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TV Line: AMC & OLTL Burning Questions Answered
Topic Started: Dec 24 2012, 07:17 PM (1,662 Views)
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Will All My Children and One Life to Live Return from the Dead? Burning Questions Answered

On Jan. 13, it will be a year since One Life to Live signed off of ABC. And All My Children has been gone even longer. But in either case, did anyone see a body? Hmmm….

As first reported by our sister site Deadline, Prospect Park, the entertainment production company that sought to keep both of the aforementioned soaps alive online but ultimately had to put a pin in that plan, is again looking to revisit Pine Valley and Llanview.

Because hopes were raised only to be dashed the first time around, Prospect Park is laboring to be more “cautious” and keep its cards close to the vest, until the cameras are all but rolling, a source familiar with the situation tells TVLine. That said, some information is emerging about this latest rescue effort. Here are some burning questions we tried to get answered.

WHERE WILL THE SOAPS SHOOT? | Again, Prospect Park is not confirming any of the latest buzz, but TVLine hears that some of the details first reported by the online magazine Soap Opera Uncensored are accurate — including that both AMC and OLTL would shoot new episodes in a Stamford, Conn. facility shared by Maury. (I used to commute into New York City from Stamford — Go, Westhill Vikings! — with AMC vet David Canary, so maybe this new scenario could lure him back in front of the camera?) At the time AMC signed off, its production was based out of Los Angeles, while OLTL had moved into its sister soap’s digs on the Upper West Side of Manhattan (which are now being used by the syndicated Millionaire game show). I’m hearing that irresistible tax incentives led Prospect Park to set up shop in Stamford, which is less than an hour from NYC.

WHAT WILL THE NEW EPISODES LOOK LIKE? | Again, Soap Opera Uncensored‘s info seems solid, that AMC and OLTL would each produce four half-hour episodes a week, plus a recap episode every Friday.

WILL A NETWORK BROADCAST THE EPISODES AFTER THEY RUN ONLINE? | Such a “dual window” scenario — in which, say, a cabler airs the new episodes at some point in time after they have streamed online — of course remains the ideal. That said, Prospect Park’s focus (and its forte) is to make the reborn serials “appeal to the plugged-in audience” that would and could consume them online ASAP (via The Online Network).

WHICH ACTORS WOULD RETURN? | At the time of Prospect Park’s original fall 2011 overture, more than a dozen OLTL actors — Erika Slezak (Viki), Kassie DePaiva (Blair), Michael Easton (John) and Melissa Archer (Natalie) included — were on board to go online, while Cameron Mathison (Ryan) and Lindsay Hartley (Cara) were among the few AMCers locked in. Who’s willing (or able to) nibble now? AMC frontwoman Susan Lucci has been contacted, Showbiz411.com reported, though she is currently committed to the 13-episode Lifetime drama Devious Maids. OLTL‘s Slezak made no mention of the new Prospect Park buzz in her just-issued Christmas letter to fans; instead, she opined, “I truly believe that ABC has realized what a terrible mistake they made in canceling both [shows].” I’m told that cast members who were not contacted before the holidays may get felt out early in the new year, though as a vet of one of the two soaps told me, “We are all waiting to get some hard facts.”

WHO WOULD BE RUNNING THE SHOWS? | Daytime Confidential reports that former AMC producer/writer Ginger Smith is being eyed as that sudser’s new showrunner and that Prospect Park likely will tap and promote an OLTL vet to helm that reboot. One Life’s most recent boss, Frank Valentini, is now running things (quite successfully) at ABC’s General Hospital, where three former Llanviewers — Easton, Roger Howarth (Todd) and Kristen Alderson (Starr) — now call Port Charles home.

HEY, SPEAKING OF GH: WILL TODD, JOHN AND/OR STARR HAVE TO LEAVE PORT CHARLES? | Here’s where things get tricky. My understanding is that Prospect Park, having made a new deal to license the soaps (after the rights reverted back to ABC this fall), owns the characters and thus has “right of first refusal.” Meaning, if they want Todd Manning back in the “new” Llanview, they get him. (Whether Roger Howarth in turn is obligated to make the move along with his character is unclear.)

IS IT TRUE THAT AMC WILL COST MORE TO RESURRECT? | Soap Opera Uncensored cited the licensing fees for each of the soaps, indicating that All My Children will cost Prospect Park $500,000/year more than OLTL — even though the latter had better ratings at the time of its demise.
SO, IS THIS REALLY GOING TO HAPPEN? | Again, everyone is treading extra-carefully this time around, knowing from past experience how many ducks need to line up in a row. What’s different now, however, is that Prospect has inked deals with both the DGA and SAG-AFTRA, Deadline reports, eliminating two of three major hurdles (the third being the WGA).

Plus as AMC favorite Michael E. Knight (Tad) noted during a recent “Martin family reunion” with Michael Fairman/Soap Opera Sociliate Productions, if anyone can do it, Prospect Park can. “They realize there is a market for [AMC], and that the Internet is the way to go. These guys connect the dots,” he observed. “The flaw [a year ago] wasn’t theirs; it was the rest of the industry not being up to their vision. I wouldn’t count these guys out.”

TV Line
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My cast list for ONE LIFE TO LIVE.

Eddie Alderson(Matthew Buchanan)
Melissa Archer(Natalie Buchanan)
Laura Bonariggo(Cassie Cramer)
Kassie DePaiva(Blair Cramer)
Shenell Edmonds(Destiny Evans)
Andrea Evans(Tina Lord Roberts)
Farah Fath(Gigi Balsom)
Dan Gauthier(Kevin Buchanan)
Josh Kelly(Cutter Wentworth)
Ted King(Tomás Delgado)
John-Paul Lavoisier(Rex Balsom)
Mark Lawson(Brody Lovett)
John Loprieno(Cord Roberts)
Florencia Lozano(Téa Delgado)
Kelley Missal(Danielle Manning)
Lenny Platt(Nate Sallinger)
Sean Ringgold(Shaun Evans)
Nic Robuck(James Ford)
Trevor St. John(Victor Lord, Jr.)
Erika Slezak(Viki Buchanan)
Hillary B. Smith(Nora Hanen Buchanan)
Robin Strasser(Sen. Dorian Lord)
Erin Torpey(Jessica Buchanan)
Andrew Trischitta(Jack Manning)
Jerry verDorn(Clint Buchanan)
Tonja Walker(Alex Olanov)
Tuc Watkins(David Vickers)
Austin Williams(Shane Balsom)
Robert S. Woods(Bo Buchanan)

Peter Bartlett(Nigel Bartholomew-Smythe)
Nick Choksi(Vimal Patel)
Patricia Elliott(Renée Divine Buchanan)
Frankie Faison(Richard Evans)
Gina Gallego(Inez Salinger)
Barbara Garrick(Allison Perkins)
Patrick J. Gibbons(Sam Manning)
Ilene Kristen(Roxanne Balsom)
Christian & Gavin McGinley(Liam McBain)
Wendy Moniz(Mayor Finn)
Tonye Patano(Phylicia Evans)
Pamela Payton-Wright(Addie Cramer)
Stephanie Schmal(Bree Brennan)
Sheena Shahabadi(Neela Patel)
Shenaz Treasury(Rama Patel)
Matthew & Nicholas Urbanowicz(Ryder Ford)

**** I'd leave John, Todd & Starr on GH for the time being, guestting on ONE LIFE and maybe eventually move permanently to ONE LIFE. I'd bring back Andrea Evans(Tina), Laura Bonariggo(Cassie), John Loprieno(Cord) & Dan Gauthier(Kevin) & Tonja Walker(Alex). Of course Trevor St. John(Victor) has to be on he show. I'd recast Jessica since Bree Williamson is now on HAVEN, with Erin Torpey. I'd also cast Gina Gallego as Inez Sallinger. Loved Gina as Santana on SANTA BARBARA plus Jessica Leccia was way too young for the role. Kent King as Dr. Vivian Giovanni in for Kearran Giovanni(Vivian) who's on MAJOR CRIMES. I'd also bring back Daphnee Duplax-Samuel(Rachel), she should've never been axed.
I'd recast Teresa Patel as Neela since Teresa Patel was horrible and looked too old for the role compared to Jack, with Sheena Shahabadi(after doing some research).
Future casting.....New love interests need to be cast for Natalie & Jessica. Possibly making Brody or Cutter a serial killer to trim the cast down somewhat. Bringing back River (Cassie & Andrew's son), CJ Roberts, Sarah Roberts, maybe on recurring Andrew.
Edited by Kevin_Buchanan, Dec 25 2012, 02:18 PM.
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My wish list for


Julia Barr(Brooke English)
Rebecca Budig(Greenlee Smythe Lavery)
David Canary(Adam Chandler & Stuart Chandler)
Beth Chamberlain(Liza Colby)
Terri Conn(Babe Carey)
Daniel Cosgrove(Scott Chandler)
Bobbie Eakes(Krystal Carey)
Trent Garrett(Asher Pike)
Stephanie Gatschet(Madison North)
Sarah Glendening(Marissa Tasker)
Ricky Paull Goldin(Dr. Jake Martin)
Lindsay Hartley(Dr. Cara Castillo)
Ashlee Holland(Randi Morgan)
Vincent Irizarry(Dr. David Hayward)
Thorsten Kaye(Zach Slater)
Michael E. Knight(Tad Martin)
Christina Bennett Lind(Bianca Montgomery)
Jen Lilley(Colby Chandler)
Susan Lucci(Erica Kane)
Thad Luckinbill(J.R. Chandler)
Cameron Mathison(Ryan Lavery)
Cady McClain(Dixie Cooney)
Alicia Minshew(Kendall Hart)
Debbi MorganDr. Angie Hubbard)
Cornelius Smith Jr.(Dr. Frankie Hubbard)
Chrishell Stause(Amanda Martin)
Jordi Vilasuso(Dr. Griffin Castillo)
Darnell Williams(Jesse Hubbard)
Walt Willey(Jackson Montgomery)
Colleen Zenk(Tara Martin)

Mackenzie Aladjem(Miranda Montgomery)
Jennifer Bassey(Marian Chandler)
Tate Berney(AJ Chandler)
Darby Jo Hart(Jenny Martin)
Shannon Kane(Natalia Fowler)
Daniel Kennedy(Peter Cortlandt)
Jill Larson(Opal Cortlandt)
Amaya London(Lucy Hubbard)
Ray MacDonnell(Dr. Joe Martin)
J.R. Martinez(Brot Monroe)
Michael & Brody McMackin(Trevor Martin)
Lee Meriwether(Ruth Martin)
Ellah Miller(Gabrielle Montgomery)
Dannika Northcott(Kathy Martin)
Danielle Parker(Emma Lavery)
Britton Reeder(Ian Slater)
Jake Vaughan(Spike Lavery)

I would fast forward to show that Babe was indeed the secret person David had revived with Terri Conn now in the role.(Since Alexa Havins is on TORCHWOOD). JR would be in a mental hospital about to be out, he had a nervous breakdown, Thad Luckinbill(ex-JT, Y&R) takes over the role (since Jacob Young is on B&B). Revealed to be have been killed by JR in the shootout was Maya and Caleb. Ashlee Holland (exDAYS) would take over as Randi (since Denise Vasi is now on SINGLE LADIES). I'd pick Beth Chamberlain(ex-Beth, GL) as Liza Colby replacing Jamie Luner who was too young for the role (even though I warmed up to her toward the end of her run). Recast Colby with Jen Lilley (ex-Maxie, GH), since Natalie Hall is now on PRETTY LITTLE LIARS. Plus I'd bring back Erica's classic rival Tara Martin, and cast daytime vet Colleen Zenk (Barbara Ryan, ATWT) as Tara, since it's been reported that Karen Lyn Gorney is unreliable as an actress, if untrue, I'd definitely welcome back Gorney.
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Ideally for OLTL? I'm skipping actor names lol.

Victor or Todd
Max Holden
Frank & Leslie (Max's twins)
Larry Wolek
Danny Wolek
Wanda Wolek
David (NOT written as a joke)

For AMC, ideally:

Laura (with a capable actress, not a terrible one as the last one)
JR (recast, obviously)
Jamie (recast)
Frankie (I'd try desperately to lure Cornelius back)
Cassandra (with Natalia and Randi likely MIA, revisit her)

I'd love to see them rebuild the Tyler family, bringing back Linc, Kelly and Chuck. Also, Charlie and I'm also all for Tara Martin.

I doubt they'd go back that far, but that's what I meant in restructuring the show.
Edited by KMan101, Dec 25 2012, 02:30 PM.
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