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Monday, December 10th Daily Discussion
Topic Started: Dec 7 2012, 02:37 PM (10,848 Views)
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Monday, December 10th

Eyebrows Magoo meets The Diva at the coffee place
she wants to talk about the wedding
she says she wants it perfect for Crazy Eyes and gabis wedding
Nighttime Gina overhears this and says what Crazy Eyes and Kim Kardashian are getting married?

Crazy Eyes and Kim Kardashian are in bed talking
she says it was a tough decision i thought i was asking too much from you
are you sure you are ready to raise Wills baby for the rest of your life

Crybaby Horton and Dudley Do-Right are at the square there is a Santa there ringing his bell
Dudley Do-Right says are you thinking about what you are going to ask santa for this year
Crybaby Horton says i already got it
Dudley Do-Right says sorry about putting pressure on you for gabis secret
Dudley Do-Right says you are freezing and he takes his scarf off and puts it around Wills neck
Dudley Do-Right says there are a few things we can do to warm up
coffee on the house

Orange Glow asks Nicole to help him get
Rose Blossom to the ferry
she has to get to a hospital
because he believes her appendix are going to burst
Nicole tells him the ferry is leaving now
Hot and Sexy OMG says no it cant
she needs to be in a hospital now
run and catch that ferry
nicole leaves
Jack says what are we going to do?

Johnny runs into the pub
and hugs Chompers who is sitting at a table
she says where is your mommy
he says she isnt here
she says well who brought you
he says daddy did
Teapot walks on

The Diva says sorry you heard that im sure Crazy Eyes wanted to tell you himself
Nighttime Gina says why are they getting married
Eyebrows Magoo says it does seems sudden
Nighttime Gina says whats going on here
Eyebrows Magoo says you should talk to Crazy Eyes
The Diva says i think they are super cute together and i think they are going to be very happy

Crazy Eyes says this was my idea
im not having second thoughts
i want this ,you want this and Crybaby Horton wants this
there is one thing i regret
when i asked you to marry me i kind of made it sound like it was all about that baby
there is something that i have always wanted to do
he gets on his knees and says Crybaby Horton you do me the honour of marrying me

Hot and Sexy OMG says you are lucky i came to inventory
the emergency medical supplies
we have some drugs here that Crybaby Horton help with the pain
he gives her a shot
we have to take out your appendix
its a simple surgery
she say thats great
nicole comes back and says i ran as fast as i could but the ferry didnt see me
the next one isnt for 4 more hours
she seems better
he says i gave her some pain meds
but i dont have 4 hours till the next ferry
she says what are we going to do
he looks in the medical bag and says i have everything i need right here
she says but your hands you cant
he says i have to
if the appendix burst she could die
im all she has got

Teapot says hello Chompers
Chompers says to johnny ,you know Eddie is in the kitchen making cookies wants a taster to see if they turned out right
he says i can do that
Teapot says remember you need to leave some for the 2 of us
johnny says ok at least one each
johnny runs off
Teapot says welcome home
she says thank you and for bringing johnny to see me please sit down
he says Sydney is going to be disappointed she decided to take a late nap she
would loved to have see you
she says you tell sydney she Crybaby Horton
have plenty of time to spend with me, weeks,months maybe even years
he says good samantha told me you were back to your feisty self
she says i was given a chance in life and i plan on making the best of it
he says you always have
she says my mother use to say the harder you work the luckier you are
did your father ever say that to you
he says no he did not
she says how is Esteban
he says why do you ask ?
She says because you are thinking of him right now arent you

Eyebrows Magoo says i mean they are kids they are in love
thats all that matters right
Nighttime Gina says yeah of course
they were just dating he is still on parole
she is so young
how many boyfriends did she actually
oh oh
Eyebrows Magoo says yep well you Crybaby Horton be talking to Crazy Eyes
she says yes just so you know nicks past is in the past he has a huge heart and im sure he Crybaby Horton take good care of your sister
she leaves
The Diva says me and my big mouth
he says people Crybaby Horton find out anyway
The Diva says he hasnt even told his mom yet
and she is on the top of my call list
he says call list?
she shows him papers
on the wedding stuff to do
he says i didnt mean you had to plan her wedding when i wanted you to talk to her
she says someone has to do it and im happy to
he says ok thats why you called me down here so i could help you with the bouquets
she says you know your sister better than anybody
you tell me everything i need to know

Kim Kardashian says the answer is still yes
they kiss
he says it better be
this is where i would produce a ring if i had one
in the meantime
he gives her a necklace
he says its carbon
its a building block of everything
she says right life
he says at the right temperature and after
enough time carbon become a diamond
she says we Crybaby Horton have a diamond in no time
he says i Crybaby Horton buy you a ring when i make enough money
she says no this perfect

Dudley Do-Right and Crybaby Horton sit on the couch
Crybaby Horton mentions this time last year
ME was over there singing and i was over here hungover and miserable
this year im in the Christmas spirit
it wont feel like Christmas till there is snow
Dudley Do-Right tells him about Christmas is Dubai
100 degrees but people still sing Christmas carols
we should try it sometime
here we are planing all this great stuff together and Crazy Eyes and Kim Kardashian are going to be tied down with this baby for the rest of their lives
Crybaby Horton says how bad can it be
Dudley Do-Right says not bad if you are 40
i would love to have a family some day
but i dont want to think about it for a long time
Hairboy comes over and says what dont you want to think about

Jack says Hot and Sexy OMG its going to be ok
Hot and Sexy OMG says yeah
its is
when you wake up you Crybaby Horton be one appendix lighter
and feeling better
he gives her a needle
she holds his hand steady and say its ok
nicole comes in with sheets and towels
Hot and Sexy OMG says he needs her to sterilize the needles
she says one thing i know how to do is boil water
she leaves
Hot and Sexy OMG looks at his hands shaking

Teapot says you are right i have been thinking
about my father
she says well he looked death in the face and lived course it is not the first time
he says no not by a long shot
she says when you get older you realize no one is immortal
he says quite
she says i have come to realize that being angry with people is not good
he says you? Chompers Arms of Steel angry?
She laughs and says yes me
its a waste...its a sin
he says i think just about everybody is town was justified in being angry with my father
she says he is still your father and the only one you have
when i see you with johnny and sydney i know you would do anything for them
he says i would
she says the love you have for your children is something we have in common
no matte what the past and what ever the future may bring
he says did i tell you that samantha and i are working together at countess w
she says no
oh well maybe i forgot it, no i wouldnt forget that thats something i wouldnt forget
he says you dont approve
she says we cant chose our family and cant chose the people we love, my memory is not as it was but
in the past i have made mistakes
he says you made mistakes?
She says yes plenty
some people say The Diva takes after me maybe they are right
because i loved Shawn and i loved victor
and The Diva loves Eyebrows Magoo,,,, and you
he says well thats quite an analogy
she says i didnt mean it as an insult
it would seem that Victor s has finally turned his life around maybe you can too

Eyebrows Magoo says wish ari was here
Kim Kardashian always said ari would be her maid of honour but
and she wanted a dress like this
he shows her a picture
not sure she can have a wedding in a church can she
The Diva says she can if i can she can
if she wants to get married in a church and have a priest bless her marriage
then dont you want to give her a wedding like that
he says of course
she says then we are going to do what ever it takes to make that happen

Crybaby Horton says we werent talking to you Hairboy.
Hairboy says i guess its about Kim Kardashian
guess you didnt take my advice and tell Crybaby Horton to stay away from that crazy bitch
Dudley Do-Right says did you ever think maybe you are wrong about Kim Kardashian
Crybaby Horton says there is no maybe...he is wrong
Hairboy says maybe you should ask Crybaby Horton ,why he is so protective of Kim Kardashian, what is it you are not telling us Crybaby Horton

Kim Kardashian says what do you think Chompers is going to say when she finds out
Crazy Eyes says im not sure
Nighttime Gina comes to the door
Kim Kardashian lets her in
Nighttime Gina says i heard you had some pretty big news, when were you planing on sharing it with me

Hot and Sexy OMG operates on Rose Blossom
Nicole assists

The Diva tells Eyebrows Magoo to go to the church to talk to father Tobias
and she Crybaby Horton go talk to Kim Kardashian
Eyebrows Magoo says thanks i really appreciate everything you are doing and my sister appreciates it much more
i know you are working hard to make this day special for her
she says im happy to do it for Kim Kardashian
call me later
about this and everything
she leaves

Crybaby Horton says you are right you dont know the whole story but it isnt our place to tell you
Hairboy says i know Kim Kardashian and whatever her story is , i know there is going to be some guy in it who isnt going to have a happy ending
Dudley Do-Right says maybe you Crybaby Horton cut her some slack we it all comes out
wills leaves
Hairboy says Kim Kardashian really has someone snowed

Kim Kardashian leaves Nighttime Gina and Crazy Eyes alone
Crazy Eyes says sorry you had to hear this from someone bedsides me
Nighttime Gina says word got out
Kim Kardashian is lovely and beautiful but you just met isnt this fast
he says she is pregnant
she says thats fast too
he says we didnt plan it, it just happened
Nighttime Gina says how far along is she?
He says 5 or 6 weeks
we are really happy and we Nighttime Gina the rest of the family is happy about this

Dudley Do-Right says i dont want to hear it
Hairboy says if you only knew
Dudley Do-Right says then why dont you tell me
you are so bitter over losing Melanie that you a looking for someone to blame besides the guy in the mirror
im tired of hearing gabis name come out of your mouth i dont want to hear it again

Hot and Sexy OMG finishes the operation
nicole is surprised he is done already
he says its a simple operation
she says yeah but not when you are in alices cabin with a sewing kit
your hands were perfectly straight
how did you do that?

Chompers and Kim Kardashian sit together
she says do you love Crazy Eyes
Kim Kardashian says yes i do
Chompers says then marrying him is wonderful news
and i believe a baby is a blessing no matter what
Kim Kardashian says thank you
Chompers says you said something about disappointing your family ,did Eyebrows Magoo say something
Kim Kardashian says no he is overprotective and i thought he was going to rip nicks head off when he found out
but he has been wonderful im lucky to have him as a big brother

Eyebrows Magoo is walking through the square
johnny runs up to him
Eyebrows Magoo says where is your mom?
Teapot walks over
Eyebrows Magoo says oh and hugs johnny and says good to see you

Crazy Eyes says being a husband and a father is what i always wanted
Nighttime Gina says i know
he says im happy
and Kim Kardashian is happy
she says good
he says do i have your blessing
Nighttime Gina says yeah of course
you have my blessing
she hugs him

The Diva brings her plans
and puts them on the table in front of Kim Kardashian
she says whats this
The Diva says im here to help you plan your wedding and i wont take no for an answer

Hot and Sexy OMG says she is stable the fever has broken
but she Crybaby Horton need another does of antibiotics
which are outside in a cooler
Nicole says she Crybaby Horton go get it
and she leaves
Hot and Sexy OMG sits beside Rose Blossom
and puts his hand on her forehead
she says Orange Glow
and opens her eyes

johnny asks Eyebrows Magoo if he could go talk to santa
rfe says i dont see why not
he gives him some money for santa
Teapot gives him some too
johnny runs over to santa
Eyebrows Magoo says what did you give him a hundred
Teapot says no i gave him a 5
im not threatened by your relationship with my son
Eyebrows Magoo says right as long as im not with The Diva, i guess you figure you got her right where you want her now
Teapot says i work with samantha, there is nothing more to it than that
Eyebrows Magoo says hmm
Teapot says we happen to work very well together
Eyebrows Magoo says i bet
Crybaby Horton is walking by
and he watches johnny
talking to santa
johnny is saying my sister really wants a stroller for her doll , im worried
santa says what are you worried about
johnny says we sleep in a lot of different places with a lot of different chimneys how Crybaby Horton you know where to bring it
Crybaby Horton flashbacks to saying guess our baby
bounces back and forth
he leaves

Crazy Eyes comes over to where The Diva , Kim Kardashian and Chompers are sitting
and Kim Kardashian says The Diva wants to plan our wedding
i told her she doesnt have to go through the trouble
The Diva says its no trouble im glad to do it
no arguments
im going to give you the wedding of your dreams i promise

Hairboy comes into the coffee place
says to Dudley Do-Right i want to tell you something
its about Kim Kardashian,, you think im picking on some poor innocent girl im going to tell you what she did and when im done you are going to hate her as much
as i do

Hot and Sexy OMG says miss your appendix?
She says no im glad to have it gone
you did it
the surgery
thank you
why does it still hurt

Eyebrows Magoo says The Diva is a lot smarter than you think
Teapot says i happen to think she is very smart thats why i gave her the job at countess w
Eyebrows Magoo says yes of course ,no ulterior motives there what so ever
johnny comes back
Teapot says how did your conversation with santa go, did you get it all sorted out?
Johnny says yes santa said my letter must have gotten lost in the mail
Teapot says i told you
Eyebrows Magoo says government cutbacks buddy
johnny says he said his favourite cookies are snickerdoodles,,,whats that
Teapot says
your mother has a recipe she got
from your grandmother
why dont we make that tomorrow
johnny says awesome
Teapot says merry Christmas Eyebrows Magoo i Nighttime Gina santa brings you everything you want
Eyebrows Magoo says see ya johnny

Hairboy says im tired of being the bad guy here im your business partner but you
you take gabis side cuz Crybaby Horton tells you to
you are my friend and what im about to tell you has to stay between us
when i say Kim Kardashian is an evil bitch
that is an understatement
Kim Kardashian is responsible for melanie being kidnapped

The Diva says Eyebrows Magoo Crybaby Horton walk you down the aisle
and abi Crybaby Horton be a great maid of honour
Kim Kardashian says sure
The Diva says Allie adores you she could be the flower girl
Kim Kardashian says this is going to be nice
Crazy Eyes says all i have to do it show up in a tux
The Diva says do you have a best man
he says the guy who is a good friend still has 5 years left
The Diva says do you know someone local
Chompers says Crazy Eyes here is your best man now
Crybaby Horton comes in

Hot and Sexy OMG says its going to be ok
once we get you back to salem we Crybaby Horton get you better drugs
you look pretty good for someone who went through major surgery under these conditions
she says my heart hurts
he says no i didnt go near your heart
she says yes you did
my heart says what i feel for you
its not what you think
its not pity
its love
i love you Orange Glow
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TFP. I love Teapot and Johnny scenes!
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:laugh: I just read that
and it's going to be hard to understand.
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Omg at the recap.im dying :lol:

Eta: and I understood all of it :P
Edited by EJ_SamiFF, Dec 7 2012, 02:44 PM.
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Holy crap! LMFAO....

PERFECTION in the making people!

I love DR!
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Come on.....can ANYONE here say that this doesn't sound better than the original?

i love you Orange Glow
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The filter recap is a hoot. And about the only way to make certain developments--Quimifer lurvs Doc Douche cuz nothing says lovin' like cutting into your ex-girlfriend's body to remove her diseased internal organs--entertaining.

TFP, Skye!
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Totally had to concentrate to read that but it was worth the giggle.
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Queen of Texas

Is there any translations for the "Filter Names?" It is rather confusing.
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Teapot says "Hello Chompers." lmao!!
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Spoiler: click to toggle
Edited by Ilovecandy, Dec 7 2012, 03:05 PM.
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:roflol: omg that is amazing. I also love the random entries of Crybaby Horton. My only complaint is there's no Friends and Mothers & Arms of Steel!! NOOOOO

edit: Days should totally incorporate these nicknames into the show.
Edited by blueskies, Dec 7 2012, 02:59 PM.
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I thoroughly enjoyed it myself!!
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It's bit confusing to read but pretty funny. Thanks Skye.
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Dec 7 2012, 02:49 PM
Totally had to concentrate to read that but it was worth the giggle.
I wouldn't be so bad if Nighttime Gina( h o p e ) and Crybaby Horton( w i l l ) weren't on today.
their names messed things up. lol
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Dec 7 2012, 02:52 PM
Is there any translations for the "Filter Names?" It is rather confusing.

Here you go.

Eyebrow Magoo = R a f e
The Diva = S a m i
Crazy Eyes = N i c k
Nighttime Gina = H o p e
Kim Kardashian = G a b i
Crybaby Horton= W i l l
Dudley Do-Right = S o n n y
Orange Glow = D a n
Rose Blossom = J e n n i f e r
Chompers= C a r o l i n e
Teapot = E J
Esteban = S t e f a n o
Hairboy = C h a d
Arms of Steel = B r a d y
Edited by guessgirl, Dec 7 2012, 03:10 PM.
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That was funny. But you know's what's sad... most of us who read it, understood it lmfao!
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Days Preview 12 10-12


Nighttime Gina, Thorn Birds, The Diva, Crazy Eyes, Kim Kardashian. Crybaby Horton, Dudley Do-Right & others
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Because somebody asked.

Ryan Forest Roman John DiMera Alamain Brady Black
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