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DR wants to know...
Topic Started: Feb 2 2013, 09:48 PM (10,438 Views)
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My favorites:

Bo kidnaps Hope on the motorcycle
John and Marlena on the Pier
John and Marlena's and the charm bracelet
Jack and Jen "I believe in you' kiss
Lucas signs "When a man loves a woman" to Sami in front of everyone as he proposes to her
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I have another one, but I don't know if it really counts since we didn't get to see the actual event, but it's when Sami and Lucas went on their first date to the dance.

The way Lucas looks at Sami at the end! :wub2:


Another one, but for EJole this time:

Edited by ohgreatone22, Feb 3 2013, 02:30 PM.
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Classic Soap Fan

As far as schmaltz goes, these first are montages from & advertising the show's 25th anniversary, but IMO since they are show/network produced I believe they should count. lol Besides, this collection of montages pretty much sums up EXACTLY what DAYS is to me.

Boy this show loved Jeffrey Osborne. Whatever happened to him?

Oh... here's some Tom & Alice...

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Re: the JnJ "I Believe in You" kiss, it was indeed classic, but I don't see any schmoop there. It's way too intense and angst-ridden. They are not yet clear on expressing their feelings to each other (at least Jack wasn't :))

Anywho, I think another schmoopy moment for them was when Jack read his letter to Jennifer just after their first wedding in July 1991.

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Oak Alley
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Bo kidnapping Hope from her wedding to Larry Welch!

Their wedding at Oak Alley

And this scene is definitely also one of my favorite Bope moments. Hope opens the puzzle box and inside they find a letter written by Hope to Bo, on the day of their London wedding. Bo reads the letter out loud, and then Hope takes over and recite it verbatum.. :wub: I believe this was Peter's first episode back, and the chemistry between them was still on fire!!

Also from the very heartbreaking storyline- for Bope, when Bo is out on the deck, a mysterious woman comes forward, take of her hood and Hope is revealed. They talk for awhile and then they dance to "begin the beguine"- played several times back in the 80's for them. (I've seen ALOT of Bope videos on YT, lol! )

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I'm loving this thread (watching/reliving/remembering all the great stuff) but finding it depressing all at the same time because I clearly see how far this show has fallen from what it used to be. :shame:
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EJami dancing in the abandoned house is one of my favorites!

All of Bope's weddings are great.
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Most of the good ones are taken! But, Steve and Kayla's wedding when Kayla was deaf. Bo and Hope and the motorcycle (yeah, Howie Hoffstedder!). ANY of the cute scenes with Tom and Alice when they just had those quiet moments and the love they had for each other was just there. And the Ejole "Nicole in the mask" moment. I wish I hadn't had such a watching gap, and I wish I had more time to watch the YouTube videos! There was such a treasure trove of scenes in the 70s and 80s.
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EJ and Nicole's Non-Date

Sublime tenderness...
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A few more...

Austin and Carrie on the roof.

Trying to think of a good one for Mike and Robin... here they give into their feelings.

I can't find the clip, but I liked Chelsea and Nick's angel/devil Halloween kiss a lot.
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I second the abandoned house ejami scene also when jack dressed up as a fireman to stop Jen from getting married
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^^^Michael Weiss :wub:

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If we're going for sticky sweet conversation heart sugarific Valentine's day chocolate hearts, I've gotta go with everyone else on the absolutely saccharine EJ and Sami dance in the abandoned house. I mean the dude put on a captain's jacket and shit. That's soap cheese in its finest form.

This is also one of my personal favs: Phillip takes Chloe to the Last Blast
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One of the most romantic scenes ever, IMO:

Edited by autumnrain, Feb 3 2013, 10:19 PM.
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I can't resist adding some schmoopy Shane/Kim scenes.

Their first wedding proposal, which is quite romantic through most of the first part, until the phone rings.

The first night after Andrew is found and Kim is released from prison.

The second marriage proposal:

A romantic interlude at the Halloween party. The Shane/Kim scene starts at 6:56. "What a Wonderful World" makes any scene schmoopy.
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Feb 2 2013, 11:34 PM
Last one, I swear.

I was young when this was going on and watched it in secret, lol.

Kate and Nick - in her office.

Kate is a MILF and Nick was sex on a stick.

Love him! He is one of my all time faves ;)
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The Room Stops
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That Strawberries & Cream scene is one of my most romantic J&M scenes too.

I actually find Belle's birth to be very romantic for John & Marlena.

Marlena's waken up after her coma and John & Marlena fool around in her hospital room.

And then he proposes.

John & Marlena (RoJohn & Marlena) make love for the first time.

Strangely, I find this really romantic. Because of the premise, and the history, and how much she just really does want to forget that he's Stefano (they think at this point that he's Stefano). And then that kiss by the river is delicious. All of West Virginia is really romantic, actually.

Marlena has been rescued from Stefano in Aremid, John waits by her bedside.

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My favorite romantic scenes were:

1) Jack's rooftop proposal to Jennifer

2) Jack and Jennifer's first wedding ceremony, especially Jack reading his letter to Jennifer afterwards
http://youtu.be/lzhLg2AjbDo (at the 1 minute mark)

3) Jack's "promises" to Jennifer at the embassy after they make love.

My favorite schmoopy scene was when Jack sang "Wonderful Wonderful" to Jennifer on the set of Ask Dr. Love
(I couldn't find it on youtube)
Edited by onceinalifetime, Feb 4 2013, 03:13 PM.
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^Here you go.

I didn't find it clipped, so you have to go to about 3:30. There's some Carly/Lawrence action before that; maybe it's schmoopy too.

Yes, "Wonderful, Wonderful" is certainly schmoop, but it always makes me uncomfortable because Jack looks like being in a musical is perhaps the last place on earth he'd like to be, and his singing is rather painful (yet you know Matt Ashford is right at home singing in musicals). Of course, the Jack discomfort factor is part of what makes the scene good.

Re: Jack and Jennifer "I believe in you" kiss. Yeah, schmoop is perhaps too trite a word for it, but I do think it's in the running for most romantic scene in daytime TV. And I think they do both make declarations. One of them just tries to take it back. :)

Of the Jack and Jennifer proposals, my favorite is the Jade Plant. I love Matt Ashford getting his Jimmy Stewart on.

Rooftop proposal is also good, and I also love Jack's letter to Jennifer after their wedding.

Matt, thank you for those promo clips. Yes, that stuff is Days. But, dang, Anna's wedding dress. Was that a good look in any decade?
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Feb 3 2013, 12:59 AM
Okay, I limited myself to just one scene (for now, LOL) for each of my favorite ships...

Perfect song ("The way you look tonight", perfect cheesy dialogue ("You like romance." "Yes, I do.") and a perfect almost kiss.

Again, the song choice("Holding out for a hero"), the chase in the park and the dialogue is nothing but pure, cheesy, romantic goodness.

Steve and Kayla are probably my all-time favorite Days couple and they have so many great romantic scenes to choose from, but this one always stays with me. It's crazy how much they had already been through before they reached this moment.

I think this scene is one of the best embodiments of the fantastic dynamic they had back in the day. It's funny, it's tragic, it's sweet, it's perfect.


All of these get my vote!!
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