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Wednesday, August 7th Daily Discussion
Topic Started: Aug 7 2013, 08:02 AM (11,185 Views)
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Aug 7 2013, 09:47 PM
Aug 7 2013, 09:16 PM
Aug 7 2013, 05:38 PM
Forgive me if I've misinterpreted today's Fetch scenes, I did a hell of a lot of FFing, but did Daniel seriously throw a shit fit over Jen not shouting to the world that they are back together and dump her once again just a few hours after their latest boink?? Good freaking lord, how in world do any of the morons writing this shit think this is good or even interesting?! I don't get how anyone could support this farce of a couple. I've seen rumors that they have supporters and I don't get how anyone could be on the Fetch bandwagon after all this utter nonsense. :drunk: Fetch's entire relationship is - bitching, whining, booty calls, dumping each other. They are the absolute worst thing I've ever seen on Days.

Oh, and Maggie is a nasty bitch who needs to be killed via empty booze bottle again. This time for good. If a serial killer shows up in Salem soon, Maggie is now at the top of my kill list, along with Dannibore.
I think I've had this one explained to me before.

It doesn't matter if you can't stand the couple in question the only important thing is that we are talking about them and that makes them worthy of being at the centre of the show and getting the lions share of the airtime.
See, I don't get the logic behind giving lots of airtime to a couple who are talked about a lot because they suck so much. Apparently, people pouring out hatred and wishing a couple would die a violent death by fire, car crash, shark attack, axe murder etc. is awesome feedback to the geniuses running Days? :shrug: :drunk:
Yep, Corday says he's happy when viewers are throwing their sandwiches at theit tv's.
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This viewer turned the T.V. off. Just because we're talking doesn't mean we're watching. tptb should remember that.

Throwing a sandwich because you're screaming and cursing at a twist and can't wait to see what happens next is different from throwing it because you're disgusted.
Edited by TreasureCove, Aug 7 2013, 10:44 PM.
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Oh wait a minute.... was that Max (darrin brooks) in the Bold and the Beautiful promo at the end of the Days clip. If it was he was looking fine might be time to check it out again. Are they over all the Hope/Brooke endless melodrama?

How I wish I was his niece.

Note to TPTB if you could strike a deal with someone in Australia I wouldn't have to watch Days via clips and so wouldn't be exposed to B & B clips.
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What day does Chrishell Stause debut as Jordan?
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Aug 8 2013, 12:21 AM
What day does Chrishell Stause debut as Jordan?
Someone on another board said August 14, but I don't know where they got that info from.
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Please note: This report is not to be copied and pasted to any other sites. Please link only. Link to summary archive:


Director: Steven Williford
Scriptwriter: David Cherrill

Segment 1: Dan is confused. Weren't you congratulating Jennifer? Maxine - Yes, of course. She won the Harris Award for best PR work. Dan says that great. Maxine - Is there something else I should be congratulating her for?

Will is doing school work in the park. Maggie comes along and greets him. She asks if she's interrupting. Will - No. I can't concentrate anyway. Maggie - Are you worried about your mom? He is. Maggie - I don't want to sound like a Pollyanna here but I'm sure your mom wouldn't want you to be anxious and miserable. That's not going to help anything. You've got to concentrate on the good things. You've got Arianna; there's a lot of happiness there. And Sonny's with you. Will - Yeah, he's been great. Maggie - Are you and Sonny having problems?

Nicole tell Eric she was sleeping with Brady but it was short term. Who told you? Eric - Why does it matter. Nicole - It does. Who told you? Eric - Kristen. Nicole - Damn her.

Both Fr Matt and Brady look surprised when Kristen says the last thing she needs is to spend more time with Eric. Brady - Why? Cue f/b of the rape.

Dan - No, no other reason. I got confused there for a second. Maxine - No you didn't. You thought it was something else ... Oh my word, you two got back together. Dan - Yeah. Can you not share that with anyone yet. Maxine won't. I'm just happy for you two. I wonder why Jennifer didn't say anything before.

Jen - I am happy because I see my son turning a corner and that makes me feel so great just seeing you get back on track. JJ - I know I've been screwing up. JJ - The important thing is you're owning up to it; you're taking responsibility. Obviously you're really trying to turn things around. JJ - Definitely, especially with you. It hasn't been fun fighting with you all the time. Jen - Definitely but that's pulled way back. JJ - It's better. It seems easier now that it's just us; just the family. Speaking of family, I'm going to go see Will a little later because you said it was okay. Jen - Yeah that's great. In fact I think it's really kind that you want to be there for him. JJ's cell rings. It's Theresa. He ignores the call. Jen - Who's that? JJ - Wrong number I guess.

Theresa is strolling outside the pub leaving JJ a message. Come on, don't be mad at me. Call me when you get this. We'll hang out later, see what happens. You never know. After she ends the call she mutters 'Such a baby.' She goes inside the pub and greets her Grandma. I wanted to see how you are doing especially with all this Sami stuff that's going on. Caroline - I worry all day long and when I'm not worrying, I'm praying. Theresa - Me too. Caroline - How's the job? Theresa - Couldn't be better. Actually I wanted to ask you about this guy that used to work here. His name is Nick. Caroline - Nick Fallon. Yeah he was a busboy here; a dishwasher. Theresa - What a total loser! I guess I should have seen that one coming; that's all there really is in this town, right? Caroline - Why don't you have a seat. We should talk.

Nicole - That witch had no right to talk to you about my private life. Eric - She thought I already knew. Nicole - How many more of Kristen's lies are you going to believe? Eric - Stop laying this all on Kristen. What I'm more shocked at is that you and Brady felt the need to keep this from me in the first place. Nicole - Because it was none of anyone's business. It was private. Eric - Something that important? A deep, emotional attachment. I guess I'm more surprised that you were keeping it from me.

Kristen - I'm sorry. That was a silly thing for me to say. Can I think about it for a little bit? Fr Matt - Of course. I do hope you say yes. That speech you gave at the school was so moving; showing real insight and real care for the poor children of our community. It would be a real shame not to have you with us on this. Kristen - Thank you so much. That's very kind. I will call you. Brady walks Fr Matt out. Kristen paces and mutters - Idiot! You're such an idiot! Brady - I thought things were okay between you and my brother. Kristen - Are you kidding! You saw how he reacted when he found out we were back together. Brady - We talked. We worked it out. He's willing to reserve judgement. You freaked out at the idea of working with my brother. I don't understand. Kristen - What can I say! Working with Eric is kind of complicated.

Segment 2: Will - No, Sonny and I are really good. It's just that he is busy with remodelling the coffee shop. Maggie - I heard it's terrific. Victor said a friend of Sonny's designed a whole new look. Will - Yeah, Brent. Maggie - When that gets done Sonny will have more time and that will smooth things out for you two. Will - That's the plan. Obviously things can be hectic because of Ari. Maggie - That won't last forever. Will - It will last 18 years; that's a long time. She's 2 months old. It's not going to get easier any time soon. Maggie - True but you know Will, she's always going to be your little girl. I'm sure Sonny understands that. Will - Yeah he does and that's what worries me; that's he too understanding for his own good.

Nicole - Well I'm sorry you felt left out or hurt. Eric - No, I'm not. It's really none of my business. It's just that I had no clue and I know you and Brady were intimate in the past. I just never knew you had such strong feelings for him. Nicole - That's why I kept it hidden. Brady and I ... chemistry is right ... I mean a whole lot of history and it was just a matter of time before we found our way back to each other. Silence. Nicole - What! Eric - I think there's something you need to know.

Kristen - Now don't misunderstand me. I don't have anything against Eric at all. Think about it for a second. Marlena is going to have a heart attack if she found out I was confabbing with Eric. Brady - Eric is going to tell Marlena that it's for the Bishop and charity. Kristen disagrees. Marlena won't quit because that's what she does. She's going to spew her negativity all over Eric and he's going to hate me more than he already does. Brady - Stop it. This is how it's going to happen. You are going to work with Eric. It's going to be fine. He's going to see you as the caring, generous person that I see you as. And when the time comes for us to tell my father and Marlena we're together again Eric is going to be on our side and it's going to be great. Kristen laughs. Did you get a PhD in Optimism when I wasn't looking? Brady - No, I just trust you and I trust my brother. Kristen - I don't know. Brady - This is our second chance. I think we owe it to ourselves to make sure everything runs smoothly so that there's no resistance like we got before. Work with my brother.

Jen - You said you needed a favour. JJ - Oh yeah I was hoping that you'd say I could go out tonight after I see Will. I know I'm not grounded; I just wanted to ask you. Jen - Is your homework done? JJ - It will be. I've got to write an essay for English. Jen - Okay. That shouldn't be a problem then. Where are you planning on going? JJ - I don't know. This girl from school and I are just going to hang out. Jen - Is it a date? JJ - Maybe. Jen - Should I meet this girl. JJ - I can bring her by the house. Jen - Yeah, bring her. We're having book club at the house tonight so bring her by early. I just want to make sure she's in high school. Seriously, the last girl you brought home was too old for you. JJ - Alright, I'll bring her by. Since you brought up Theresa, how's she doing on the job. Jen - She's not great. I have a feeling she's not going to be around much longer. JJ - Sometimes you've just got to cut the balloons. I'll see you later.

Maxine - So when did you and Jen finally come to your senses. Just today? The phone rings. Maxine takes the call. JJ passes Dan - Hey Dr. Dan, long time no see. He heads to the elevator.

Jen leaves a message for Kayla. Can you call me back. I know you're not going to be surprised and you'll probably be a little disappointed but this whole situation with Theresa, it's just not working out. So can you just give me a call. Dan comes in and asks Jen if she has a minute. Jen - Yes I do. What's going on? Dan - That's what I want to know.

Segment 3: Caroline - Ever since you got here, there's this big chip on your shoulder. Why? If you want to be happy that's got to change. Theresa - Did it ever occur to you that maybe it's not me. There's a certain male demographic in this town that seems to like me just fine. Everybody else, that's their problem. Caroline - You want to be hostile all the time. You know that's just plain self-destructive. Theresa - Have you been on the phone with my mom again? This is the exact kind of psycho babble that she spits out at me all the time. I'm so tired of everybody in this family judging me all the time; telling me how to act. Why don't you guys just leave me alone!

Maggie - Wasn't it Sonny's idea for the 3 of you to live together with the baby. Will - Yes it was but I still want him to have a life you know. Maggie - And he doesn't now? Will - Well he does technically with me and he's got the club. Maggie - What's missing? Will - For example, there's this hiking trip he really wanted to go to but he ended up passing because of me and the baby and what Mom's going through. I just feel like I'm holding him back. Maggie - Will, people in relationships, they make sacrifices. That's part of the package. So try not to make assumptions about what Sonny is feeling. Ask him or better yet, wait for him to say something. Will - Okay. Sounds easy enough I guess. JJ walks up. Hey man, I made it. Maggie - Hello JJ. JJ - Hi, how's it going? Maggie - Very well, thank you. She kisses Will on the cheek and tells him to take care. We'll talk later. She leaves. Will - Was that as weird as I think that was? JJ - Yeah, my mom and her son stopped seeing each other. Will - I'm sorry. Daniel's really a good guy.

Dan - Us getting back together makes me so damn happy but now I'm confused. Jen - Why? Dan - I get the feeling that you're not telling anybody. Jen - Well I haven't but ... Dan - You talked to Maxine and you obviously didn't tell her. And I ran into JJ just as I was leaving. You must have talked to him. Jen - A little bit. Dan - But not about us. Jen - No. Dan - Okay. If the timing wasn't right that's one thing but I'm thinking there's something else going on here. Are we back together?

Eric - Nicole, it's important to me that you know that I would never want you to get hurt. Nicole - This is sounding serious. Eric - When Kristen was here earlier she made it crystal clear that she wants you to stay away from Brady. Nicole - Like I would ever pick a fight with Kristen over Brady! Eric - Didn't you just say you had feelings for him? Nicole - Yeah, well, like for a few days then Brady said he wanted to jump back into bed with that witch so I moved on. No biggie! Silence. What! Eric - You sound so indifferent for someone who was so intimate with someone I never would have thought that you could be so ... Nicole - Cold? Eric - Yes.

Kristen reads a text. He's so sweet. Fr Matt was ecstatic! Brady - I guess he wants to see you right away. Kristen - Pretty much. I have to go over all these applications before I see Eric. Brady - Thank you. Kristen - Oh shut up. You don't have to thank me. Don't you know by know that I would do anything for you. Brady - Can we do what I've been wanting to do all morning since I saw you in this dress. Kristen - No, because if we did that I wouldn't get to the church for hours and hours. I've got to get a rain check. Brady can deal with that. He leaves. Kristen makes a call. I need to see you right now!

Segment 4: Nicole - That's how I am with men. I think it's time to move on and I'm out of there. Eric - Really? Nicole - Yeah. Remember how quickly I moved on from you when I went with Lucas? Eric - Yes but I thought you had changed. Nicole - Me! Wow! Where'd you get that idea? Deep down, I'm shallow, remember? Eric - No, you're not. Nicole - Oh come on! When you first got back into town I was getting over Daniel. Two weeks later I was hooking up with Vargas; two weeks ago I was with Brady. No one can ever accuse me of the everlasting love thing. Silence. Nicole - What! Eric - I don't believe that's the real you. Nicole - Yeah sure it is. Easy come, easy go and the second a guy thinks that I care about them ... poof! ... I move on to the next one. Eric - Does that mean you and I ... Fr Matt comes in - Ahh, good you're here. I've got some news. Sorry, am I interrupting?

Jen - Listen to me. What we did today was wonderful but ... Dan - Was today sort of just a one time thing for you - a little hit and run. Jen - Don't say that. Dan - You're not anxious to tell anyone. Jen - Do you want me to take an ad out in the Salem Magazine, write it in the sky - Jennifer and Daniel are back together. Dan - I don't really need it written in the sky, I would just prefer to know if you were having second thoughts. Jen - No I'm not. Dan - But you want this to be just between us. Jen - Because it is between us. Dan - You know what I mean. Jen - No I don't. You're getting really upset with me because I haven't told the whole world that we're back together. Don't you think it's a little egocentric to think that everyone in Salem needs to know what's happening with us. Dan - I just have this feeling that any minute you're going to hit me with the news that we're still taking a break. Jen - No we're not. Listen to me, I love you and I am committed to you and I want us to be together. Dan - Yeah but there's a but here though, right? OMG there is. Jen - No there isn't. Just listen to me. JJ is making so much progress. Dan - Here we go. Jen - This is my son we're talking about. Dan - Yeah and he's making a lot of progress. Do you really think so? Jen - I do think he is. Obviously you don't. Dan recalls his conversation with Nicole. Jen - Do you know a reason why JJ isn't doing better?

JJ doesn't want to talk about his mom and her ex. So how are you doing? I mean, they kept your mom in jail like some drug lord. Will - It's been rough. JJ - Is there anything I can do to help? I can babysit if you want to go and visit her. Will - Do you even know how to change a diaper? JJ - No, but you learned so how hard can it be? Will laughs - Smart ass remark every time! JJ - You walk right into them every time. Question. What's up with this cousin of yours from California? Will - Theresa? JJ - Yeah. What's with her attitude, right? Will - I don't know. I haven't seen her since she got back. I don't really know her very well anyway. Sounds like you do though.

Caroline - I'd really like you to stay so we can talk about this. Theresa - No, you mean stay so I can listen to you lecture me again. I don't think so. Caroline - Stephanie, please stay. Theresa - Grandma, I'm Theresa. Caroline sighs. I called you Stephanie. I'm sorry. Theresa - It's okay. Sit down. Caroline - I get upset, I blow names. Theresa - You know what, a lot of people do that. I'm sorry I got so snarky with you. I know you were just trying to help. Caroline - Well I love you. Theresa - I know. I crossed the line. I get kind of sensitive when people start pointing out what a loser I am. Caroline - You are not a loser. You're starting to sound like your mother. Kim and I would get into fights when I tried to lay down the law to her. Theresa - Really? Caroline - Yes. It's the Brady temper. Theresa - Well I promise not to lose it with you again. She takes her grandma's hand.

Dan - I can not judge JJ one way or the other. Jen - You sound so sceptical. Dan - Forget JJ. Jen - That's a really strange thing to say. Dan - I want to talk about us. I thought you finally realised that we should be together no matter what's going with JJ. Jen - No I never said that. Dan - Right, you didn't. Well apparently there's a lot that you haven't said so do you want to start making yourself clear. Jen - I'm not going to talk to you when you're like this; when you're upset and you're telling me to just forget my son. Dan - Excuse me! I didn't say forget your son ... would you please just give me a little credit. All I meant was that we need to focus on us, on you in me, in this moment, in this conversation. But you know what I want right now? I really want you to be clear about what's going on with you. So please tell me, talk to me please go. Jen - Okay, since we've been separated JJ's been doing so much better. He's like the kid that he used to be. Dan - So you think if we tell JJ that we're back together he will start acting out again? Jen - No, I'm just asking for a little more time. Dan - Time! If you say that to me one more time ... Jen - Just listen to me. We're getting closer and he's starting to feel more secure about who he is and he will accept you. I know that. Dan - What you want now is for us to take a time out. Jen - No I don't because I love you and I want us to be together. Dan - I love you too but you can not have it both ways. Jen - Yes we can. We just have to keep it a secret.

Segment 5: Dan - So you want to sneak around. Jen - Please don't make it sound cheap. I think that we can do this. I think that we can be together but ... Dan - But just not in public. You wouldn't want it to get back to JJ. Jen - Right. Dan - Yeah right. So the symphony tickets for tomorrow, that's just out of the question. Jen - I know you bought those tickets especially for me and I'm so sorry. Dan - No problem. I was going to give them away anyway because we're taking a break. Now is there anything else that we can't do? Jen - You're angry. Dan - No, straight question. Jen - Just listen to me. This could really be romantic. Think of it that way. We could have these secret dates and stolen kisses. Dan - You know what that's really called? It's called sneaking around and lying to people. It's what Chloe and I did when we first started seeing each other, no more. Jen - This would be totally different. Dan - Not so much Jen because what we would be doing is wrecking the honesty we've always had with each other and with other people. But let me jump into your space for a little bit - so it would be romantic to lie to JJ and Abigail, because that's what we're going to do. Jen - No I don't want ... I don't know. Maybe I haven't thought of all the details. I just thought ... Dan - Damn right you haven't because if you had you would know there's no way in hell I would agree to this. He walks out of her office.

Nicole - No Fr, you're not interrupting. I have to get these handouts into the pews, excuse me. Outside in the hallways she mutters - I had to make him think that, I had to! Eric - You said you had news. Fr Matt - Yes. I spoke with the Bishop. He has selected Kristen DiMera to help you select the new scholarship students. Eric - I'm sorry, I don't understand. Fr Matt - He's very impressed with her. Besides, she's provided most of the funding. Eric - She agreed? Fr Matt - I just got a confirmation call. Is something the matter? Eric - Fr Matt, I'm not sure if you know, but Kristen DiMera has done a lot to hurt my family. Fr Matt - I thought she changed and she was trying to live a more positive life. Eric - Yes, it's possible. Fr Matt - Is it that you don't want to work with her. Before you answer, think. This is very important to the Bishop. Eric - Yes, it's fine. Of course I'll work with her. You're right. She has been trying to change.

Kristen grabs the doctor's lapel and drags him inside the mansion. I need some straight answers. Apparently I'm going to be working very closely with a certain someone. Dr - The man you drugged. Kristen - Yeah. In the same room. It could be hours at a time and I need to know if being with him is going to trigger any kind of memory of what happened that night. Dr - If he hasn't remembered by now, he never will. Kristen - Not hearing my voice, not being next to me ... nothing like that. Dr - Not a problem. Kristen - Would you stake your life on it? Dr - I'm positive.

Segment 6: JJ - Dude, she works for my mom at the hospital, totally lazy. Bev! JJ introduces Will to Bev. Will - Once it's up and running you should bring Bev to the club sometime. JJ - We could drink. Will - No you can't. I've got to give you a wristband, sorry. It will still be fun. Will leaves. Bev - Are we on for tonight? JJ - Most definitely. My mom wants us to stop by the house first just so she knows you're not some 40 yr old stripper. Bev - I better find something mom approved to wear. JJ - I'm sure you'll do fine especially after the last girl she thought I was interested in.

Theresa gets off the elevator at the hospital. Man this is so depressing. She sees Dan on the phone. She makes a beeline to him. I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed having lunch with you. Dan - Do you like the symphony? Theresa - Yes I love it! Dan - Are you free tomorrow night? Theresa - Absolutely!

Brady comes into the living room of the K mansion and gives Maggie a kiss on the cheek. How are you doing? Maggie - I'm fine. You're awfully chipper, what's up. Brady - I have something to tell you. You have to promise to keep it quiet. Maggie - Mum's the word. Brady - It's a little shocking. Maggie - I can do shocking. Tell me. Brady - Kristen and I have decided to start seeing each other again. Maggie - Oh God.

Kristen arrives at the rectory. Fr Matt - I'm so glad you decided to help with the project. Kristen - I'm looking forward to it. Fr Matt - I'll let you two get started. He leaves. Eric - These are the new applicants. Kristen - Can I just be honest with you? This is very awkward for both of us, I know. When you saw Brady and I together at the Kiriakis mansion you made it very clear how you felt about us. Eric - Brady and I ... Kristen - I know. You discussed it and you're reserving judgement which is very kind of you. But we both know this is not going to be easy for you to explain to Marlena. Eric - No, it won't but this is for a worthy cause so she's going to have to understand. I also know that Brady wants this to be a beginning of a new chapter for all of us. Kristen - That's my hope too. Eric - Good. Welcome aboard. They shake hands. Eric looks down at her hand in his. Kristen - Something wrong Father? Eric gets a text. I'm sorry. It's my grandmother. I drove her to the pharmacy earlier and she thinks she left her prescription in my car. I'm sorry, I'm going to have to take this to her. Kristen - That's okay. I have to go through all this anyway. Eric - I'll be back soon. He leaves. Nicole returns. What the hell are you doing here?

Segment 7: Bev - So where are we going tonight? JJ - My mom has this book club thing at the house tonight which means I can stay out longer than I thought. Bev - Great. Then we can get into some trouble and stay there a long time. JJ - Oh, I just had the best idea. Tonight is going to be so epic!

Maxine knocks on Jen's door. You said you wanted these as soon as they came in. Jen thanks her. Maxine - Do you have something that you'd like to share with your old buddy? Jen - No and I have a lot of work to do since I have an assistant that doesn't come to work. Maxine leaves. Jen pulls out the press release about Daniel.

Theresa - Dr. Jonas, I'm so excited. The symphony, wow! So what time can I ... Dan - The show starts at 8. I'm sure you'll have no problem finding someone to go with. It's supposed to be a really good show. Theresa - Oh well thanks. Dan - I'm glad somebody gets to enjoy the show. I've got to run so have fun. She's going to throw the tickets in the garbage when she sees the price. $125 a pop. If I scalp these I can get some more quality product. Yeah, from a grownup dealer. Maxine tells Theresa that Ms Horton has been looking for her. Theresa - Oh sorry (don't know what else she added) - she gets on the elevator.

Maggie - You warned me. I never expected that. Brady - You're not too happy, are you? Maggie - I just don't get it. After everything you've learned about her. What's she done to you. What she's doing to your family. Brady - Maggie, I know you've heard this before but I'm telling you, she's changed. Maggie - Oh dear God. Don't tell me you're trotting that one out again. Brady - I love her. The crazy thing is she loves me too. I know it's risky. Maggie - Remember when you said that maybe you were addicted to love. Brady - That's not what this is. I know you're worried about me. I appreciate that you're worried about me but please just trust me. My eyes are open. We're taking it slow. If Kristen's playing me, I will know it.

Nicole - You think because no one's here you can just waltz in and start reading files. Kristen - Would you be a sweetie pie and copy these applications for me. Nicole - Excuse me but who the hell do you think you are! Kristen - I'm your new boss.
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If Jenn didn't want Daniel to get the wrong idea, she should have stayed away from him. She was the one who went to Victor's house and started kissing him and then running to have sex with him back at his place. Under those circumstances, who wouldn't have believed they were reuniting? Color me confused.
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I was just wondering something... Why isn't Kristen angry and vengeful against Brady the way she is toward John? Brady left her begging on the ground the same as John did after finding out about things she had done, rejecting her at the alter (or almost at the alter). I guess she has no pride left :blulaugh:
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Dannifer are so much better a-p-a-r-t. And to think that I thought the "real Jenn" was back and she always is away from Dr. D. As for Daniel, I can take him or leave him. Don't hate him or love him which means I'm totally indifferent. SC was so good on ATWT as Mike, and seeing him now, it's like what happened? This is the second go-round of Dannifer & I'm still not feelin' them. Not even in the least. For me, I just sense no romantic chemistry at all. And that so-called love scene with Dannifer the other day (smdh), it was too painful to watch. Someone needs to shoot the days staff a memo. Dannifer just isn't working. Not at all.
Now, I didn't think I would, but I really like Theresa. Jenn Liley is slowly, carefully adding layers & her own spin on the characterization. And the other day, I saw some sparks between Theresa/Nick. So, I'd be down for a Theresa/Nick hookup in the future.
As for Ericole...GV and AZ are seriously selling it! My Ericole lovin' heart wept, too. It was so good & intense. And Father Matt's interruption, talk about bad timing! I so wanted Ericole's convo to continue. I'm hooked...onboard this Ericole train.
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Some quick thoughts as I get caught up ...

Daniel is the worst character ever. I absolutely hate him. I nearly lost it when he practically berated Jennifer. He pretty much was trying to get into a fight with her and argue about JJ. I hate him. Jennifer and Missy however looked fantastic. I actually think she deserves better than this Dannifer crap.

Will/Maggie was nice, I'm all for characters interacting who sort of should but never do, however, why was Will not opening up to Marlena? And f you Maggie for dissing JJ.

Speaking of JJ, he's quickly become one of my favorite characters. And Casey Moss is doing a really good job. I liked that they actually had Will and JJ interact. I sort of expected it to happen off-screen, if it actually happened.

Bitchy Theresa is wonderful. I really like that she's THAT hard around the edges and just a bitch. But we need that balance. I do like they give her SOME nice moments though, but I think they balance JJ a bit better (JJ seems to really embrace family, even if he does try to manipulate them, while Jeannie wants nothing to do with her family). Although I guess it's done on purpose. But both have been wonderful additions.

Eric/Nicole <3

I just fucking love them. I do. I want them to rip their clothes off and have sex all over that church office. I think Greg and Ari have done a great job and I love the building up Nicole/Eric are getting. It's really great to see this couple getting the writing they deserve, and it's REALLY nice to say that about DAYS again (even though I still have some gripes).

I think I'm forgetting a few things but I watched three episodes nearly in a row so I'm combining all of them in my head.
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