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Friday September 6th Daily Discussion
Topic Started: Sep 6 2013, 01:19 AM (15,997 Views)
The Scorpion
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Sep 8 2013, 06:14 AM
The Scorpion
Sep 8 2013, 04:13 AM
While I may think that the actor who plays JJ is good, although I'm not interested in what this character is doing or not doing. Reason for this is that the character is linked to Jenifer and Daniel's sl and I find nothing entertaining with their sl or these two characters, then that Jennifer was popular back in the day I do not care, right now so suck the character and adds nothing of interest in my opinion, and the same with Daniel. I mean what is exciting about this character? Nada zero. IMO, it's one thing that sucks with this show, it's regardles what story they are writing so there can never be exciting if the characters are boring. I'm not so sure it can be really good if the writers do not start shape up characters and really look at which characters who can bring something to a story, etc. Family Drama oh yes but it takes an interesting family to begin with.
I love JJ because he's the one person on the canvas who has been allowed to visibly grieve for Jack. The problem is that his grief for Jack is cruelly (and I mean cruelly to the viewers who loved Jack) being written as a "problem". His love for Jack is leading to what we are supposed to be believe is evil things. He's a druggie and worse than that - he DOESN'T LIKE DANIEL. As the whole town knows and tells us at least once usually more than once every episode, Daniel is wonderful and Jennifer and Daniel belong together.

The writers will kill JJ or make him accept Daniel after a long period of suffering, but they won't let him keep voicing viewer disgust with the show. He's not for that. He's there to show how awful and messed up people (including viewers) who hate Daniel are and what happens to them.

Also, I don't think JJ has a drug problem. Theresa has a drug problem. JJ smokes pot, which is being made legal in many places. Yes, JJ's too young and probably smokes too much, but he's self-medicating his pain because his mother is too worried about her relationship with Daniel to get her son to Marlena's office. Let's face it, why would she do anything else? Jack was tortured and suffered from PTSD and she reacted the same. And we're supposed to root for her. It's really indefensible.

JJ's big crime is dealing, and he's dealt more than pot - including pills and the coke he got for Theresa. I agree that he's a kid who thinks he's a badass and probably needs to be sacred onto the straight and narrow. But unfortunately, as far as JJ's mother is concerned, this is nothing but an impediment to her love for Daniel.

Also, I think there are writers that hate Daniel as much as some viewers, which is why some of the writing for JJ has been so good, but TomSell will ultimately direct JJ's fate and that fate is to be punished for not accepting Daniel as the center of his life (and the show).

**edited to reflect that not all viewers hate Daniel. He does have fans, and that should be respected. However, I will say the writers would be smart if they allowed more characters to speak for the number of viewers who don't like Daniel and miss Jack and Lucas and John as major parts of the canvas and allowed those characters to thrive rather than be punished.
I understand what you mean, and I also see that JJ is the only one who expresses disgust for Jennifer and Daniel's relationship, etc., but for me, this doesn't matter because Jennifer and Daniel are uninteresting and their sl is useless when it comes to entertainment, in my opinion. And, unfortunately, so is the character JJ linked to their sl. When I mean interesting characters, it's so that the characters must be able to provide different pages and well have an interesting background, etc. and be able to bring drama. If we now look at the Horton family, Laura was interesting Bill was interesting but Jennifer nah, although I liked Jennifer and Jack back in the day. but today -I find that Jennifer is boring and I do not care about her family drama because I find no interest in her family. Perhaps it is that characters that are complicated are more appealing to me characters that can show multiple sides of themselves the same thing when it comes to family drama there must be something exciting with the family for me to be hoked.
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Life is awesome

I was pretty pleased with the Jennifer/JJ scene in the police station. I think Jennifer did have the right to express her disappointment in him and how his actions have affected their family. I totally get JJ's POV though that Jennifer does seem to put Dan on a pedestal and that it's not easy mourning for a father while seeing your mother move on at warp speed to the skeeviest of the skeevy. I never used to be a fan of Danloe, but what I wouldn't give for Nadia to return permanently and for Chloe to put an end to the unbelievable stupidity that is Dannifer.

Super, DUPER thrilled about EJ's letter to Sami in the slammer. I've heard mention of the comparison being made between that scene and how Santo and Colleen's relationship took hold through letters. It's nice to know what's in a character's head (in this case EJ's) without the use of a device like talking to themselves/thinking out loud. Though the prison set is getting old, I'll put up with it if it means EJ and Sami communicating like that even when physical interaction isn't possible. Taking the time to put your thoughts about someone on paper isn't done very often these days, as an EJami fan I truly appreciated receiving a scene like that and especially that we got to hear EJ's narration of it. The romantic in me loved it to bits.
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Sep 8 2013, 01:57 AM
Sep 8 2013, 01:05 AM
Lucas was almost beaten to death in prison. Tomsell won't allow Lucas to talk about it to JJ though, it might take more than 45 seconds, and the time simply can't be spared.
Hope was beaten with a bag of oranges and probably would've been killed had Bo not rescued her. And Jen was there, "working" with/for the Warden at the time.

As this JJ story progresses, it would make sense for JJ to have talks with people like Maggie & Brady about addiction. Let's face it - JJ has a drug problem.
And why would Brady or Maggie care about JJ. He hates Daniel which is a sin in Salem. Maggie even gave him the cold shoulder last time she saw JJ. And I wouldn't be surprised if Brady did the same.
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Delete post. Sorry Lysie, I just read your warning after posting and my post possibly/probably qualifies.
Edited by DesignatedShelley, Sep 9 2013, 10:01 PM.
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Sep 6 2013, 11:32 PM
I've been thinking about this, too. Even though I was a major Jack/Jen fan back in the day, I think I could accept either one of them with someone new. My issue with all of this is that there's no acknowledgement of what really went down (in my eyes) when Jack returned from Afghanistan. Jennifer treated him terribly. His very real struggles with PTSD were completely glossed over to focus on a trite Dating Game scenario. Throughout the whole ordeal, she showed a real bias toward Daniel. Then, once Daniel "bowed out" for the upteenth time, she decided she wanted Jack and was supposedly focused on him until his death. THAT is what happened, THAT is what JJ should be upset about, and THAT is what needs to be acknowledged and dealt with. I would have loved to see a storyline where someone in Jack's orbit, maybe Adrienne, was loyal to him and upset with Jen's treatment of him. If I couldn't have that, I would like to see Jennifer have to face it now. Every time she acts as if she was a grieving widow who reluctantly gave herself permission to love again, my blood boils. Because not only did she not show Jack more than a shred of sympathy and compassion when he was dealing with mental illness, she barely grieved him at all after he died. She has shown more grief toward Daniel's hand tremors and multiple break-ups than she showed Jack in total during his last stint. And the writers need to stop pretending otherwise.
The post I deleted above was trying to get at this -- JJ's story can feed off the audience reaction to all this stuff you mentioned, but it can't ever directly address it because JJ wasn't there to see what the audience saw, so if he's supposed to be the stand-in for the segment of the audience that can't stand Daniel or Dannifer, he will fall short there.

Every time we almost get to the point where Jennifer could once and for all clear up how she felt when Jack came back and why she behaved the way she did, something else happens, someone interrupts with another problem, or the argument veers away because the shocked and hurt looks are supposed to suffice as emotional beats.

The bottom line is Jack/Jennifer was a story viewers were sold for 20 years. No story is universally beloved, no, but by any reasonable viewpoint it was a very accepted and even celebrated story. The way that Daniel and Dannifer has been inserted into the timeline of the show has undermined what the viewers watched for 20 years. It is making all the emotions hard to believe, and emotions are what we're here for, and they're always skirting the issue. There are elephants in the room yet to be addressed.

Also, when a character says "I need to stay away from Jennifer" or "I need to stay away from Daniel" or "I need to mind my own business", the rest of the writing needs to stop contriving to make the exact opposite of those supposed convictions happen. Now and then it can be an buyable coincidence, but over and over again it becomes really annoying.

ETA: For the record, I don't think Jennifer was trying to threaten JJ with the possibility of prison rape, I don't think she doesn't care about him beyond his being an obstacle for her relationship with Daniel, and I do understand why she is angry with JJ for using Jack to evade responsibility. I didn't find her to be a poor parent in this episode. But I don't think that JJ's issues are about anything other than Jack, they clearly are all about Jack and his death. And I think I could enjoy the family drama more or less if it all wasn't subtext for Dannifer. I did find it annoying that she just had to hug Daniel right there in the cop shop with JJ looking on, and yes again, there are contradictions that aren't being addressed.

TL;DR I don't think fear of being a hypocrite should stop you from laying down the law as a parent, but I wish the show would find another way of confronting Jennifer with the issues some viewers still have with her.
Edited by DesignatedShelley, Sep 9 2013, 10:27 PM.
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