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Wednesday, October 23rd Daily Discussion
Topic Started: Oct 22 2013, 11:33 PM (21,763 Views)
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Oct 24 2013, 11:24 AM
Oct 24 2013, 09:14 AM
Oct 24 2013, 05:38 AM
Also, another thing that needs to be said. As I said before there is absolutely *no* reason for people to get all up in arms about this "treatment" of Nicole. And another thing is that this is *not* the same as last year. Then, Nicole was clearly made out to actually *be* the villain, with her doing horrible, inexcplicable things, and trying to turn the audiences against her. Jennifer is the heroine, Nicole is the villain. That is not the case now. Nicole is being portrayed as the heroine, not the villain, everyone has seen what she has done or hasn't done, while Kristen is the villain and people are bashing *her*, not Nicole. Nicole will be *more* than fine after all has been said and done. And if someone thinks about saying, "oh she did it, Kristen did it, she doesn't deserve any sympathy", well to that, so did Nicole do what she did a year ago, carried her dead baby inside which is disgusting, and blamed Jennifer for it. So there's really no two ways about it, and certainly no room for hypocisy.
You are so right to point out that Kristen is the villain and not Nicole, unlike a year ago when Nicole was written to carry a dead baby around just to frame poor Jennifer. Just goes to show how truly demented Tomsell are they have in the last year had a baby killed for another couples angst, a priest raped, and a murder set free and blamed the widow. Only Tomsell could make rape foreplay for a couple, and defrock a priest at the same time. As for Nicole the main reason her fans aren't happy about the way this storyline has gone is that not only has she been blamed but she again has lost everyone. Brady called her a bitch and walked away from her, and Eric screamed at her in God's house, not the rectory but in the actual church calling her vile and disgusting. So please understand that as fans of this character it's getting a bit old for her to continue to lose everything while others have family and friends that defend them EVEN when guilty. And you can't call Rafe her friend he never has screen time with her (someone else must not like sharing her toys). And Daniel treats Nicole like a lunatic he has to watch his step around, so no Nicole truly has no one in her life she can turn too. If they have her turn to Daniel which is expected because Daniel has the drive, and Daniel gets thrown into everything much like Sami it will not be because he believes her it most probably will be because he wants to put her in therapy.

Unfortunately for those of us who are fans of both ED and AZ we would have much preferred the real Nicole all this time and Kristen and Nicole collaborate on things, or at the very least gotten to see more than the occasional confrontation. Both ladies deserved better than what Tomsell gave them, both have given great performances with the shitty storyline but let it be clear this has been a completely SHITTY storyline from start to finish. Both men have been turned into the morons they've made Austin look like Einstein, and both women have been ruined. One repairable eventually, but I truly hope Nicole leaves both these men in the dust, and I know why ED chose to leave she probably cringed every time she got her script. At this point I only watch Nicole/Kristen scenes and am barely hanging on for those. I'll probably walk away completely after ED leaves because like the suicide attempt that as a Nicole fan I couldn't even bare to watch. I don't even bother watching Kristen when she shares screen time with EJ or anything that has to do with Sami and since she inserts and takes over every storyline I'm sure she'll be all up in this kool-aide soon as Kristen's downfall comes. Only thing Tomsell may do to salvage Kristen and give a shot at ED returning at some point is that they will keep the rape quiet for Eric's sake, that he chooses to leave the priest hood for his own reason's and not because Kristen raped him. Because when that comes out Brady will also be humiliated beyond belief, and then if they push their Ericoma agenda Eric will apologize to Nicole but of course no one will really know. Brady on the other hand will be left with nothing as well since they ruined the Bricole friendship, oops I forgot he has family. Victor, Maggie, Marlena, John (coming back) Eric, Samslut, and all the Horton/Brady back up he needs.
As a fan of Nicole and of her portrayer, I have to disagree with your assessment that all of her fans aren't happy about the way this storyline has gone. I find it refreshing to see Nicole getting treated as the true heroine in the story. In fact, I can't really recall a time that's ever happened and I think AZ has done a great job of subtly sliding Nicole into that role while still managing to keep that tough, funny yet biting demeanor that makes Nicole so unique. It's nice to be rooting for Nicole in a situation where she really hasn't done anything wrong and has actually been fighting the good fight to make the right choices. There have been times in the past when I found myself rooting for Nicole (primarily because AZ makes her so damned rootable) when in truth, she was the reason her life kept falling apart around her. This time it's pretty clear to me that after going through some heartbreak (which again, AZ does better than just about anybody) the writing is indicating Nicole will be vindicated and likely find her happiness. It's sad to watch her suffer - particularly when she's being accused of things that are in no way her fault - but at the same time, it's the mark of a great soapy storyline and indicates HUGE character growth for Nicole.

My one and only complaint about this storyline is the snail's pace it has moved at - but I'm hopeful the payoff will be well worth it as it plays out. If AZ's performances these last few episodes are any indication I think we're in for some amazing stuff from her in the coming months as the story plays out and I think that's fantastic - both for the actress and for the character she plays.
Sorry and I did miss one thing in my response back - this particular part

"It's nice to be rooting for Nicole in a situation where she really hasn't done anything wrong and has actually been fighting the good fight to make the right choices. There have been times in the past when I found myself rooting for Nicole (primarily because AZ makes her so damned rootable) when in truth, she was the reason her life kept falling apart around her. "

Nicole was not at fault when EJ cheated on her with TayHo or had grief sex with Scami, yet she was the one that suffered especially for the second, but the writers turned it around to make Nicole at fault by hiding the pregnancy from EJ, and would have also hid the child. :ermm: Now let me think who else did that???
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OK, I'm just now watching this on NBC.com. Damn Eric's hide. Damn Brady's hide. Poor Nicole. Awesome Ari. And actually, awesome MR! I didn't think I'd say that, but JJ is really starting to piss me off. MR, call the cops. Go ahead. You have my blessing. Add Brady and Eric while you're at it, because it's a crime to be that stupid.
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