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Interesting/Spoilerish Tweets, Week of Sept 23; Twitter/FB list, contact list in first post
Topic Started: Sep 23 2013, 09:44 AM (32,081 Views)
Miss Rhi
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Please post all interesting/spoilerish tweets in this thread. If a news article or new video is also tweeted (for example by SOD or NBC), it should probably go in its own thread, following our normal rules. This thread is for tweets, usually from someone on the list below, which give us information in some way about anything related to the show or upcoming storylines.

Please link each tweet and then set it off in italics, quotes or a quote box. To link a tweet, click "expand" and then click "details". That will give you the link to the tweet on its own page. If this is difficult (ie posting from a phone), please at least set off the tweet in quotation marks.

If anyone has names to add to this thread, please PM them to me rather than putting them in the thread. There are unfortunately a lot of fake accounts out there, and we want to verify each account is legit before putting it in this list.

I have entered the below list as a "Twitter List" under the DaytimeRoyalty twitter account. To access it, go to


Then click "Follow this list". It will then appear in your lists.

Thanks! :smile:

Posted Image

List of Twitter and FB pages

Official Days Accounts

Current Days Cast
Kristian Alfonso - @kjalfonso
Camila Banus - @camilabanus
Blake Berris - @blakeberris
Shawn Christian - @ShawnC4Real
Bryan Dattilo @bryan_dattilo
Brant Daugherty @brantdaugherty
Eileen Davidson @eileen_davidson, Eileen Davidson Facebook
Casey Deidrick - @caseydeidrick
Sean Douglas - @TheSean_Douglas
Judi Evans - @TheJudiEvans
Galen Gering - @Galengering, Jenna Gering (wife) @jennagering
Deidre Hall - @DeidreHall, The Deidre Hall Fan Page (Facebook)
Bill & Susan Hayes - @DaysHayes
Drake Hogestyn - @DrakeHogestyn, Drake Hogestyn Facebook
Lauren Koslow - @LaurenKoslow
Wally Kurth - @Wallykurth
Jen Lilley - @jen_lilley
Meredith Scott Lynn - @MeredithSLynn
Kate Mansi - @katemansi
Eric Martsolf - @EricMartsolf
Chandler Massey - @ChandlerMassey
Casey Moss - @1CaseyMoss
Nathan Owens - @Nathanjowens
Terrell Ransom Jr. - @TerrellRansomJr
Melissa Reeves - @missyreeves4
James Reynolds - @JreynoldsJames
Suzanne Rogers - @SuzanneC_Rogers, Suzanne Rogers Facebook
James Scott - @IamJamesScott
Freddie Smith - @freddiemsmith
Chrishell Stause - @Chrishell7
Alison Sweeney - @Ali_Sweeney, Alison Sweeney Facebook
Greg Vaughan - @greg_vaughan
Guy Wilson - @THEguywilson
Ari Zucker - @Ari_Zucker, Ari Zucker Facebook

Writers/Hairstylists/Other Staff
Lisa De Cazotte (Co-Executive producer) - @DeCazotte1
Judie Henninger (Promos) - @heyjude14
Matthew Holman (Hairstylist) - @Matthewhairpro
Jayne Marie Kehoe (Wardrobe) - @costumesbyjmk
Patrick Kilian (Former Hairstylist) - @patrickkilian
Maggie Klaus (Former 'Days Insider') - @TheRealMagstar

Former Days cast active on twitter or Facebook and not currently on another soap:
Matt Ashford - @matthew_ashford
Nadia Bjorlin - @realnadiab
Kyle Brandt - @KyleBrandt34
Tamara Braun - @tamarabraun
Darin Brooks - @theedarinbrooks
Sarah Brown - @sarahjoybrown,Sarah Brown Facebook
Ian Buchanan @KilttripUSA
Molly Burnett - @mollydollyy
Crystal Chappell - @crystalchappell
Christie Clark - @Christie__Clark, Christie Clark Facebook
Patrika Darbo - @PatrikaDarbo
Bren Foster - @BrenFosterReal
Staci Greason - @StaciGreason
Mark Hapka - @MarkHapka
Shelley Hennig - @Shelleyhennig
Brody Hutzler - @brodyhutzler
Gloria Loring - @theglorialoring
Kyle Lowder - @kylelowder22
Martha Madison - @Marth27, Martha Madison Facebook
Rachel Melvin - @Rachel_Melvin
Patrick Muldoon - @MuldoonPatrick
Patsy Pease - @PatriciaPease
Austin Peck - @AustinRed5
Thaao Penghlis - @ThaaoPenghlis
Julie Pinson - @JuliePinsonCom
Peter Reckell - @PeterReckell
Lisa Rinna - @lisarinna
Michael Sabatino - @michaelsabatino
Francisco San Martin - @Pepoduder
Kevin Spirtas - Kevin Spirtas Fan Page (Facebook)
Charles Shaughnessy - @c_shaughnessy
Billy Warlock - @billywarlock
Valerie Wildman - @ValerieWildman
Schuyler Yancey - @schuyleryancey

Contact Info:

DAYS Comment Line: 1-818-840-2067

Ken Corday
Executive Producer, Days of Our Lives
3400 West Olive Avenue, Suite 170
Burbank, CA 91505

Greg Meng
Co-Executive Producer, Days of our Lives
3000 West Alameda Avenue
Burbank, CA 91523
[email protected]

Lisa De Cazotte
Co-Executive Producer, Days of our Lives
3000 West Alameda Avenue
Burbank, CA 91523

Bruce Evans
SVP, Current Programming
3000 West Alameda Avenue
Burbank, CA. 91523

Rebecca McGill
Director, Drama Programming
NBC Television Network
3000 West Alameda Avenue
Burbank, CA. 91523

Gary Tomlin
Co-Head Writer, Days of Our Lives
3000 West Alameda Avenue
Burbank, CA 91523

Chris Whitesell
Co-Head Writer, Days of Our Lives
3000 West Alameda Avenue
Burbank, CA 91523

Writing Team
Days of our Lives
3000 West Alameda Avenue
Burbank, CA 91523

Michael Lynton
Chairman & CEO, Sony Pictures Entertainment
10202 West Washington Boulevard
Culver City, CA 90232-3195

Steve Kent
Senior Executive VP of Programming
Sony Pictures Entertainment Inc.
10202 West Washington Boulevard
Culver City, CA 90232
[email protected]

Soap Opera Digest
4 New York Plaza, 2nd Floor
New York, NY 10004
[email protected]

Sony Pictures Entertainment Inc.
10202 West Washington Boulevard
Culver City, CA 90232
[email protected] and [email protected]


It is unlikely SOD will print any letter that bashes an actor/actress, producer or headwriter. Try to be reasonable and respectful with your criticism, but don't be afraid to express your point of view about the show and its storylines.

If the comment line inboxes are full, wait until they're emptied and call back later.


The PR team at Days wants us to let everyone know they check this board daily and they report our feedback to producers. They also check the comment line, so make sure to call it often and leave your feedback about the show!
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Some gals have all the luck!

Sep 29 2013, 03:08 AM
Sep 29 2013, 01:31 AM
Sep 28 2013, 03:38 PM
Sep 28 2013, 01:05 PM
WSMV: Here's a look at all of the @DaysofourLives stars who stopped by @WSMV today! http://t.co/TGQx8aJ7di
Quoting myself to say that damn, Kristian & Greg look great together. There's no way anyone would guess from that pic that Greg is 10 years Kristian's younger. I could be persuaded into being pro a Hope/Eric/Nicole triangle. lol.

Posted Image
I know you'll disagree with me on this, but it makes me loathe TIIC all the more for not having Hope going cougar on all these hot younger guys.

Instead it's Kate and Kristen who get to do all that. :x
Most of the younger guys currently on screen are either related to Hope in some way or dated/were married to Sami at some point. I would love to see Hope paired with someone new since there are no plans to bring Bo back any time soon. That said, it would be out of character for Hope to romance another man and sleep with him unless Bo is dead (or has hurt her extremely deeply, which is unlikely to happen while he's off undercover).
So, in fact, i didn't disagree with you.
True. It would be OOC for Hope to fall in love and hop into the sack with someone else while Bo is in the picture. Whether he is on-screen or not. But, what if Hope were to somehow develop a naughtier wilder split personality? Who's to say what this "darker Hope" would be capable of? Remember Nighttime pill popping Hope while Bo was shacking up with Carly? I think a more wild bitchy Hope would be so much fun and would give me a reason to tune back in again. Plus, KA would rock the hell out of it.

And, sorry, but Bo has indeed hurt Hope extremely deeply on more than several occasions. Flaunting his affairs and other women in her face, for the sole cruel purpose of getting back at her. Giving his back up lovers (and his eldest daughter, before she supposedly turned over a new leaf) free reign to trash Hope. Verbally and/or otherwise. Bo always came out of those situations under the guise that Hope asked for it, and he never really came off as sorry for any of it. Atleast to me. Or maybe it did humble him and I missed it. Then of course Hope retracting, acting as a pathetic doormat and putting up with his garbage doesn't help matters. It only gives Bo a free pass to do it again and again.

But when Hope is with someone else (as Gina with John on the submarine, which Hope had no control over or with Patrick on an Island) and kicks his deadbeat a** to the curb it becomes, "oh Hope, how could you?" "Oh Hope, stop being so bitter and forgive poor victim Bo" "Oh Hope, stop being so selfish" "Hope is acting like a self-righteous bitch" "Oh Hope, get off your high horse" But where are these same people to go to bat on Hope's behalf and badger Bo on what a smug a**hole he is being? Other than JC's Shawn. Bo is never truly held accountable, not for long anyway. While Hope gets the crap end of the stick, on the show and from the audience.

ETA: Your KA banner is absolutely gorgeous! :wub2:
Edited by MissFancyFace, Sep 30 2013, 04:36 AM.
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Sep 28 2013, 05:18 PM
Sep 28 2013, 10:02 AM
Sep 27 2013, 09:23 AM
Team WilSon
Sep 27 2013, 07:20 AM
Drake Hogestyn: Took going all the way to Minneapolis but...finally together! @DeidreHall @daysbetterliving pic.twitter.com/aqPxObKpQW

Posted Image

So sad that this show has destroyed one of the most enduring couples on Days. For what? Kristen and Brady??? What utter rubbish. :flipoff:
There was no need to destroy Jarlena (or John as the character) for Brady/Kristen or any other couple for that matter. These two things have nothing to do with each other. And it's not the reason TPTB did it.
It was their business and/or writing choice.
I disagree. How could it have had nothing to do with Brady and Kristen? Of course it was a writing choice. They could have written a story with Kristen coming back to get revenge on John and Marlena which could have made John and Marlena stronger in the end, and Brady wouldn't have had to be involved. But they focused on Brady and Kristen and at every turn Brady's conflict was at the center of the story and that was John and Marlena trying to destroy his happiness with Kristen. They had to destroy John in order to create conflict for Brady and Kristen, and for Kristen to come to a new point. john was simply a plot point. Now they are using Marlena for continued conflict for the "lovebirds", only she is really only a bystander, with Eric now the focus of their story. John and Marlena's destruction was integral to propping up this so called forbidden romance.
I agree with you that they did use John as a plot point and destroyed Jarlena as a couple in the process. The question is did they have to do this for Bristen to exist? I don't think so. They still could have written John and Marlena working together against Bristen all along and become stronger in the end as you are saying. The way they've chosen wasn't definitely the only way to go. There are numerous other ways to create conflicts. I think TPTB care more about saving money and show's ratings as about any of the couples. If they see they could save money by letting one of their main actors off contract and know the ratings won't suffer too much they'll just do it. Brady/ Kristen... who?

BTW I don't agree that they are somehow propping Bristen (Propping is what they do with Danifer every single episode they are on). Sorry, but I don't see writing Kristen as constantly scheeming or planning to leave Brady at the altar for six months or this disgusting Eric/Kristen storyline as propping Bristen. On the contrary, most of the writing choices for them were quite destructive and definitely did no favours for the pairing. The main thing what makes me care about Bristen is this great great chemistry ED and EM share. Writing? Not so much.

I have to agree that the storyline(s) we are talking about focuses mainly on Kristen. She is front and center. I think this could have something to do with how they managed to get ED back. They had an idea to bring back the character but I guess they also had to work it out thoroughly in order to present it to TPTB at Sony. I don't think Sony would have terminated her contract for the s/l like they gave NB when she returned.
Edited by thepadange, Sep 30 2013, 06:13 AM.
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