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All time best soap rivals?
Topic Started: Feb 2 2013, 01:38 PM (4,033 Views)
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I'm bored. Lol. Here's my list:

Theresa vs Gwen *Passions*

Sharon vs Phyllis *Y&R*

Elizabeth vs Sam vs Carly *GH*

Spencers vs Cassadines *GH*

Sheila vs Lauren *Y&R/B&B*

Blair vs Tea *OLTL*

Viki vs Dorian *OLTL*

Carly vs everyone *GH*

Stephanie/Taylor vs Brooke *B&B*

Marlena vs Kristen *DAYS*

Sami vs everyone *DAYS*

Pam vs Donna *B&B*

Forresters vs Logans *B&B*

Erica vs everyone *AMC*

Greenlee vs Kendell *AMC*

Hope vs Steffy *B&B*

Stefano vs everyone *DAYS*

Jack vs Victor *Y&R*

Luke vs Helena *GH*

Todd vs Victor *OLTL*

John vs Roman *DAYS*

Monica vs Lesley *GH*

Rick vs Thomas/Ridge *B&B*

Lucy vs Caleb *PC*

I know I probably left out a bunch, so add them below!

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Marlena vs. Kristen
Sami vs. Carrie
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EJ vs. Rafe-DAYS

Sami vs. Nicole-DAYS

Blair vs. Marty-OLTL

Carlo vs. Asa-OLTL

Katherine vs. Jill-Y & R

Nora vs. Lindsay-OLTL

Robin vs. Carly-GH

Luke vs. Scotty Baldwin-GH

Ericka vs. Brooke-AMC

Sonny vs. Jasper Jax-GH
Edited by bellajewel, Feb 2 2013, 10:46 PM.
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Brooke/Stephanie (B&B)
Brooke/Taylor (B&B)
Stephanie/Sally (B&B)
Kay/Jill (Y&R)
Sheila/Lauren (Y&R)
Phyllis/Christine (Y&R)
Tricia/Victoria (Y&R)
Reva/Annie (GL)
Dinah/Cassie (GL)
Annie/Meg (Beach)
Annie/Olivia (Beach)
Grant/Vicki (AW)
Kristen/Marlena (DAYS)
Lexie/Sami (DAYS)
Carrie/Sami (DAYS)
Nicole/Kate (DAYS)
Vivian/Kate (DAYS)
Nora/Lindsey (OLTL)
Viki/Dorian (OLTL)

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Can't believe I forgot Luke vs Scott and EJ vs Rafe!
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Kate vs Sami (Days)
AJ vs. Sonny (GH)
Adam vs Victor (Y&R)
Phyllis vs. Chris (Y&R)
Jill vs. Katherine (Y&R)
Jack vs. Victor (Y&R)
Kristen vs Marlena (Days)
Connie vs Everyone (GH)
Lexie vs. Sami (Days)
Edited by six, Feb 3 2013, 04:45 PM.
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Sonny vs Jax (Gh)
Luke vs Helena/Cassadines (Gh)
Sam vs Liz (Gh)
Brenda vs Lily (Gh)
Jason vs Taggart (Gh)
Carly vs Robin (Gh)
Sonny vs Faith(gh)
Sonny vs Lorenzo Alchazar(GH)
AJ vs Carly(Gh)
Carly vs Sam(Gh)
AJ vs Jason (Gh)
Vicky vs Dorian (oltl)
Tea vs Blair (oltl)
Carlo Hesser vs Buchanan family(oltl)
Greenlee vs Kendall (AMC)
Erica vs Kendall(AMC)
David Hayward vs Pine Vally lol (AMC)
Theresa vs Gwen (passions)
Sami vs Nicole (days)
Sami vs Kate (days)
EJ vs Lucas (days)

Edited by EJ_SamiFF, Feb 3 2013, 06:18 PM.
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Rachel vs Iris (AW)
Mac vs Carl (AW)
Ryan vs Grant (AW)
Eve vs Liz (Passions)
Sheridan vs Beth (Passions)
Sheridan vs Fancy (Passions)
Roger vs everyone (GL)
Vanessa vs Nola (GL)
Blair vs Skye (OLTL)
Jessica vs Natalie (OLTL)
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Oak Alley
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Stephanie vs. Brooke ~ B&B
Brooke vs. Taylor ~ B&B
Jill vs. Katherine ~ Y&R
Kristen vs. Marlena ~ Days
Vivian vs. Kate ~ Days
Stefano vs. John ~ Days
Stefano vs. Roman ~ Days
Batman vs. Joker ~ Comics/Movies
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Rachel vs. Iris
Iris vs. Paulina
Paulina vs. Vicky
Carl vs. everybody
Felicia and Jenna vs. Lorna
Paulina vs. Jake

All AW of course.
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My favorite soap rivals are

1. Sami/Kate Days of our lives.

2. Sami/Nichole Days of our lives

3.Alexs/Crystal Dynasty.

4. Vivan/Carly Days Of our lives.

5.Beth/Sharadon Passions

6. Kristen/Marlena Days of Our Lives.

7. Victor/Billy Y&R.

8. Victor/Adam Y&R

9. Victor/Wheeler Y&R

10.Micheal/Carmine Y&R

11. Kathrine/Jill Y&R

12.Daisy/Ricky Y&R.

7.EJ/Patch Days of our lives.
Edited by Fantastic66, Jun 21 2013, 02:14 AM.
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- Sami vs Kate (Days)
- Kay vs Jill (Y&R)
- Matt vs Nick (Y&R)
- Tricia vs Victoria (Y&R)
- Annie vs Meg (SuBe)
- Annie vs Olivia (SuBe)
- Ally vs Carla (The City)
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Grandpa Hughes
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"Dedicated to the brotherhood of healing. "

Edited by Grandpa Hughes, Jun 21 2013, 03:43 PM.
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Jill/Katherine YR
Dorian/Viki OLTL
Stephanie/Jo SFT
Annie/Reva GL
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