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Thursday July 4th Daily Discussion
Topic Started: Jul 4 2013, 09:34 AM (13,698 Views)
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Although I think JJ told Jen what he was really feeling today it had zero impact on me due to the fact that he hasn't spoken one truthful word since he's been back in town. And his behaviour doesn't tell me that he loves and misses his father - it tells me that he disrespects his father as much as he disrespects his mother. If he respected the memory of his father he wouldn't continue his criminal endeavours and it's obvious that's all he thinks about. In my eyes, this story is a colossal fail. Too bad they dragged Jen Lilley into it. All I see when she's on screen is a big flashing neon sign over her head saying "Trying to hard".

Kristen is coming undone. She's really tipping her hand here ... very unlike her. She's so determined to show that she has the upper hand that she lets too much slip, She's coming off as smug and self-centered and she's the one pointing the finger at herself. When this blows up in her face she'll have no one to blame but herself. No subtlety at all on her part.

Enjoyed all of Chad's scenes again today. Why does Cameron sound like he's whining when they talk one on one?

Thankfully Eric is letting Daniel run those tests. I hope he finds something that leads them all to Kristen.
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Please note: This report is not to be copied and pasted to any other sites. Please link only. Link to summary archive:


Director: Steven Williford
Scriptwriter: Melissa Salmons

Segment 1: Jen insists that she is doing what she has to do for her son. Dan tells her to believe that. He knows she means it but dumping him is not going to change JJ.

JJ tells the girl to come back to his place and he'll give her a taste of the stuff. We'll have the place and the stuff all to ourselves. Robbing the cradle isn't her thing. She thinks their age difference could get in the way. JJ - Only if we let it.

Theo runs up to Chad in the park. Chad asks if he's here with his dad. Cameron walks up.

Abby hands over notes from school to Gabi. They're at the pub. Abby asks how things are at her new place; 3's company with baby thrown in. Seriously, do you love being a mom. Gabi does but these past couple of days have been a nightmare.

When Kristen tells Brady he will be very sorry and so will everyone around him he asks 'What the hell is that supposed to mean?' What's your angle? Kristen won't have to do anything, Brady. He's such a whiny downer people will cross the street to avoid him. And one day he'll realise what a big, fat mistake he made. Nicole walks up - Why, because he dumped you? Brady tells her not to engage. Nicole asks Kristen what she's doing here. Kristen was walking home until Nicole's substitute boyfriend ... we all know who you really want. Your steamy fantasies are about Father Eric. Denials. Kristen scoffs.

Eric is in the shower. Fragments and pieces of the night in the hotel come back to him. Eric slides down the tiles and starts shivering.

Segment 2: Gabi loves Arianna and loves being a mom. I just really miss sleeping; I think that's the hardest part. Abby - You have Will and Sonny there for backup. Yeah. Abby understands. It's great but at the end of the day you still have guys there. Gabi - It sounds like a 4 letter word when you say it. Abby - It is. Gabi asks if she is having trouble with a guy. Abby - Not a guy, guys.

Chad and Theo talk about the movie Theo just saw Despicable 2. Do you want to see it again or another movie. Cam - Are we competing for him too? Abe comes up. Chad asks what their plans on for the 4th. Theo has his heart set on going to the lake but Abe has to work. Chad and Cam both offer to take him at the same time. Abe laughs. Both your uncles are going to take you for fireworks tomorrow!

Nicole tells Kristen she is so disgusting. Kristen maintains that she's not wrong. In your heart of hearts you're glued to Father Eric's side. Nicole - You know we don't all live in your gutter. Kristen is referring to Nicole going to the capitol and saving Eric's life; there's nothing gutter about that. Nicole - We saved a school not that you care. Kristen cares. Are you going to be working side by side with him, rubbing shoulders ... Brady tells her she's out of line. Nicole - Why are you so hot and bothered about Eric all of a sudden. Brady - You went to see him at the hospital. Nicole - And you can't stop talking about him. You are obsessed with him. Why is that? Brady asks the same question.

Eric is now on the floor of shower suffering from mini seizures. He tries to get up but can't.

The girl tries to play seductive by putting her arms on JJ's shoulders. So you like older women. JJ likes women. I'm JJ. Are we going to do this; sample the stash. Girl - Sure. JJ - You're going to have to come to my place to get it. She plays coy - This could be one big tease. JJ is dead serious. She reminds him that he said he wouldn't sell it. JJ - To strangers but exceptions can be made for the right person. Girl - Let's go.

Jen asks if he wants her to give up on her son. Dan didn't say that. Jen - You're implying that he's going to keep acting out; nothing can change that. Dan - That's absurd. He's going to change. He's a kid. Jen - You said he's a criminal that's how you think of my son. You called him that to his face. Dan - Because I was angry at the time. I'm sorry. I shouldn't have lashed out at him. But that doesn't mean that I think he's a lost cause or whatever it is you're suggesting I'm saying because you are a great mother. He's going to be okay. Jen - I haven't been a great mother. I haven't even been there. Dan - Says who? You are a great mom. I know it's really hard trying to raise a son who is having a rough time but if you push away you are going to be doing this alone. Do you want that? Jen doesn't but she needs to take a break. Dan asks her if she remembers the last time they did that. I was on the other side of the planet. Can you please let me help you. Jen - That's the point. You can't because you in this situation make everything ... Dan - What? Worse? Please don't let JJ make you believe that. Jen - He's not. I believe it because it's true.

Segment 3: Gabi you have guys? Like multiple guys? I thought you were dating Cameron. Abby - We are but it's totally confusing which is my fault. Cam is such a great guy and he deserves straight answers, no confusion. Gabi - The confusion is about another guy, right? Abby - Yeah, Chad.

Abe thanks the guys. The job has taken it's toll but it shouldn't be for much longer. Chad - Why's that? Abe - Sami's Grand Jury was today. They no billed. Chad - Seriously, that's great! Cam - What is that? Chad - The Grand Jury didn't indict her not for anything not even Man 1. Abe - The DA didn't offer a lesser charge. Chad - Pretty ambitious and not very smart. Abe - It was a big overreach. Chad - This is great news. She's engaged to EJ; I didn't want to see her in prison. Abe asks Theo if he's ready to go. The guys will pick him up tomorrow at 10. After they're gone Cam asks Chad if he thinks they can get through a day without Abigail being an issue. Chad - Define issue.

Kristen refers to Nicole and Brady as the cutest little attack team. Brady - What's the story with you and Eric? Kristen - I don't know. He just seems to be everywhere I am these days including my living room. I just left him there. Nicole - Why would he go to your place? Kristen - To congratulate Sami. Sami beat the rap. Nicole - She escapes going to prison again! Kristen - You're celibate boyfriend is always defending her. That must really annoy you. Nicole snaps - Eric is not ... Brady - She knows. Don't feed the animals. Kristen - Wow, that's so viscous. How did I not notice that about you before. You're really nothing like your brother. He's so giving and loving, comforting and forgiving. Nicole - I suppose he's forgiven you. Kristen - At least he's come closer to it than some people ever will.

JJ and the woman he picked up in the park are at the Horton house. She pokes fun at the décor in a sly fashion. JJ assures her they have the place to themselves. JJ goes upstairs to get the drugs.

Jen needs to do what is best for JJ. Dan isn't trying to tell her how to solve her problems. Jen - You are. Dan - That's what you're hearing. Jen - I came over here to tell you something really hard; something I thought and agonized over and you're not respecting me in that. Dan - It's a mistake. Jen - It's my son. It's my choice and I don't want to keep repeating it. Dan gets that JJ's a huge part of her life but if he's off limits to me we are going to be so far off the rails ... Jen - But my son is getting off the rails. I need to reach him. The babysitter returns. Jen leaves.

Segment 4: Eric slowly makes his way into the rectory. He picks up his keys but his hand is shaking. He sits on the floor.

Chad - You want to be with Abigail and so do I. I say we both have great taste; it doesn't mean we have to be enemies. Cam - But we both can't get what we want. Chad - Probably not but I'm not going to hate you for it. If she ends up with you I'll be happy for both of you but I've got to try. Cam - It doesn't matter what we say here, it's up to Abigail in the end. Chad - Yeah. See you at Abe's tomorrow. Cam says yeah and leaves. Chad sends Abby a text - Need to see you now.

Abby tells Gabi that Chad really laid it out there, he's going for it. Gabi - You mean you, wow. Abby - It's so weird. I just got my head around the fact that we are even friends again. Gabi - Can it be more? Abby doesn't know. Gabi - I do, I can see it in your face. Abby - Yeah but Cameron ... Gabi - Cameron is a great guy I know. Abby - Yes he is. Why doesn't that stop me? What the hell is wrong with me? Gabi - You want me to tell you that it's impossible to fall for Chad DiMera! Come on! Not me, not ever again but I get it. Abby - This is horrible, rotten. Both of these guys deserve ... Gabi - What? The truth? They know what's going on right? For just 2 mins enjoy the fact that these two really hot, amazing guys want you. Abby - No I can't. Gabi - Yes you can. It will work out. Abby gets a text. Chad wants to meet. Gabi - Go ... GO! Abby - No this is girl time. Gabi - Just go and have fun. Abby promises to come and see her and Ari really soon. Gabi tells her to go and have fun. Outside Abby tells herself - She's right. Fun. No guilt, no pressure.

Jen comes into her living room and asks the sprawled out girl, Who are you? She retorts - You first.

Dan plays with Parker. Dan makes a promise to Parker that no matter what he does he'll be there for him. Because you are my son and you come first. I get it! Dan answers his cell. Eric? Hello? Eric - Thank God. Dan - What's going on? Eric - I don't know. I was in the shower ... he tells him more - I'm shaking, I can't drive to the hospital. Dan - Save your strength and tell me where you are. Eric - At the rectory. Dan - Don't move and don't drive. Eric - I can't. Dan - I will be right there. Sit tight. He tells the sitter and Parker he will be right back. As he's leaving he calls 911. It's Dr. Jonas. I need an ambulance at St Luke's ...

Kristen has to go. Remember what I said Brady. It will hit you and there will be no place to run. Nicole - What the hell was that! Brady - It sounded like a threat of impending doom or something like that. Nicole tells him not to listen to her. She adds that Kristen doesn't bother her. Brady goes to get them coffee. Kristen comes back for one of the packages she left behind. Nicole - If you're so over Brady, why don't you prove it and get lost. Kristen - You think you have what I want but I really did have what you want and it was incredible.

Segment 5: Jen - I am the woman who owns this house so why don't we start again. Who are you and what are you doing in my home? JJ comes into the room. Jen - Do you want to tell me who this is? Girl - I should go. Jen - Good idea. Did you forget that you were grounded? Girl - I don't have a curfew. Later. Jen - I don't think so. You want to tell me who she is. JJ - She's just a friend from class. Jen - That is bull. She is no more in high school then I am. Don't you dare ... you are going to stay right here and tell me who she is. JJ has nothing to say and he's not going to stand here and listen to her yell at him. Jen - Well you are not going to walk away. You are going to stand here and listen because you have pushed me and you have pushed me and I am so done. And that look right there, the contempt, that oozes off of you towards me is done too!

Brady returns. He suggests to Nicole that they get out of here. Kristen - You're protecting her. That's sweet but not necessary. We were just getting things straight. Nicole - You don't make any sense. What do you mean you've already had what I want. Kristen - Isn't it obvious? You want Brady and I'm just saying that I've already had him in a way you never will. Brady tells her to knock it off. We're done. Kristen - Where did I hear that before. Oh yeah, from me. Have fun or at least try to with your substitute. Just close your eyes real tight and pretend he's you know who. She leaves.

Dan comes into the rectory and tells Eric the ambulance is on it's way. I didn't think you'd be sitting up. Neither did Eric. I'm better than I was 5 mins ago. Dan asks what happened. Eric doesn't know. He was in the shower and he collapsed. He was on the floor for quite a while; he couldn't get up. I came in here to get my phone. I talked to you and started to get better. Dan - Any idea what triggered it. Eric - When I was in the shower I had this flash and I started to remember being back in the hotel room before I got sick. It's like I had just taken a shower then too. Dan - And then what. Eric - I don't know. All of a sudden this wave just hit me and I blacked out. Dan - That's highly unusual. Eric - It's like I'm trying to remember but something keeps blocking it.

Segment 6: Cam, in his scrubs, walks into the pub and greets Gabi. He asks if she's back in school. She's just playing catch up. Cam says it looks like Abigail's handwriting. It is. Cam asks if she's here. Gabi says she was but she had to go. Cam asks about the baby. Gabi hopes she's sleeping when she gets back so she can study. Cam - It's like having 2 full-time jobs. I don't know how you do it. Gabi thinks he does. He recently had 2 full-time jobs himself. Cam - Caroline still has that photo up, huh?

Abby comes into the coffeehouse. Chad is glad she's here. I thought you'd like to know that the Grand Jury cleared Sami of the shooting. Abby - How? Sami clearly shot the guy. Chad - The prosecutor got greedy and went for a murder charge only. Abby - They couldn't prove it. Chad - No. We know she only shot the guy to protect Rafe. Abby - If the prosecutor had had the video that we deleted, Sami would have been indicted for murder. Chad - We don't know that. Abby - Come on Chad. It's a slam dunk.

Brady and Nicole come into the Kiriakis living room. Nicole is going straight for on the rocks ... she stops ... I'm such an ass. Brady tells her to go ahead and have a drink. He's fine with it. Nicole - How. Kristen is a woman you loved and wanted to marry. I'm so sorry we ran into her. Brady - I'm not.

Kristen answers the door. It's the doctor. Why are you here? To make sure everything is going as planned. Kristen - Everything is going as planned. There's no chance of my friend remembering what happened on the night in question, correct? The doctor tells her there's no need to shout. She yells - Don't tell me what to do! The doctor says the after effects will be as he explained to her. He repeats the symptoms as Kristen blabs over him. The doctor assures her that as to what happened that night, everything will be gone from the hard drive of his brain. He will remember nothing.

Dan says his bp is normal. Eric apologises for the false alarm. Dan - Better safe than sorry. Eric - You went through a lot of trouble for nothing. Dan - Father Eric, you ended up on a shower floor shaking uncontrollably, that is not for nothing. You should call a doctor when something like that happens. In fact you should be in the hospital getting a full workup. Eric can't. Dan - It may happen again. Eric - It might not. Dan - You don't know that and we won't know if we don't do those blood tests. Eric snaps that he can't stay in a hospital. Dan - I'm not leaving. Eric - You're right. We've got to figure out what is causing this and if you have tests that can do that let's run them.

Jen - If you want to treat me like dirt that's fine. And until you're old enough to post your own bail, that's fine too, but until that day comes ... JJ - I'd be happy to work out a payment schedule ... Jen - This is not about the money and you know it. You were arrested today. Do you have any idea what would have happened to you if we didn't have friends in the Salem PD; if that store owner wasn't decent. You would have a criminal record. Do you have any idea what that means. JJ - I get it! Jen - Really? Because you stood here earlier and said you were going to turn it around. We have rules, you were grounded ... JJ - I'm at home, aren't I? Jen - Yeah, hanging out with a woman ... JJ - Don't rag on her. Jen - Do you think she's the appropriate age ... JJ - You want to talk to me about appropriate. You want to lecture me after what you're doing with that sleaze. Jen - Did you just call Daniel a sleaze. How dare you! JJ - I'm sorry. The guy's perfect. Just the perfect replacement for Dad. Jen - I never said that. JJ - You just did. You replaced Dad and you don't want any of us reminding you of him around. You want to forget about Dad fine, but I won't. I will never forget him.

Segment 7: Chad thought she would be relieved. Abby - Why? Chad - Because it's over. Abby - Not for Bernardi's widow and her son. Chad - Yes for them too. Not that they won't always miss him but this way they get to keep their memories intact. Abby - What do you mean? Chad - Think about it. If there would have been a trial Bernardi's name would have been dragged through the mud. Abby - Not if he was clean. Chad - No, no matter what. He was there to kill Rafe, that's how I know he's dirty. That is Sami's defence and whatever skeletons he had in his closet would have been dumped on the courtroom floor. This way his widow doesn't have to face that. Abby - Maybe you're right. Chad - It's weird when that happens, isn't it? I've got to run. I just wanted to tell that in person. Oh, I talked to Cameron today about you. I told him that no matter what happens I want us all to stay friends and I meant it. He leaves.

Jen - I haven't forgotten your father. Just like you I will always remember him. And just like you I will always love him. JJ - Great, can I go now. Jen - I understand that it's really hard for you to see me with someone else. I get where that's coming from but that does not give you the right to be disrespectful to me. JJ - 'Cause you're so respectful? Jen - I've tried so hard to be fair to you. JJ - We're not talking about me. You mourned Dad for what about 8 months before you jumped in the sack with this guy. Jen - Don't you dare even say that. JJ - What. I don't dare say out loud what everyone else is thinking. It's like you and Dad never existed. You want to forget about Dad ... you want to replace Dad with this joke of a relationship fine but don't ask me to respect it. He goes upstairs.

Nicole - So you were fine with tonight ... you knew she was toxic. Brady admits it took a sledge hammer to the head to make him see who she really is but if he has more nights like tonight, he's going to be completely over that woman. Don't worry. Every minute that goes by I'm more over her. Nicole says to enjoy it - you are so much better off. Brady agrees. Life is good.

Dan draws blood. Eric - Run every test you can think of it to get to the bottom of this.

Kristen - My friend's memory can never come back. You do know how important that is to your personal wellbeing. Of course he does. You made it quite clear. Kristen - People will find out what happened on my terms; my timetable. The doctor says nothing will interfere with that. Kristen - Unless he remembers or there's a trace of the drug in his system that will back up his version of events. You gave me your word. You promised me this drug was untraceable, did you not? Dr - Certainly. It should be ... Kristen - It better be. It can't be traced back to me.

Dan finishes drawing blood. That's it. We'll have the results soon. Eric - Good. I'll pray for answers.
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