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Salem Reborn
Topic Started: Jun 16 2013, 04:26 PM (4,415 Views)
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Salem Reborn returns to Soap TV

Salem is an alt-Days series that starts in June 2012, with the discovery of Stefano DiMera's body in his mansion. Fans of Days may remember that, in the course of one chaotic night, Stefano was confronted by several Salemites, all of whom will be suspects in the ensuing investigation. The death of Stefano also will unleash an all-out competition to inherit the DiMera riches, as Stefano, even in death, views his family, friends and even adversaries as little more than chess pieces to be manipulated by a master game player. Meanwhile, life will go on in Salem as its residents try to adjust to the new reality of a Stefano-less city. New relationships will form, while others will be torn apart by tragedy and betrayal.

These new storylines seek to bring back fan favorites, provide back-burned characters with chances to shine, and develop a younger generation of characters to lead the show into the future. The result will be adventure, intrigue, and romance resulting in an overhauled cast of young and old. Thrill to the adventures of new heroes, learn to have new villains, watch as friendships and family bonds are restored, and experience the return of real romance.

Begun in 2012 before ONTV was hacked, all 22 previously posted episodes of Salem Reborn will be reposted from the beginning before new episodes begin later this summer. Please join us from the beginning as Salem is Reborn.
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Salem Reborn is coming back, but you don't have to wait to see your favorite characters once more. Catch the show from the very beginning and relive every twist and turn all over again.

The shocking death that starts it all.

Roman stands in the study of the DiMera Mansion. He looks at the back of a yellow chair, which has a black hole in it. Then Roman walks around the chair and looks down at the body slumped there -- Stefano DiMera.

New faces.

Abby appears to be sneaking down a hall. Someone clasp a hand over her mouth and drags her down the hall. She turns her head to look up into the face of a man with dark curly hair and blue-grey eyes (Richard Madden).

Now it's Abby and a young man in cover-alls (Chris Lowell) are looking at something on the ground. Then the man pulls Abby to a motorcycle. He hops on board and yells something at her. She hesitates, but then climbs on behind it. The man guns the engine and the motorcycle takes off across a dusty path.

A dark-haired, Latina (Rosa Blasi) has a hand on Sonny's shoulder. She marches him the Salem PD with a determined look on her face.

A redhead (Amy Davidson) lowers a glass and gives someone a seductive smile.

A muscular man in a tight exercise shirt and shorts (Alex Meraz) shoves a blond woman (Britt Robertson), who is wearing only a lacy bra and panties, against a wall. He raises her arms over her head and they kiss passionately.

And shocking twists

A blond-haired woman, her face hidden by dark glasses and a hat enters a church. Across the room, EJ turns and his eyes widen in surprise.

Shane ducks down beside the edge of a van and raises a gun.

The curly-haired man hands Abby a motorcycle helmet then turns around. His back is turned for only an instant, but it is long enough for Abby to raise the helmet and slam it against the back of his head. He crashes to the ground.

Hope and Lexie are seated in the living room of Abe and Lexie's house. Hope says she'll do whatever Lexie needs. Lexie replies, "Good. I may need you to kill me."

Will and Sonny are facing one another on the pier. "I'm giving you exactly what you want," Will says as he presses forward and gives Sonny a hard, forceful kiss. Sonny seems surprised, but then begins to respond in kind.

On a video monitor, music blasting behind him, Stefano DiMera raises a glass and toasts the camera. "I give my final salute to the victor," he says. "Whichever of you it shall be."

Salem Reborn. Rebroadcasting now. Only on Soap TV
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Episode Four has been posted.

This week on Salem Reborn (week of 6/17):

Shane, Shawn, Jack and Abby are in a kitchen. ""Do you know the damage you've done?" Shane says angrily.

"You have no power over me," Nicole says to EJ. She tries to move past him, but he grabs her arm and pulls her into a kiss.

Aldo seems to be fighting someone. He winds up on top and raises a fist, ready to strike.

In the Salon, Marlena looks at John. "There's no way we're going to get involved in this."

A cup shatters as Abe is putting it into a sink. "Damn it!" he yells.

Kristen gives EJ a devious smile and says, "I won't hesitate to crush you."

Will and Sonny are standing on the pier. Will steps close to Sonny and kisses him forcefully.

Abby, wearing only a towel, steps out of a bathroom. From only a few feet away, she is being watched.

On the video screen, Stefano says, "Only one of you can win the game."

Catch all of the adventure, intrigue, and romance from the start as SALEM is REBORN
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Episodes 5 and 6 have been reposted and some new cast members have been announced.
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Episode 7 has been posted.

Aldo grabs Abby in her hotel room. Can Jack save her?

Sonny reacts to Will's overtures.

Nicole learns why she was brought to Italy.

Kristen makes EJ an offer.
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Episode Eight has been posted

This week on Salem Reborn (6/24)

This week, Salem Reborn welcomes home a new generation of Bradys and Hortons.

Shawn runs up the steps of a stately estate as the front door opens. Out runs rushes a young, blond girl -- Claire -- who hugs him. At the door, a woman steps out. It's Belle.

Jeannie Donovan, wearing only a bra and panties, is shoved against a wall by Christian Reynoso, who pins her arms over her head and gives her a hard, passionate kiss.

Kayla leans through a door of a hospital office and says, "Let me introduce you to University Hospital's newest doctor . . . . Sarah Horton," but the image cuts away before the door opens.

But there is plenty of drama in store for the veterans.

Jack and Abby crouch by a fence, next to what looks like the vineyard. Jack pulls out some wire-cutters. Then he whispers, "Let's see what we can find out."

"I will win this game," EJ says as he looks out into the night from the terrace of his room at the villa. "Nobody will stop me."

Shane, Marlena, and John are seated at an outdoor cafe. Shane says that obviously, there is some kind of competition involved. "Oh there is," John replies.

Ian and Kate are at the airport as a Titan limousine pulls up. Ian opens the door and stops short. Victor is inside.

Abe hugs a sobbing Lexie. "I've got you," he says. "I'm right here."

Elena is talking to a uniformed police officer. She says, "Let's see what else we can find out about William Horton."

Roman and Will are in what looks like John and Marlena's apartment. Will says, "I am gay, Grandpa. That's not a lie."

And one may not survive the week.

A white car spins sharply around the road running past the village. It does not slow, but the door opens. Someone is shoved out of the vehicle. The figure hits the ground and slides along the road, before coming to a stop too far away to be clearly identified.
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Episode Nine is posted.

Victor drops a bombshell on a surprised Ian and Kate.

Shawn is reunited with Belle and Claire.

Lexie panics when she suddenly can't see.

Abby and Jack sneak into the DiMera villa.

The results of the paternity tests on Nicole's baby are read.
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Episode 10 is posted.

Andrew tries to save Jack and Abby without blowing his cover.

To please Belle, Shawn decides to resign from the ISA.

Sonny and Will come to an understanding.

Ian receives a mysterious call.

Elena confronts Bo, Roman, and Hope about the past.

Nicole worries she will never escape EJ.
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Episode 11 is posted.

This week on Salem Reborn (7/1):

Abe holds Lexie in a tight embrace. Tears are running down his face as he says, "I don't want to lose you." Lexie is crying also and she takes his hand and holds it to her lips. "I need your help, Abe," she says. "If you love me, you won't try to stop me."

Jeannie, Sonny, and Will walk into her hotel suite. The guys look a little disheveled. Jeannie and Sonny are now sitting on a couch, facing each other. "So you want to tell me why you're not a couple?" she asks a surprised Sonny.

Sarah and Maggie are seated at a table. Sarah angrily demands to know, "How could you disgrace Dad's memory like that?"

EJ and Nicole are facing off. "You may be little more than two-bit whore, but I know you didn't sleep with Rafe." He barely finishes before she slaps him.

At the airport, Kayla gives Kimberly a big hug.

In a hospital room, Shane tells a bed-ridden Jack, "Abigail's best chance is Andrew."

Andrew leads Abby around a corner of the villa. Lights flood the area. There is a guard with a gun. Andrew yells for Abby to get down.
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Abby is a captive in the DiMera villa.

In the bed in Andrew's quarters, Abby looks down and sees that her hand is cuffed to the frame of the bed.

And it looks like her only hope is right inside the villa with her.

At the hospital, Shane tells a bed-ridden Jack, "Abigail's best chance is Andrew."

But can Abby and Andrew work together?

Abby's hand is free and she is holding a bottle of water as she watches Andrew. He tells her she doesn't know what she's talking about.

Or will they be their own worst enemies?

Back in handcuffs, Abby yells from the bed, "Go to hell!"

Episode 12 - Training. Now posted at Salem Reborn.

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Episode 13 is posted.

In the Pub, Bo tells Chad and Melanie that he's been caught in enough of Stefano's games. The one thing he's learned is that people get hurt -- even killed -- when they get sucked in.

Kate is standing in a conference room with Lucas and Sami. She looks at Sami, then Lucas, and says, "I'm not going to stand here and give Sami Brady a knife that she can use to stab me in the back."

Andrew stands in front of Visco. "Tonight, you will turn the girl over to my attention," Visco instructs.

"That doesn't give us much time," Shane says into on his telephone, apparently unaware that Jennifer is eavesdropping on his conversation from the other side of a doorway. "If we rush in there, they'll kill her."

EJ opens the door to his apartment. He gets sent sprawling by a fist to his jaw.

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This week on Salem Reborn (7/8):

A week that starts with a bang.

The DiMera villa guard aims his gun at Andrew and Abby as Andrew raises his gun. Both men fire.

Only grows more explosive.

Will faces Sami in Common Grounds. He raises an eyebrow and asks if he heard her right. "Did you seriously just pass moral judgment on another member of our family?"

Kristen and Kate are squaring off as Kristen snarls, "I will avenge my father."

Sami stalks angrily across the pier toward where Jeannie and Christian are standing with Lucas. "Stay away from my son," Sami says.

Ian is on a phone. He listens, nods, and says, "That sounds about right for now. Nothing fatal. Just a scare."

In Chad's apartment, Daniel and Chad appear as if they are about to come to blows. Melanie jumps between them.

It's nighttime and Jack and Shane are outside, yelling over the sound of a helicopter. "You're going to have to push me out of the chopper to stop me," Jack yells.

A car roars through the gates of the DiMera Villa. It is then seen on a dark road as Abby's voice screams, "They're shooting." Andrew then is heard shouting, "Hang on," as the car turns violently and skids sideways down the road.

Catch Episodes 14 and 15 this week at Salem Reborn.
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Episode 15 -- The Chase -- is posted at Salem Reborn

Lucas tells Sami that they need to discuss their relationship. "What exactly are we to each other?" he asks.

EJ enters Abe and Lexie's house. A crowd of people, including Abe, Lexie, Roman, Bo, Hope, Marlena, and John already are there. EJ frowns as he approaches Lexie, who is sitting on the couch. There is different about her and his face falls as he realizes that she cannot see.

Ian is on a phone. He listens, nods, and says, "That sounds about right for now. Nothing fatal. Just a scare."

In a corner of the room, Abe says to John and Bo, "Don't you see? If we can find the prisms, maybe they hold the key to curing Lexie."

Andrew and Jennifer are in the front seat of the car. Abby is in back. Jennifer is on a cell phone. Abby shrieks, "They're shooting," as the back window shatters. An instant later, the car shudders and the steering wheel turns abruptly, sending the car sideways. Jennifer yelps as the phone goes flying from her hand and Andrew shouts for Jennifer and Abby to "Hang on!" as the car goes skidding sideways down the dark road.
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Two men rush to save their loved ones.

From the last episode, Jack and Shane are in the helicopter. Shane is on the headset, obviously worried at the reports. Jack sits anxiously behind.

Trapped by their pursuers.

Jennifer crouches behind a post as she watches the flashlights rising up the hill.

Abby huddles next to an injured Andrew, who appears to be struggling to stay conscious.

Who have deadly instructions.

Visco's voice is heard. He repeats that he does not want the girl injured. The others they can kill.

Abby pulls Andrew close to her. A beam of light flashes right over their heads.

Back in the helicopter, Jack spots lights on the dark hill and points towad them.

It's a race to the rescue on Episode 16 of Salem Reborn: No Strings.
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Episode 17 is posted.

Jennifer crouches down beside Abby, who is lying sideways along two seats on the airplane. Abby is staring into space. Jennifer gently brushes some of Abby's hair back.

Kim and Jeannie are facing one another in the staff lounge at the hospital. Kim looks shocked. She asks her daughter, "Don't you care about your fiancÚ?"

EJ is talking to a man in a prison jumpsuit. The man asks EJ what he wants to know about the prisms. EJ grins. "That's good. First, I want to know what they are. Then I want to know where they are." He looks up and nods -- at Shawn.

Abe, Lexie, and Theo are sitting together on the couch in their living room. "Theo," Abe says, waiting until the boy looks up. "Mommy is not going to get better." Lexie reaches across Theo and squeezes Abe's hand.

Nicole tells Rafe, "If I find these prisms, whatever they are, I'll win control over Stefano's estate. With that, EJ can never hurt me or my baby."

Marlena and Kristen are standing inside Marlena's office. Kristen seems calm, but Marlena is glares. Marlena says sharply, "I want you to stay away John, and I want you to stay away from me and my family."

"My opening salvo did not draw enough blood," Ian says into his phone. "We might need to strike a little closer to home."

Old enemies square off and an unlikely deal could change everything in in Episode 17: The New Rules.
Only on SOAP TV.
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Episode 18 is posted

The Brady Pub is decorated for a party. A crowd of people are inside. Some banners are strung across the room and a large banner reads "Bon Voyage, Austin and Carrie."

In the pub, Kim is standing with Abe, but she looks across the room and glares at Victor. She mutters that a man like Victor Kiriakis can't change.

"Are you trying to use me to get to my folks? Shawn asks EJ.

Outside the pub, Sami and Lucas face off with Nicole and Rafe. Sami looks incredulous. "You're living together?"

In the living room of their house, Jennifer looks at Jack. "Why can't you see the danger?" she asks. "Why are you so insistent on putting your daughter's life on the line?"

Elena smiles. "Stefano DiMera's murderer has been at large for too long. Let's go make our arrest."

Only on Soap TV
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Episode 19 is posted

An arrest has been made for Stefano's murder.

Will goes through booking. He first has his mug shot taken and then is fingerprinted. Then he is seated in an interrogation room.

Elena tells him that his fingerprints are on the gun and in the room where Stefano was killed.

"I have evidence of motive, means, and opportunity. And I also has evidence of your lies."

Will seems to grow nervous.

"Just come clean and it won't be so bad," she urges.

"I didn't kill Stefano," Will insists.

And as Will faces justice, his family's troubles may just be beginning.

At the Pub, Victor looks across the room at Kayla and smirks.

Over at a table, Sami asks Lucas, "Didn't I shouw you what you mean to me?" "We had sex," Lucas replies curtly. "And to be honest, sometimes I don't think that really means that much to you.

Roman is on his phone. "What?" he says, in disbelief.

Three men in dark clothes and ski masks stand with guns drawn. One of the men says, "Don't make a sound or you're both dead."

Only on Soap TV
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Episode 20 is posted

Couples grow closer.

Rafe and Nicole are seated on the sofa in his apartment. Her feet are resting on his lap. He puts a hand on her stomach and looks her in the eye as he begins to speak.

Sonny and Gareth kiss passionately. Gareth begins to slide off Sonny's shirt.

Enemies face off.

At Common Grounds, Jeannie watches as EJ glares at Lucas. Lucas responds with a suspicious look.

A crowd of people are outside the Pub. In their midst, Victor wheels around angrily toward Ian.

An attack leaves a family reeling

A woman lies on the ground, bleeding from cuts visible under her long, brown hair. Someone rushes toward her and pulls back her hair, revealing that the injured woman is Hope.

Outside the Pub, Caroline is near tears as Marlena and Kim try to calm her.

But nothing will prepare you for the most shocking twist yet.

As Elena watches, Roman looks at Will with a mix of horror and sadness. Will looks down. His voice is heard. "I'm sorry, Grandpa. . . . I'm so sorry."

Only on Soap TV
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Episode 21 is posted

For decades, Roman Brady has been one of Salem's most respected police officers.

Scenes show Roman at the Cop Shop over the years. They begin with him and Marlena at the safehouse. Then we see Roman with Abe in the early 1980s, Roman and Marlena arguing in the station in 1991, Roman grinning after he and Bo stop Rafi Torres, and, more recently, Roman lecturing the Salem University football players in the cellblock.

Now he has confessed to murder.

In the final scene from last episode, Roman says, "I'm guilty. I killed Stefano."

As Salem is rocked by the news. . . .

Carrie and Belle are in the Pub. Carrie looks at the television and she looks shocked as she sees a picture of Roman on the screen with a banner that reads: "Top Cop Arrested for Murder.

Shane is on his phone in the ISA safehouse. Behind him, Andrew is seated at a table. A television is showing footage of Roman. Shane has an obvious look of concern.

In his living room, Abe hangs up his phone, a stunned look on his face. He says something that causes Lexie to clap her hand over her mouth.

At the hospital, Kim gasps in shock and Marlena mouths something that appears to be "That's impossible."

Sami and EJ are stopped by a police officer as they try to pass through a door at the police station.

In a prison cell, Roman looks through the bars at Carrie with a soft smile on his face. He tells her, "This is the best thing for everyone."

One woman celebrates her victory.

Elena stares through the cell bars at Roman and gloats. "The law has finally caught up with you, Roman Brady."

Watch this week's episode of Salem Reborn -- "This is all for you" -- only on Soap TV
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Episode 22 is posted

With EJ next to him, Abe steps up to a podium that is surrounded by a crowd of reporters. In a seat in the corner of the room, Elena watches him. "I'm not going to let you ruin this for me," she mutters.

John looks warily at Shane and asks, "Do you know the real killer?"

Sonny glares at Victor. "Why don't you say what's really the issue, Uncle -- it's that I spent the night with a man, not a woman."

Ian is on the phone. He says that if Victor Kiriakis has not reappointed him as CEO of Titan, there won't be any reason keep Bo Brady alive, will there?

In a corridor of the police station, Sami angrily confronts Carrie. "Why are you betraying Dad like that?"

Watch this week's episode of Salem Reborn -- "Breaking News" -- only on Soap TV
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