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Tuesday, December 11th Daily Discussion
Topic Started: Dec 10 2012, 02:29 PM (9,919 Views)
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Tuesday, December 11th

Jennifer tells Daniel that she loves him
he says thats the drugs talking and you are confused
she says no i meant what i said
i love you with all my heart

rafe goes to the rectory
looking for tobias
eric says he is busy
rafe says i need to make arrangements for a wedding
eric says you are getting married?
Rafe says no its for my sister

Will comes into the pub
and Caroline says to Nick, there is
your best man now
sami says Will
we are planning nick and gabis wedding
it would be wonderful if you were nicks best man

Chad tells sonny that gabi was responsible for Melanies kidnapping
Sonny says you think gabi is behind mels kidnapping
chad says i know for fact
Sonny says no you dont you are lying why?

Maggie visits
says she thinks she was hard on jen and wanted to say she is sorry
your mom wanted t be helpful
i love you both so much
i dont want things to be strained
with the holidays around the corner
abi says she went to the family cabin
maggie says on smiths island?
Abi says is that a problem?

Nicole walks in
jen says i really really love you
he says i love you too
nicole looks upset

sonny says i dont get it
you had to blame someone besides yourself for losing melanie and gabi is the one you pick
you hate her that much
chad says i do because of what she did to Melanie
sonny says this is nuts
chad says no the fact that gabi is going on with her perfect life is whats nuts here
she is a lying manipulative bitch who should rot in prison for the rest of her life

Will says im sure nick has someone else in mind for his best man
granny says no all of nicks friends are still doing time
sami says it would be great you are cousins
and good friends with gabi
i think you would be the perfect best man
unless you have a problem with Will being the best man

abi says why are you so upset that my mom is at the cabin
maggie says i sent my son up there to be alone and sort things out
abi says well my mom didnt know that
maggie says yes she did , this isnt a coincidence
the last thing he needs right now is your mother
abi says my mom cares about dan and felt awful about what happened to him
maggie says she is making a mess right now
i know jen cares about Daniel
but right now all she is doing is causing him pain

nicole gives dan the antibiotics
she says you saved her life
he says i just wish the ferry would come so we can get to the hospital
nicole says your hands they were so steady and they still are that means the tremors are gone
the treatment must have worked after all

eric says sami told me your sister was here in salem now
and she is getting married congrats
rafe says thanks
eric says are they looking to have a spring wedding
rafe says no they cant wait that long
eric says i can see them tomorrow

nick says you are putting will on the spot
i have friends i can ask
he was gabis boyfriend and i think its above and beyond the call of duty to ask him to do this
granny says oh stop, you have moved past the boyfriend girlfriend stuff , the
Will says yes of course we have
Gabi says Will and i are good friends
sami says then that settles it
it think everything is working out perfectly

sonny says you are making insane claims about someone
you better have solid evidence to back it up
chad says i heard Andrew
how he kidnapped melanie
he was arguing with gabi in the hospital
he said gabi was completely responsible for everything that happened to Melanie
sonny says he is a sociopath he would say anything
chad says she hired him to pretend to be her stalker, gabi thought that if she was being stalked then i would come to her rescue
sonny says thats crazy
chad says well gabi claims it was his idea and she had no idea what was going on
sonny says this doesnt make any sense
chad says it does
if you know the real gabi hernandez
a completely untrustworthy ,nasty vindictive girl
if you were smart you wouldnt believe a word that comes out of her mouth ever again

dan says i cant believe it
while looking at his hands
she says its amazing
but i thought the injection was supposed to work immediately
but look at you ,your hands are so steady
he says there are rare cases where there is delayed effects
she says you must be thrilled
this is the best news ever
he says it is
but my main concern is Jennifer
she says of course yes
they hear the ferry
he tells Nicole to keep an eye on jen
he is going to talk to the captain
and let him know whats going on
and get help to get her on the ferry
she says sure i will watch her

eric is at the hospital
talks to Kayla
nciole and dan come in with jen
dan tells kayla what happened
they go into a room with jennifer

eric says to nicole how do you fit into this
Nicole says i dont
not anymore

gabi tells sami she appreciates everything she is doing for them
but she just wants to go to the justice of the peace
and get it over with
sami says i thought you loved the idea of having a big church wedding
gabi says i was but im pregnant
sami says we will have the wedding right after the holidays
you wont be showing yet
gabi says its about knowing that i am
and i think nick agrees
he says what ever makes you happy
Will says if this is what gabi wants
sami says im not buying it
she is making excuses and you 2 are covering for her and i want to know why

sonny says so you kept what gabi did a secret to protect Melanie ?
Chad says yeah she was going thru a lot and the whole experience was horrible and on top of it nick was up for parole
she ended up finding out on her own
she was furious and freaked out with Gabi and couldnt forgive me for keeping a secret from her
i thought nick was stalking her and i beat him up
sonny says why didnt you turn gabi in
chad says i would have but nick told me he would press assault charges against me if i did anything to gabi
your father drew up some legal documents and i signed them which keeps me from ever going back on it
sonny says i cant believe this
chad says that your father got involved ?
sonny says that nick did all this for gabi
chad says well he was in prison for 4 years
and she was putting out
he wasnt going to let that go
sonny says and now she is pregnant
chad says what did you just say?

Kayla tells dan
the stitching and everything are perfect
he says yeah the treatment must have worked
she says thats amazing news
he says he needs Dr. Lewis to confirm
that the treatment worked
she says when you do this hospital will finally have you back in the OR where you belong

sonny says i had no right to tell you that
chad says so the day she fainted she blamed it on me
she got herself pregnant to trap nick
i bet he marries her
he is marrying her?
of course he is
Sonny says im sure she didnt plan this
chad says i almost feel sorry for nick
sonny says you didnt need to know this
Chad says well you need to know who gabi really is, even though i violated an agreement to tell you this
sonny says why take the chance
chad says because your boyfriend is all tied up with her
sonny says they were friends
chad says yeah they went out before Will realized he was gay, i know blah blah blah
you cant tell anyone you heard this about gabi from me, if it gets out
i could go to jail
promise me
sonny nods his head
and leaves

Caroline says gabi feels guilty because you are going through so much trouble
you have kids and a job and everything going on and
she doesnt want to stress you
but sami and i are happy to do this for you
sami says thrilled , you will be in full all baby all the time mode soon
enjoy it now and sit back
and have the wedding you always imagined
gabi says you guys are being so kind
nick says lets do this
sami is right
sami whispers to Will ,they are so cute
their baby is going to be beautiful

eric says the guy with the woman
thats Dr. Jonas right
so it must be jennifer horton the sick friend you took care of?
Nicole says thats just sort of happend but yeah
im sorry i lied to you
he says so how did it go down
she says i found out where dan was and i thought he was alone
he says so you decided to keep him company
then jen showed up
she says you think i was wrong to go out there
he says i didnt say it
she says you are thinking it
i know its because i already pushed dan so far,i should have stayed away
you arent saying anything
he says what is there to say
she says i shouldnt have went
and i complicated things, jen got sick and her appendix almost popped out of her
it turned out to be a perfect little respite for the guy
it was incredible, he saved her life
this is some thing they have between them
they have this connection
he says you are being Stoic
she says dont give me a priestly lecture
he says im trying to be your friend
im sorry
she cries

abi comes to see Jennifer
she says dan said everything was ok
i had to see you
if anything happened to you
jen says i love you so much baby
abi says love you too

maggie says with your trembling hands how did you do it
he says i was scared and then i realized the trembling stopped after i was done
he shows her his hands
she says oh Daniel
he says i cant be sure its permanent until i see Dr. Lewis
but it seems like the treatment could have worked
i never would have had it if not for Jennifer
if i didnt have the treatment
god knows what would have happened to her
she saved my life
she helped me get through losing Parker and now she helped me get my career back

sami asks Will if she was being insensitive about this whole situation
you seeing gabi getting married and her having a baby
has to be bittersweet for you
he says no its great
he leaves

gabi tells nick she is going to see will he seems upset
sami says grandma offered the pub
for the reception
caroline says hope you like the menu items
gabi says she is going to do that thing
and nick can handle the food he is better at it
she leaves

jen tells abi, dan performed the surgery
abi says are you guys ok
jen says i went to the cabin to make it up to him for being involved
it wasnt going very well and the this happened
its seems foggy
i think that daniel has forgiven me

dan comes into the waiting room
and tells Nicole jen is doing well
you make one hell of a scrub nurse
she says thanks i will keep that in mind
when my current career of screwing up my life runs its course
he says i couldnt have done it without you
she says i want you to know how happy i am for you
i know what it means to you to be a surgeon and to be back with the woman you love ,,,,Jennifer

gabi goes to the coffee place looking for Will, tells Sonny to have him call her
sonny says do you have another secret you want him to keep for you
she says is there something bothering you ?

Will in the square
chad comes up to him and says i hear gabi is carrying nicks baby and having a shotgun wedding
dont blame sonny it just came out
Will says its ok,not a secret anymore
chad says so why was nick so mad at her
did he blame gabi for getting pregnant
did she do it on purpose
Will says it was an accident a surprise to everybody
chad says maybe maybe not
why are you so wrapped up in all of this

gabi says are you mad at me
sonny says i dont like how you are puling will into your drama and having him lie for you and keep secrets from me
he is great guy and you are taking advantage of him
she says sorry i didnt mean to make any trouble for you guys
sonny says im fine but if you ever hurt will we have a problem

rafe comes into the pub and tells nick he made an appointment with the priest for him and gabi tomorrow
Caroline comes out and he say im glad you are back
she says im glad to be back
she tells nick he has a job here and there are dishes that need to be done
he says im on it
he leaves
caroline says give him a chance he is a good boy and he loves your sister
rafe says he better
granny say sami is like a drill sergeant
on the wedding plans
he says thats so cool what she is doing for gabi
she says dont kid yourself she is doing it for you
he says ah
sami comes out

maggie says to jen im relieved you are ok
i owe you an apology
i was out of line about you and dan i wasnt fair to you and to Daniel
jen says you were protecting your son and you were right
the treatment didnt work and now
maggie says you just came out of a sedative
jen says im in and out
im kind of groggy
maggie says then you dont know, the treatment worked
jen says thats unbelievable
maggie says you were right all along
and i will never be able to repay you

nicole says its not a shock
i think deep down i knew you didnt love me i thought maybe you could one day but i knew it was never really me
but when i found out you and jen werent back together
i felt like i needed to give it another shot
he says thats why you came to the cabin to see me
she says yeah
i wasnt thrilled jen had the same idea
but she got sick and i heard her say that she loved you and i heard you tell her you felt the same way
you are in love with jen i hope you 2 can make it work
you are the most amazing man i have ever met and you deserve to be happy
she runs out of the room crying

Will says im involved cuz gabi came to me first about being pregnant
chad says is that why nick was so mad
Will says he didnt love the way things turned out
as a friend
can you please leave gabi alone
chad laughs and say absolutely im just curious
see ya later

rafe says you are going all out thank you
this is a big deal for gabi and me
it was the right thing to do to
persuade her to have a real wedding
sami says
i want this to be a day she will remember for ever
we made a lot of progress want to see
he says no ,,,,i trust you
she says unfortunately not when it matters most

chad goes to the coffee place
and looks in the window
he sees gabi and sonny talking
gabi says i thought you understood why i asked Will not to tell anyone i was pregnant
he says lets say your mo is more clear to me now
im going to be watching you a lot more closely now for Wills sake
she turns around and sees chad looking in the window

nicole is at he rectory
crying and crying
eric comes in
and hugs her
and she cries and cries some more
she says why god ,why does this keep happening to me
why do i always end up alone

dan comes into see Jennifer
she says im not sure how im going to repay you for this one
he says you already have
she says your mom told me the news
he says its true
he kisses her cheek
and says what you have done for me
it was a Christmas miracle, you have given me my whole life back
she says i was just returning the favor
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I find the wedding planning absolutely insufferable.
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This show is so boring without Marlena/Kristen scenes. Deidre and Eileen are carrying this show.

Although that scene of Nicole crying, because she "always ends up alone" is effin' HEARTBREAKING. No way should Sami Brady have more men chasing her than Nicole. At least Nicole is beautiful and interesting with real flaws. Sami is only "cute", and definitely no longer interesting since the writers have attempted to make her a heroine. Which does NOT fit her.

Team Marlena/Kristen


Team Nicole!
Edited by AFaithL, Dec 10 2012, 02:52 PM.
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Kayla and Eric talk!!!

That's pretty much what I got out of that. :)
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This garbage with Agent Orange and Bitchifer is absurd. A Christmas miracle?? :puke: :puke: The whole recap was a painful read between the Dannifer puke fest, Nicole crying over the worthless grease ball Danho, and the ridiculous Will/Gabi/Nick wedding planning BS. Once again, I commend those who can actually sit through this episode.
Edited by JDeveraux_91, Dec 10 2012, 06:51 PM.
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Lol. It just occurred to me. Sami planning this wedding like she is a major monkeys paw to me. I've been complaining for years about there being no build up to a wedding. This was not what I had in mind.
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Much prefers sweevil, snarky EJ over Father Figure Fucktard Eejiot.

Well if anyone in Salem has experience planning weddings - it's Sami. She's just not so hot on the pulling 'em off part.
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Dec 10 2012, 02:47 PM
Lol. It just occurred to me. Sami planning this wedding like she is a major monkeys paw to me. I've been complaining for years about there being no build up to a wedding. This was not what I had in mind.

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What year is this?

Dec 10 2012, 02:45 PM
This show is so boring without Marlena/Kristen scenes. Deidre and Eileen are carrying this show.

indeed.....two hours freed up for me so far this week
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Yes,GO SONNY tell her loved the convo between Sonny and Gabi he knows what she is capable of now and he is going to be looking out for Will, my man. Glad Sonny knows and Chad is going to figure out that Will is the dad you can see it coming and Sonny is going to be the one to tell Will what Gabi did to Mel. Its getting good now the truth is coming out. See Will should have told Sonny from the start Sonny has Will's back.
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Poor Nicole...
Anyways, another suckfest, courtesy of TomSell. Will not be watching. On to the next one.
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Chad you're an asshole. Sonny you're an idiot. So you are mad for what Gabi did to Melanie understandable but you're not mad at Chad for not going to the cops or beating Nick up? Also why is all Gabi's fault that Will is keeping this secret? He's a big boy if he didn't want to do it he could have said no. Or if he wants to tell you the truth he would. Shouldn't you be just as upset at Will for what he's doing too.

Edited by guessgirl, Dec 10 2012, 03:05 PM.
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I am ready to punch my ticket and board the Chad rehabilitation/vengeance against Gabi train. That lying witch is so in need of her comeuppance. I hope he realizes whose blood runs through his veins and he makes Gabi suffer. If Sonny can help him, so much the better.
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once the first thing I read in that write up was Dannifer I was done
Spoiler: click to toggle
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Dec 10 2012, 02:57 PM
Dec 10 2012, 02:45 PM
This show is so boring without Marlena/Kristen scenes. Deidre and Eileen are carrying this show.

indeed.....two hours freed up for me so far this week
I agree. Ugh. Was so hoping they'd be on since they werent on Monday. Oh well, I'll just rewatch an eppi from last week.
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Dec 10 2012, 02:35 PM
I find the wedding planning absolutely insufferable.
yeah especailly when I couldnt care less if Nick/Gabi are getting married
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Geez, even Nicole is pimping Dannifer, and of course Maggie has to be there gossiping. Geesh, and Kayla barely has any scenes. Sami and Rafe scenes in this episode are dumb, and the wedding plans are boring. The only interesting things that happened today were Chad/Sonny and Sonny/Gabi. A very poor episode overall.
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Days Preview 12 11-12


Caroline, Gabi, Nick, Eric, Nicole, Will, Sonny & others!
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That's all you have got.
That dialogue was so dry, down the middle of the road dull. They should just resort to reciting the alphabet.

I miss the Days that had zappy one liners and delicious double entendres.

The closest thing to a bit of zing was

"she says thanks i will keep that in mind
when my current career of screwing up my life runs its course "

Whoever wrote todays show was certainly dialing it in...

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Dec 10 2012, 03:08 PM
I am ready to punch my ticket and board the Chad rehabilitation/vengeance against Gabi train. That lying witch is so in need of her comeuppance. I hope he realizes whose blood runs through his veins and he makes Gabi suffer. If Sonny can help him, so much the better.
Well, if he realizes DiMera blood runs through his veins, then he should also realize that his revenge plot will invariably fail and blow up in his face. This is especially true given that Chad is a very poor excuse for a DiMera.

I'm all for the truth coming out in the soapiest way possible, but I find the idea of Gabi being worthy of revenge laughable.
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