.
* Interesting that Abigail is now the babysitter of choice lol.
* Also interesting that Nick initiates the secrecy about t being the baby's father.
* Looking forward to seeing Chad become more evil, otherwise he is incredibly boring.
Edited by JTClassicSoaps, Nov 27 2012, 03:04 PM.
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I know someone else who prefers roses EJ.
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EJ is back. :wub:

Be still my sweevil, British, tall, babe, loving heart. :wub: :wub:
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Queen of Texas

Sigh, I was hoping for a good Wed show since it's my BD. So much for hoping
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Not enough Eric and Nicole!!!
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Deleted User
Deleted User

Please #FreeEj from Safe. I'm sick and tired of him playing an interloper to Sami and Rafe. It's beyond old. :shame:
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Chad calling Gabi a "hot mess:" LOL! The same could probably be said for Chad's character as of late.
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Days Preview 11-28-12


Kristen, Brady. John, Eric, Mar,Will, Gabi, Nick & others
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Mmmm Rafe and his (what we call ) gas station flowers.

This reminds me how much I hate / detest EJ / Rafe scenes they are always so stilted and awkward.
Rafe standing their like a post and EJ flipping about like a fish out of water.

The sooner these two can stop interacting the better.
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Queen of Texas

Nov 27 2012, 03:52 PM
Mmmm Rafe and his (what we call ) gas station flowers.

This reminds me how much I hate / detest EJ / Rafe scenes they are always so stilted and awkward.
Rafe standing their like a post and EJ flipping about like a fish out of water.

The sooner these two can stop interacting the better.
The ONLY interaction I want to see between Rafe and ej is Rafe putting handcuffs on ej as he is being arrested.
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Love. love, love that Will wants to tell Sonny and said he would not keep it from Sonny forever that is good it tells me he is scared to tell him but he is going too, it shows that Sonny is on Will's mind even through all of this. I wish Will would tell Sonny anyway and tell him to keep it a secret for now or something.
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I find the Brady/Kristen stuff icky :puke:
Ej/Sami/Rafe :blah:
Will and Gabi why are you listening to Nick? Why?
Chad, I still don't like you :bat:
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So I guess Abigail has taken over babysitting duties from Caroline?
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Nov 27 2012, 02:47 PM

Ej says ooh you shouldnt have but i have to tell you i do prefer roses

Marlena looks at it
and says i dont believe this
kristens face, lol

Abigail is going to watch the kids

Posted Image

at everything. Although, Abigail becoming the baby sitter does leave an avenue to EJ/Abby interaction. I'm game.

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EJ can interact with Abby now that she is babbysitting!

Another just meh episode. This was bound to be a romance story, since Sami hasn't been talking about men for days (no pun intended)! Glad Will wants to tell Sonny, but why is Nick judging everything and being in charge? THIS ISN'T HIS CHILD!
Glad to see Eric without Nicole. It means I won't be tired of them for a while, and allows us to see him with other characters. The Kristen/Brady/John/Marlena shit is boring already. EJad wasn't very interesting, maybe because both characters suck. Either way, I didn't think the episode was bad, exactly, just not very good, so another average one for me.
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Damn, can Rafe be anymore condescending? He acts like he owns Sami. Since when does she owe him an explanation about anything? Jackass.

Chad needs to be punched in the face. Repeatedly.
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Nov 27 2012, 04:54 PM
EJ can interact with Abby now that she is babbysitting!

Another just meh episode. This was bound to be a romance story, since Sami hasn't been talking about men for days (no pun intended)! Glad Will wants to tell Sonny, but why is Nick judging everything and being in charge? THIS ISN'T HIS CHILD!
Couldn't agree more. Will needs to grow a spine.
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