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Tuesday, May 7th Daily Discussion
Topic Started: May 7 2013, 08:30 AM (9,183 Views)
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Please note: This report is not to be copied and pasted to any other sites. Please link only. Link to summary archive:


Director: Grant A. Johnson
Scriptwriter: Melissa Salmons

Segment 1: Repeat of Brady telling Kristen they can adopt a child. Brady didn't mean to upset her. I thought you wanted a child. Kristen - I do, I mean, I did. That's all I've wanted ... to be a mom. Brady - And you can have it now. We can do this. Once we get married they're going to push through the paperwork. Kristen - Stop. Brady - We're going to have this baby. Kristen - Just stop. I can't go on like this. I just can't do it. You don't deserve this. Brady - I don't deserve a baby? Kristen - You deserve a baby. You deserve all the babies you want. You deserve a house full of love and laughter if that's what you want but you don't deserve this. Brady - Do you think I care that the child is adopted. It doesn't matter to me. There are so many babies out there that need love; need you. Kristen - They don't need me, nobody needs me. Brady - Stop that. I know how much you have to give and I'm going to have a child with you. Kristen - You really love me. Brady - Thank God, she's finally catching on. I love you so much. You do know that. Kristen - I didn't think ... I didn't know ... Brady - I need you to finish one of those sentences. Kristen - I didn't know how much you loved me. Nobody's ever loved me like that before not even John. Brady - They weren't the right men for you, I am. Kristen - I can't do this anymore. You don't deserve this. Listen, it goes back to your Dad.

When Justin, Adrienne and Hope come back into the Kiriakis living room Ciara stuffs the picture of Kristen and Sy into her backpack. Hope tells Ciara to come and see what Justin and Adrienne got for Nick and Gabi's baby. It's so cute. You have to see it. Ciara - Whatever. Adrienne - What's the first thing you and your Dad are going to do when he gets home. I bet you're so excited. Ciara - Daddy changed his mind. He's not coming home. He's probably never coming back.

Dan teases Jen about being able to have the afternoon off because her meetings were cancelled. Dan has to work. Maxine tells him that his afternoon surgery just cancelled. Dan - So I have a hole in my schedule; how long? Maxine - A few hours. As long as you show up for rounds no one will notice that you're both gone at the same time. Surely you two can find something to do to pass the time. What you do with your time is your business but I don't want you hanging around here getting in my way. Jen suggests going to her house; they'd have the whole place to themselves.

Repeat of someone in the Horton living room. More movement and looking at pictures.

Sami closes the door to the living room of the Di mansion and tells EJ that Joe Bernardi, the dirty cop, will be off in a half hour. EJ - What exactly are you doing? Sami - The guy said he's taking the evidence today. EJ - You know he's taking that directly to Stefano. Sami - I have to make sure Stefano doesn't get his hands on it. I do not want that man having power over Will. EJ - William called and left me a message. Sami - He's called me twice. I think he's starting to freak out. EJ - Do you want me to talk to him? The last time I did it seemed to be quite effective. Sami would appreciate that. I know that he doesn't have a lot of confidence that I'll actually help the situation. I can't believe that Stefano double-crossed us. EJ can't believe she's surprised. Sami - I'm not going to let him win. I'm not going to let Stefano get his hands on that evidence. EJ asks Sami to come home early. Sami says they can have a bonfire and burn all the evidence and then celebrate. She goes to get her keys that she left upstairs. Sami's phone is ringing. EJ decides to get it out of her purse and pulls out the gun instead.

John is in the park when I guy comes up and stands next to him. John - Do you have it? Guy - Do you have it? John shows him the money. Guy - If anyone sees me with you I'm dead. John - Oh relax, you'll be long gone before anyone finds out as long as you have what I need.

Segment 2: Dan is ready to leave. Jen has one errand to run. Dan suggests going to his place. Joanna is out with Parker. We will have absolute privacy there and I can take care of a couple things while you're running errands. She tells him not to wear himself out. He's going to need his energy for later.

Hope - Honey, you know that Daddy doesn't want to be away from you anymore than you want him gone. He loves you Ciara. Ciara - Then why is he away? Hope - Work but he is coming home just not as soon as we hoped. Ciara - Can I have a snack? Justin - Of course. Come on, we'll find something in the kitchen. Adrienne - I'm so, so sorry. Hope - It's okay. Adrienne - No, it's not. I can see how upset Ciara is. I thought I heard Victor say Bo was on his way home. Hope - He was but something came up. Adrienne - When is he coming home. Ciara listens as Hope answers - I don't know.

Sami returns. Found them. I'm ready. Wish me luck. We can have a bonfire when we get back. EJ - Aren't you forgetting something. He opens the desk drawer revealing the gun. You want to tell me what the hell you're doing with that.

The guy hands John an envelope. Everything you need is in there. John checks it out and hands over the money. Happy trails. He pulls out a key.

Brady - The reason you're upset is because of my Dad. Kristen - What happened to me then so completely broke me that it took me years to even be able to talk to my therapist about it let alone recover. What happened ... it left me with holes in my heart and I was wounded and these holes made me do things I didn't really want to do. Brady - I can't possibly get what it was like for you to lose your child but I can see that I really stepped it in here. Kristen - You've done nothing wrong. Brady - Except dredge up the most painful memory of your life. Kristen - What you did was so beautiful and so loving. Brady - But you're not over losing your child. Jen knocks on the door and comes in. Am I too early? Is everything okay?

Segment 3: Jen - I can come back later. Brady - That would actually ... Kristen - It's okay. Come on in. We can talk about it later. I'll see you at home. Brady leaves. Jen - What's wrong? Kristen - Nothing. Jen - Is it just wedding jitters? Kristen - Probably. Jen - If you need a friend I more than owe you. Kristen - You don't owe me anything. I'm fine. What's going on? Jen - I wanted to bring you something. Kristen - Why? You're my maid of honour, you shouldn't bring me anything. Jen - This is something that you can use. Kristen opens it. It's really pretty. Jen - It's something borrowed and something blue and I think it will match what you're wearing. Kristen - Is it a Horton heirloom? Jen - Well it will be. Daniel gave it to me when we got back together. It's a sign of new beginning and that's what you have with Brady, isn't it? You have a second chance at the life you've always wanted. Kristen tears up.

EJ - The most extraordinary things seem to be falling out of your bag these days. $30,000 cash, guns ... God knows what else I'd find if I looked in there. Sami - I can't believe you went looking through my purse. EJ - Your phone rang. Why do you have a gun? Sami - Kate gave it to me. She was being bitchy about our engagement. It was a present and she said if I'm marrying into this family I need to protect myself. EJ - When did she do this? Sami - When she came by the office yesterday. EJ - And you're carrying this around in your purse. Why? For fun? Sami - No. I was going to leave it in my desk and Nick came by ... EJ - I'm going to take care ... Sami - I didn't tell you because you would freak out and get all mad. I'm not scared. I didn't even load it ... see. I'll put it back in the office and we can pretend this never happened. I have to go or I'll miss Bernardi. EJ isn't going to let her do this on her own. Sami - I can hang out at the police station without drawing attention to myself; you can not. I know what I'm doing. You're just going to have to trust me. EJ - Please try to be careful. Sami - I always try. She leaves.

Hope - Guess what we're going to do this afternoon. You'll never guess but try. Ciara - Watching you work. Hope - Going to the zoo. Do you want to see the new Panda? Ciara - Really? Hope - Do we have a date? Ciara nods yes. Adrienne - You know sweetheart that's not an easy ticket. You're a very lucky girl. Ciara - Let's go now. Hope - Thank you two so much. They leave. Justin gets a call from EJ. You've had a chance to read my proposals. Shall we meet? Justin - Yes we shall.

Dan sees Brady sitting a table not looking like a happy groom. Did you meet with the wedding planner? Brady - This has nothing to do with the wedding; at least I don't think so. Dan - What's going on? Brady - Nothing. Dan - Really? Brady - I did something for Kristen that was supposed to make her ecstatic; something she's wanted for most of her life. I expected tears. Dan - You didn't get them? Brady - Oh no, she cried. Dan - But the wrong kind. Brady - It tore her up. Dan - It sounds like you had good intentions. You can't blame yourself. Brady - Oh, I don't, I blame my Dad.

Kristen - When my father asked me to come back to Salem I told him no, I don't want any part of that. It was a horrible time for me and I don't want to go back to that. But then I thought, maybe I could make things right. That's what I've been trying to do since I came back. I thought that was the right path now I'm not completely sure. Jen - Tell me what's changed? Kristen - What's changed is that Brady loves me completely and totally like I've never been loved before; like I never thought I could be loved like that. Jen - And that's a good thing because that's the man you're going to marry. Kristen, you've won.

Segment 4: Hope and Ciara are in Hope's office at the police station. This will only take 10 mins I promise, then you and me are off to the zoo. Hope sees Sami and asks her what she's doing out there. Sami was waiting for her Dad; thought I'd buy him a decent cup of coffee. Hope - Unfortunately Roman's not here today. Sorry you wasted a trip. Sami - It's not a wasted trip at all. I'm thrilled to spend time with my favourite Aunt and my favourite cousin. What's up with you Ciara.

Bernardi is in the records room loading the evidence into a duffelbag.

It looks like EJ and Justin meet at some bar. Justin - Was it necessary to come this far out of the way. It's not like we haven't done business before. EJ - Not like this. Justin - True. EJ - So, did you have a chance to look over my proposal? Justin - I spent most of last night looking things over. EJ - And? Justin - I have questions. EJ - Ask. I'll give you half an hour to decide whether or not you're going to help me bring about the end of the great Stefano DiMera.

Kristen - The way that Brady loves me has nothing to do with the past. He loves me in the here and now. Jen - Even better, isn't it? What are you afraid of? Kristen - I don't want to hurt him. He hasn't earned that. Jen - How would it hurt Brady if he marries you? Does it have something to do with whatever is going on with John. Are you afraid it's going to hurt his relationship with John and Marlena? Kristen - Of course. Jen - You can't think that because if they are real family they will come around and it will be fine. It's sweet of you ... Kristen cries - I'm not sweet. I'm not a good person. I'm not like you and I'm not like Brady. Jen - Stop beating yourself up about the way you were because that's over. Kristen - It's never going to be over. Jen - You have changed and I think that Brady has a lot to do with that. I think it's the way he loves you. It's a powerful thing, isn't it? Kristen cries and hugs Jen - Thank you for being my friend. Jen - We are friends, aren't we? Kristen - I've got to get going. Jen - Call me later. We'll talk about wedding plans. Jen leaves. Kristen looks at the necklace and smiles. She also leaves.

Segment 5: Dan and Jen land on the bed amongst a slew of Parker's toys.

EJ - So do you have anymore questions? Justin - No. EJ - Good. I have a few. Where are the flaws? I need to know. Where are the kinks, where are the weaknesses? Now's the time. Justin - If there are any, I couldn't find them. EJ this is impressive. You have a real shot at taking over your father's empire. EJ - I won't miss! Justin - You do realise though that if you seize all of his legal assets he will no longer have cover for any of his extra legal businesses. What's going to happen to those enterprises. EJ - Oh, I don't think you really want to know the answer to that, do you? Justin - Let me put it another way. If you execute this plan, all of it, your father will be left with absolutely nothing. No business at all. EJ - Exactly! Justin - Are you prepared for the consequences of that? EJ - You mean retaliation. Justin - No, devastation. Stefano is a lot like my uncle. His whole identity is wrapped up in his company. You take that away you will not only ruin him professionally, you will destroy him personally. EJ - Well this is Stefano DiMera we're talking about. Justin - Yeah, it's your father. EJ - It's not that I'm unaware of the consequences, I just don't care.

Hope asks Sami if she can hang here with Ciara as she doesn't want her left alone. Ciara, I just need to file this with a couple of people and then we're out of here, 5 mins. Ciara - 1 Mississippi, 2 Mississippi ... Hope - I'm running. Ciara - Don't be gone an hour. Hope - 5 mins, I promise. Sami - So why are you giving your mom such a hard time. Did she mess up? Ciara - Constantly! Sami - I know that feeling. But what's really going on. I can tell something else happened. What is it? Ciara - I got in trouble in school. Sami - I can relate to that. Why do you think that happened? Were you bored or mad or hungry or tired? Ciara - My Dad lied. He said he was coming home but now he isn't. Sami - Sweetheart, I miss your Daddy too. I'm sure he didn't mean to lie to you, you know? Ciara - No, I don't know. Sami - I just mean that he was probably planning to come home and then something happened. Ciara - Like what? Sami - I don't know but I know your Daddy loves you like crazy. Sami hears someone ask Bernardi if he's taking off. Yeah, my day is done. Sami - I have to go. I can't stay. Your Daddy loves you so much and he's going to be home as soon as he possibly can. Have fun with your Mom at the zoo.

Kristen is home in the living room. Stefano - What's the matter? Kristen - Brady just gave me the most incredible, the most loving, the most I don't even have words for it, wedding gift. He gave me a baby! He arranged for an adoption, no questions asked, whenever we want. He's given me what I've wanted most in life. Stefano - For goodness sake, would you get it together please. If you wanted a baby you could have one years ago. Kristen - I realise that and I've thought about adoption but it never seemed right; not until now. Stefano - You want to have a baby with your boy? Kristen - I know it's crazy. He's not part of the plan. He's such a good man. Stefano - He is collateral damage, your words, your plan except now you don't seem so sure. Kristen - If I can go through with it? I don't know. My feelings are kind of unexpected. Stefano - Are you in love with Brady? Kristen - I think in a way I am.

Segment 6: A uniformed cop knocks on Hope's door. Hey Ciara, is your mom around. Ciara - She's going to be back 10 mins ago and we're leaving for the zoo any minute now. Cop - Before your mom goes makes sure she sees this. It's really, really important. He puts something on Hope's desk. Ciara - Sure. After he leaves Ciara peeks over the desk. There's an envelope addressed to Det Hope Brady. It's a Prisoner Release Notice.

Jen and Dan are naked in bed eating something. They talk about toddlers and raising them.

Ciara gets up and picks up the envelope. Great. More work for Mommy. I'm never going to get to see the pandas. She looks around and stuffs the envelope behind some books on a shelf behind Hope's desk. Hope comes running back in. We're all set. Where's Sami? Ciara - She left. Can we go now? Hope - Yes, I'm powering off. I'm officially off duty. Let's go and have some fun. They leave. The camera pans back to the part of the envelope that's sticking out from behind the books.

John comes up to Brady in the square. How's it going kiddo? Brady - I've got nothing to say to you. John - Then stand there and listen. Let her go son. Kristen belongs to me. I will see her in hell before I ever see her happy with another man especially you. End daydream. Brady gets up and leaves.

Stefano - So now you are not going to destroy John and Marlena. Kristen - I didn't say that. Do you have the key to the secret room? The key please. Stefano - Harold can get it. Kristen - Did you store everything from my almost wedding to John there. Stefano - Yes but the things are dumped all over the place, it's a storeroom. Kristen - It doesn't matter. I need to get my thoughts straight, please. Stefano gives her the key.

Segment 7: Dan walks Jen to her door. He thanks her for the afternoon. They kiss. He leaves. JJ - Where have you been? Jen - JJ. JJ - Hi Mom.

EJ - You're picturing it, aren't you? Stefano DiMera ruined. He laughs. Justin - Do you notice how you never call him your father when we talk about this. EJ - Are you on the job or not? Justin - I'm in. EJ - Okay.

Sami catches up to Bernardi outside the Brady Pub. I'm Sami. Samantha Brady. Bernardi - The commissioner's daughter. Sami - He doesn't always claim me because he hates the DiMera family and I'm engaged to marry EJ DiMera which is why I'm here. Stefano sent me ... he said you have something for me. Bernardi - I have no idea what you're talking about. Sami - The evidence he asked you to get. I'm supposed to take it back to the house.

Brady comes into the living room and asks Stefano where Kristen is.

Kristen lets herself into the secret room and shuts the door behind her. She recalls locking Marlena in the room. She starts opening boxes. Where is it? She pulls out her veil. John walks in.
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this "Salem Day" is the same one depicted in the pic with the man that came to the Days set to celebrate his birthday.
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May 7 2013, 02:05 PM
May 7 2013, 12:55 PM
I think I know who the writer is for today but cannot remember the name. Beings with an I.
Unrelated response: your avi - I love!!!!!!
Thanks. Even though I know Shonda will stop on my Olitz loving heart with her stilletto, I can't help but ship them.
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