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Tuesday, April 2nd Daily Discussion
Topic Started: Apr 2 2013, 08:43 AM (6,972 Views)
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Apr 2 2013, 09:35 PM
Apr 2 2013, 09:28 PM
for the second day in a row Days didn't get taped on my dvr (taped, is that right? dvr'd? chip'd?, well whatever). i'm at the point though that i wasn't particularly upset. Days isn't terrible now, the script writing is the best it's been in a nearly decade, imho, and the connections and character interactions make sense now (mostly), but the overarching storylines need some work. Okay, a lot of work. Just letting Fetch fade into the background, never to be seen again would be a great start. They can go try to find Don at the mailbox.
I wonder if your DVR missing the show has any connection to the messed up commercial breaks. Seriously.
i wouldn't put it past my dvr. it already knows i don't like reality shows, especially ones pimping supposed love connections they'll find, so add that to a pair that i'm not particularly fond of and don't exactly scream "meant to be" like most soap couples of Days past, (again, imho) and it could be simply trying to spare me.

....now i'm depressed that there's a dearth of 30-somethings to root for...heck, 20-somethings too; although Cameron and the stripper stage look like they'll be a good match.
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Panda Panda
Apr 2 2013, 12:50 PM
I'm annoyed by the fact that they went through the trouble of having Chad and his secret play a big part in the baby drama in the beginning, even going so far as to let Sonny in on the secret, only to have Sonny just completely forget that he KNOWs about Gabi's involvement in the Melanie fiasco and then shoving Chad in Abi's regenerated Hymen s/l
Yes it is annoying that Sonny knows about what Gabby did but does not tell Will. Will knows that Sonny knows something about Gabby and also EJ knows but no one will tell him what it is. I think Melanie should tell Will or at least Chad since he is the one who signed the agreement.
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Apr 2 2013, 01:03 PM
Days needs to work on their pacing. We need a reveal or something to break up the monotony.
The monotony is known as Dannifer (or Fetch). Get rid of them and problem is fixed IMO
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Did anyone else, while watching the Jennifer and Abigail Fetch angst couch conversation, want to just switch their heads?! Have Abby in the fuzzy pink sweater crying over a boy and Jennifer as the comforting adult?!
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Please note: This report is not to be copied and pasted to any other sites. Please link only. Link to summary archive:


Director: Herb Stein
Scriptwriter: Jeanne Marie Ford

Segment 1: Will finds Nick sitting on the park bench hyperventilating and asks what's going on. What is wrong with you? Nick - Nothing. Just leave me the hell alone. Will - I'm not going to back off. You look like you're going to pass out. Nick - I'm fine. Just stop pretending that you care. You want dirt so you can use it against me. Will - What are you talking about? What dirt? Nick - If you don't leave I will. He does. Will follows.

Sami comes into the Brady Pub and greets John with a smile and a hug. This is a first; you buttering me up with food before you tell me what a terrible mistake I am making with my life. Save your breath. My mom and dad have already tried. I'm not going to ... John - No, no, no. I'm not going to ask you to move out. In fact, I'm kind of glad that you're in there. Don't get me wrong. I don't approve of you raising your kids in the House of Usher but I know better than to ever try to get Sami Brady to change her mind. Since you're there ... I'm at my ropes end when it comes to my son and his relationship with Kristen. So I was just thinking; actually I was hoping, since my boy isn't speaking to me now and you are perfectly positioned ... Sami - The legendary agent John Black is asking me to spy for him. John - You got it.

Sy Miller is standing in the archway to the square. He calls to confirm his 3 o'clock appt with Dr. Evans.

A receptionist comes up to Marlena at the nurse's station and tells her that her 3 o'clock just called to confirm. Marlena - Yeah, he called my private line. The lady asks - How did he get the number? Marlena - I don't know. I told him to call you to make an appointment. I wish I had referred him to somebody else. The woman can call him back. Marlena - No. I'll see him today and tell him I'm not taking new patients. We'll figure it out.

Kristen and Brady are walking through the square hand in hand. Kristen's been thinking that she wants a pretty simple wedding ring. She wants their bands to match. Brady - 2 simple wedding bands; that's boring. Kristen - Getting something crossed off the list is very exciting. Brady - Speaking of lists, I have to go to Barron's. I'll meet you later. After some banter they kiss and go their separate ways. Sy walks up to Kristen. Kristen - Excuse me. Sy - You're not excused. Kristen - What the hell are you doing here? Sy - I've got something I think you'll want to see. Kristen - You're kind of like a bad penny, aren't you? Sy - You know how to get rid of me. Kristen - Yup. So why don't you follow me and we'll settle this once and for all.

When Kate asks Chloe if she's planning a trip Chloe quickly hides the papers and says no, I'm not going anywhere, sorry to disappoint. Kate - Really? Because I can recognise an airline ticket when I see it and I also know that you wouldn't let an inch of daylight get between you and Daniel much less a few states. So why don't you save us all a lot of trouble and come clean. What are you up to now? Chloe - Not that it's any of your business but if you must know I'm going to New York. Parker's only been there a day but I already miss him like crazy. Kate - Well since Daniel's at a medical convention I'm surprised you didn't go with Nancy and Parker in the first place. Chloe - I wasn't thinking. Kate - You're always thinking Chloe to the extent that we can call it that. I can see those little wheels turning right now that's why I don't believe a single word that's coming out of your lying mouth.

When Jen tells Dan that he's not Jack and never will be he replies - You don't think I know that. I can not replace Jack in your life. I wouldn't even try. Jen - I know and when you told me that I wasn't probably ready to move on, you were right. Maybe I wasn't ready to move on that's why I'm thinking we need to end this right now please. Dan - Where is this even coming from. Jen - I told you ... Dan - I hear what you're telling me but I can also see the look in your eyes. I don't think you mean a word you're saying. When we were together I never pushed you. Jen agrees. Dan - And believe me I know how much you loved Jack. I saw it. He was a great man. I never tried to be Jack. Jen - Because you couldn't be. Dan - No, I couldn't be and you never, ever compared us 'til this moment. Jen - I'm not trying to hurt you. Dan - I know but I don't even understand. Hours ago you were telling me you knew Jack would want this for you and you were so happy. We were talking about our future and now all of a sudden ... please, what happened? Please, for the last time, what is really going on?

Segment 2: Abby walks up to Sonny in the coffeehouse. Why does Spring Break already feel like last year? Sonny points out that the semester will be over before she knows it. Abby - I guess everything looks better when you're in love. Sonny - I guess it does. Abby - I've known Will my entire life and I've never seen him this happy. I'm really glad you two worked things out. Sonny - Not as glad as I am. Abby - Then things are good. Sonny - Yes, things between us are amazing. We're still working through some stuff with Nick and Gabi about the baby but I'm glad that Will and I are doing it together.

Will catches up to Nick and grabs his arm. Nick - What do you want? Will - You're right. I don't give a damn about you but whatever this is, if it's going to affect Gabi, it's going to affect my baby then I should know about it. Nick - Can you stop being such a drama queen. Look, I'm under a little pressure, okay. Will - What kind of pressure? Nick - I don't know. A new marriage, a baby on the way, big job. Will - Yeah, blackmailing people. Nick - Look, all you need to know is that everything I do is to keep Gabi safe and the baby. Will - Why wouldn't they be safe? Nick - I mean, the baby almost died, did you forget? Will - No but that still doesn't explain why you're so freaked out. Nick - I told you, I'm just stressed. I didn't mean to go off on you and I owe Sonny an apology too. Will - Really. Nick - Yeah. We were arguing and I said something I shouldn't have. Will - Yeah, you called him a faggot. Nick - Yeah and I'm really sorry.

Sy follows Kristen into the park. So what I'm thinking is you have more money than the devil and this job doesn't come with health insurance. Kristen - Right, your sick daughter except you don't have a daughter Sy. Sy - Okay. I don't have a daughter. Does it really matter? Kristen - Trying to play a DiMera and getting away with it; that would set a terrible precedent, don't you think? Sy - Yes, but a DiMera getting outed by the hired help would be even worse. Remember that thing I wwanted to show you. He hands her an envelope. I hate that it's come to this but you left me no choice. I really think you'll want to take a look at that before you give me your final answer.

Sami - John, I would love to help you, believe me I would, but I just can't afford to make waves with my landlord right now. My kids are there, I'm there, we're living with Kristen. I can't. John - So you can just sit there and watch this trainwreck happen right in front of you. Do you care about Brady? Sami - Of course I do. Brady walks in. I didn't expect to see the two of you together breaking bread. John - I didn't expect to see you at all. Brady - What's going on? John - Samantha just wanted to talk to me about her mother. Marlena walks in.

Chloe - It would serve you right if I took Parker away from Salem and never let you see him again. Why would I want my son to spend time with a wench who hates me. He's a very sensitive little boy so I'm going to cut out all negative influences in his life effective immediately.

Jen looks at the family pictures. When I walked into the house earlier the first thing I saw was Jack's picture. And when he came back from Afghanistan, I'd pretty much written him off. And you and I had moved on together. That caused him a lot of pain and I don't think I'm ever going to get over that guilt. Dan - Because of me. Jen - No. Because you were so noble and stepped aside so we could figure it all out and I'm so grateful to you for that. But that is when I realised that Jack was the only man for me. Dan - When he was alive, yes, but do you really think he'd want you to be alone for the next 40 years. Jen - I don't know but I know that you and I, when we were together, it was so painful for him the last few months that he was alive. Dan - But Jack and I worked through all that. Jen - Right because you and I weren't together, that's why. Dan - Jack is not here anymore. Jen - Do you really think you need to remind me of that. All I'm trying to tell you is that you were right. I moved on too fast. Everything happened with Nicole and I felt that I needed to come to your rescue and then I felt that I needed to repay you for saving my life. Dan - It was more than that. You admitted you loved me. Jen - That is because I thought I would miss Jack less and I don't. Dan - I understand. I do. But in time ... Jen - You're not listening to me. The thing that is standing between us is Jack and it's never going to change. Dan - How can you know that? What do you want? Do you want to take it slow? I will do that. Whatever you need to do ... Jen - I need to end this right now, that is what I need. Dan shakes his head no.

Segment 3: Abby - You and Will make it seem so easy. Sonny - Really? Abby - I guess you're secret is, no secrets. Sonny - You're right. Abby has to get going. They hug. Luv you cuz. After she leaves Sonny recalls seeing Rafe and Kate kissing.

Will - Are you sorry you thought it or sorry that you said it out loud? Nick - It was wrong and I don't blame Sonny for wanting to beat the crap out of me. Will - I hope you're not expecting me to apologise to Sonny for you. Nick - No, I'll do it myself. Abby walks up - Apologise to Sonny for what?

Marlena - Hello family. Sami greets her mom but then says she has to leave. So sorry. Brady has to go as well. John - Hold it right there kid.

Kristen puts the envelope in her purse. Sy - You're not even going to look at it? Kristen - I don't give a damn if it's the President's birth certificate or the Magna Carta, it's not going to change the terms of our deal. Sy - I'm not asking for a lot here. Kristen - Our business is done and that's my final answer. Sy - Then I'll just do what I've got to do. Kristen - And I'll do what I have to do.

Kate - The only bad influence in Parker's life is his mother. Thank God he at least has Daniel. Chloe - You hate Daniel. Anne - She hates everyone. Kate - His father is the only one preventing him from having a very bleak future. I can't believe I'm saying this but have a nice trip and hurry home. She leaves. Anne - That was close. Chloe - Who cares what she thinks. What is taking so long! Anne - I will go to Jennifer's house. If she and Daniel broke up maybe I can finally get her prissy ass fired.

Dan - You have said this before and it has never really been about you and me. Jen - Yeah it is. Dan - No. Jen - Yeah. I should have listened to my gut because deep down I knew that it couldn't work. Dan - Why? Because today when we were out at Smith Island you said this was perfect. Jen - I know because I got so caught up in the moment. When I'm with you it's intense and I can't think straight. Dan - What is there to think about? Jen - It's just that last night was wonderful. Maybe it was good for me to be with you because it made me realise as wonderful as it was after it was over I still felt really empty and lonely inside. Dan - I don't believe a word you're saying.

Segment 4: Jen - I know this isn't what you want to hear. Dan - I don't hear any conviction in your voice. I only see pain in your eyes. Jen - I'm really not trying to hurt you but I feel like I was using you to fill a void. I was leaning on you more than I had a right to. Friendship isn't love and sex isn't love. When I grew up, my grandparents showed me what true love was and I had this crazy idea that when I grew up I was going to meet my soulmate. And it turned out not to be so crazy because that man was Jack. So when I waltzed back into the house and I saw all these memories I felt like I had been unfaithful to him. I know it's not like that for everyone but for me I believe I had one true, abiding love and his name was Jack. And there can never be anyone else. Not you, not anyone.

Nick - Sonny and I had a fight. Abby - Sorry to hear that. Nick - It was my fault. I said something idiotic and I need to tell him that I didn't mean it. Nick's gets a text. I'm sorry. I have a work emergency. I'll have to talk to Sonny later. Bye. Abby - Is he okay? Will beams - I don't care. Abby - What's going on? I thought that you two worked everything out. You were all about getting along for the sake of the baby. Will - I don't really want to get into it right now. Abby - Okay. Will - I'm hoping that it will sort itself out.

Brady - Hold it right there? What am I? A criminal? John - No you are my son. Brady - Not anymore. Marlena - Brady, please. Brady - Why don't you two focus on working things out with each other because there's no chance of fixing anything we have here. We're done. He leaves.

Sy - I guess we'll both be on our merry way then but you should know throwing that envelope into your bag ain't going to make it disappear. If the pictures not worth a few thousand to you I'm sure it's worth more than a thousand dollars to someone else. Kristen - Get the hell out of here. Sy laughs and then leaves. Kristen pulls the envelope out of her purse.

Segment 5: Dan - I know how hard it must have been to come back into the home you'd shared with Jack and those feelings of starting a new life without him but I'm telling you ... Jen - Please, I can't do this anymore. Please, can you just go. Abby comes in and realises she's interrupting. Jen - No, you're fine. Daniel's just leaving. Dan - We will talk later. He leaves. Anne sees him leaving so she calls Chloe and reports in - he looked very, very unhappy.

John - Marlena ... Marlena - You don't have to say anything but there's something I'd like to say. I'm not giving up on us and I'm not giving up on Brady. She leaves.

Brady confronts Sami in the foyer of the DiMera mansion. My dad wasn't talking to you about Marlena, it was about me. What does he want you to do - send me subliminal messages 24/7 that Kristen is a heartless wench. Sami - He asked me to keep an eye on her. Brady - Spy on my fiancee under Stefano DiMera's watchful eye? What's he trying to do ... get you killed or something. Sami - Maybe. I said no. Brady - I'm glad you said no not that it would matter to me. I don't care what anyone says. She loves me, end of story. He goes into the living room.

Kristen goes through the pictures of her paying off the muggers. I better call him. Crap, I deleted his number. Crap! It's going to be okay. Remember who you are Kristen. You're a DiMera. That S.O.B. can't win this game.

Nick joins Kate at one of the benches in the square. I got your text. Is there a problem with my R&D project. Kate - The problem is not with your project, it's with you. Earlier I asked you some questions and your answers weren't satisfactory so I thought perhaps you would be more forthcoming without Gabi's presence. Nick - I don't know what else to tell you. I'm not hiding anything from you. Kate - Do I look stupid? Nick - No. Kate - Then don't try and con someone who's been playing this game since before you were born. Obviously you did something to Will to convince him that his only choice was to give up his parental rights. I'm hoping that you've changed your mind about that.

Sonny serves Will a cup of coffee. What's wrong. Will - Nothing. You know what, I'll tell you. I had the weirdest conversation with Nick just now. Sonny - Weird how? Will - Well he looked upset and he said that he needed to apologise to you. Sonny - That's a shocker. Will - Of course he found an excuse not to come in and do it. Sonny - Not that it matters. Even if he promises to lay off the slurs he's still a homophobe and he's still trying to keep you out of your own daughter's life because you're gay. Will - I wouldn't care what he thought if it weren't for Gabi and the baby. Sonny knows. Will - I don't know how I'd get through this without you. Sonny - I'm not going anywhere but we promised each other no more secrets and there's something I've been keeping from you.

Dan lets himself into his apartment and yells for Chloe. She comes in. What's going on? Dan - I know what you've done!

Segment 6: Will - Do I need to sit down? Sonny - Maybe, it's not about us. Just something that I found out totally by accident. Will - What is it?

Nick - I'm not having second thoughts. I know what I did was right for Gabi and the baby. You know how Sami is. You know what she was trying ... Kate - I don't give a damn about Sami. Will is my grandson and that child is my ... Nick - Great granddaughter, I know. I have absolutely no problem with you trying to see her. Kate - That's so big of you. Gabi is a sweet girl and Will was her first love and I know there is no way she would keep her child from his loving father unless she was coerced by someone and obviously that someone was you. What did you do Nick and more importantly, why did you do it?

Abby - Mom, you're shaking. What happened? Jen - I'm okay. Abby - No you're not okay. I came in at the worse time. Jen - We were finished. Abby - You don't mean finished, finished. Jen - I do. Abby - I don't understand. I got your message earlier and you sounded so happy. What happened? Jen - I hurt Daniel. I hurt him so deeply. If I were him I'd never forgive me.

Chloe - What do you mean what I've done? Haven't you been in San Francisco? Dan - No I decided not to go because I found out that you had let Jennifer believe that we had slept together. Chloe - No I didn't. Dan - Jen walked in on you in the room, me passed out in the bed and you never told me about that. Chloe - I can explain that. Dan - Well I don't want to hear it. I've been trying to get hold of you all afternoon. Chloe - I was at the spa for a little bit of me time. Dan - Do you even know anymore what it means to tell the truth, to be honest. Do you know? Chloe - Wow, obviously you're upset but I have a feeling you're not upset with me. What happened? Dan - I think you know exactly what happened.

Segment 7: Nick - Gabi has a mind of her own. I didn't tell her what to do. Kate - Maybe not but you did tell Will what to do. I know you Nick, better than most. You're a really cool customer even when your wedding went to hell you didn't break a sweat. But today something's getting to you. Nick - I have a lot on my mind. Kate - I think it's more than that. I a woman of considerable influence in this town and I can use it to help you as I have happily in the past or I can use to it unearth your deepest, darkest secret. I suggest you consider it and decide which you want it to be. I'll be in touch.

Sonny - It's not a big deal necessarily but since Kate is your grandma and you're having a baby with Rafe's sister ... Will - Is it about Gabi? Sonny - No, it's about Kate and Rafe.

Kate peeks inside the coffeehouse and then sends a text. I thought you were meeting me at the coffehouse.

Jen is sitting on the couch sobbing. Abby tries to comfort her. Everything is going to be okay. Whatever happened I know that you love Daniel and he loves you. Jen - You don't understand. It's not that simple. Abby - Why not? Jen - I said something ... Abby - I know you said something that hurt him really badly. Just tell him that you're sorry. He'll understand. Jen - No he won't. Abby - How will you know if you don't try? Why should both of you be miserable. He needs to know how you really feel.

Chloe - How could I know what happened? Dan - I know you saw Jennifer earlier today. She was a wreck when I got there and someone had just left and it had to have been you. What the hell did you say to her. Talk right now!

Sami follows Brady. I get it. People said a lot about EJ. At one time I believed it. We've been apart more than we've been together. I know you think EJ's a jerk. Brady - I do but I'm not going to change your mind about him anymore than you or Marlena or my father are going to change my mind about Kristen. If it hasn't happened by now, maybe it's time to just give it up.

Marlena is checking the menu outside the Mandalay Cafe when Sy Miller walks up and introduces himself. Marlena - I believe I'm scheduled to see you at 3 today. Sy - Maybe we don't need an appointment since we happened to run into each other. What I have to say won't take long. Kristen crouches down and tiptoes closer to Sy and Marlena. She sees Sy holding a brown envelope.
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BJ Deveraux
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Apr 3 2013, 02:11 AM
Did anyone else, while watching the Jennifer and Abigail Fetch angst couch conversation, want to just switch their heads?! Have Abby in the fuzzy pink sweater crying over a boy and Jennifer as the comforting adult?!
So much so! Being the mother (roughly Chicken Nugget's age) and having two daughters a little younger than Abby it bothered me...Such role reversal just shows what a loser she has become.
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You know that scene where John, Sami, Brady were convening then Marlena walks in and says, "Hello, family"? I sort of wish Marlena went there, slammed the table, broke the coffee mugs, turned the table upside down, picked up a fork on the floor and chucked John's eye and then walked out and slammed the door crazy Salem Stalker style for good measure.

Yep, this is what I have been feeling about this show lately. So frustrating.
Edited by chinkybig, Apr 3 2013, 09:55 AM.
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The scene with Jennifer and Abby, with Jennifer sobbing that she "hurt him [Daniel] so deeply" and Abby saying, "He deserves to know how you really feel"... it pretty much confirms the writers intentions that Jennifer didn't mean a word of what she said to Daniel.

Thanks, show. :sarcasm:

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