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Thursday, November 14th Daily Discussion
Topic Started: Nov 14 2013, 02:06 AM (19,037 Views)
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Please note: This report is not to be copied and pasted to any other sites. Please link only. Link to summary archive:


Director: Albert Alarr
Scriptwriter: Janet Iacobuzio

Segment 1: EJ walks into the D living room talking on his cell leaving a message for Kristen. As you can imagine things are spiralling out of control here. I need to make sure that Samantha does not find out that I knew you slept with Fr. Eric and kept quiet about it so call me immediately as soon as you get this. Sami comes into the room after tucking the kids in. She asks where Kristen is.

Nick is in the square talking on his cell to his mom - his laptop open to a pic of Gabi. No Mom, I haven't decided anything yet but if I could pick the perfect place to live it would be New York City.

Gabi is looking over her contract in the apt when Sonny calls for help. Gabi goes into Ari's room just as Sonny comes out ... Will comes through the door. He kisses Sonny.

Eric rushes into the rectory calling out Nicole's name. He tries calling her. Come on, please pick up. Give me a chance to make this right.

The camera cuts to Nicole's phone buzzing, her hand near the phone, then a mangled car crashed into trees then pans up to an unconscious Nicole lying on the steering wheel.

Hope ends her call by saying I'll be right there. She tells Vic and Brady that someone spotted 2 cars speeding down the highway. They both went over the embankment. Vic - Anyone we know. Hope - The witness was able to make out the licence plate numbers. One of them was registered to Kristen DiMera.

The camera cuts back to the car crash scene.

EJ - Kristen's not here. Sami - Big surprise; the coward decided to run. EJ - I spoke to Harold. He said she left just after Brady did. Sami - I hope Brady finds her and gives her hell for what she did to him and Eric. Worst than hell; I swear Kristen deserves ... EJ - Why don't we just reserve judgement until we have the whole story. Sami - We know the whole story. Kristen drugged my brother and sexually assaulted him. EJ - Well that's what Eric says. Sami - Eric's not lying. He wouldn't lie about something like this. He's a priest for God's sake. EJ - We both saw that video twice. Did that look like assault to you?

Eric is going to leave but Fr. Matt is in the doorway. My God Eric what have you done!

Brady - Was Kristen hurt? Hope - I don't know. I don't have the details. I'll let you know as soon as I find out. Brady - No, I'm coming with you. I need to be there please. Vic - After all that woman's done to you do you really care if she lives or dies? Brady - No I don't but I need to know either way.

Nicole just starts coming to as Roman and a police officer rush down to the car. Nicole, are you okay? It's Roman. Are you okay? Nicole - Yes, I will be as soon as you tell me that bitch is gone for good.

Another cop is near the other car. Salem PD. Can anybody hear me?

Segment 2: Gabi comes back into the room. She's excited to see Will too. Will goes to see Ari. Gabi grabs her purse and keys. She tells Sonny she's going to give him and Will some alone time. Ari will be asleep for a while and they haven't seen each other in a week. Sonny - I'm kind of liking you more and more each day.

Eric - You heard about the video. FM - Yes. Is it true that you were intimate with Kristen DiMera. Eric - Yes but it wasn't ... I was drugged Father. It's like I was watching somebody else. I would never forsake my vows to the Church. FM - I want to believe you Eric. I can see how upset you are. Eric - Father, I told you about those sexual dreams. Those dreams that tormented me. I told you how I was trying to figure out what happened to me that night at the State Capitol; why I became so deadly ill. All those things are connected. FM - Connected? Eric - That night Kristen, she committed this heinous act. Don't you see that! Father, why aren't you saying anything. FM - I'm also remembering some of our earlier conversations where you said you were guilt-ridden about something but you didn't want to explain it. And you also admitted that whatever it was you shared some responsibility. Eric sits down. FM - I have to ask you this. Eric, those feelings of guilt that you had, were they because you willingly had sex with Kristen DiMera.

Roman helps Nicole out of the car telling her to take it easy. Are you hurt? Nicole - I hit my head and I'm a little sore but I'm okay I think. Roman - We'll get you checked out. Until then I'd advise you not to say anything more about this accident. Nicole - Fine, I won't. Roman, I don't wish death on anyone but my God we can not let that horrible woman destroy anymore lives. She's got to be stopped. Roman - I said Shhh! Nicole - Why are you shushing me? Why? Maybe you don't know what Kristen did to me but you sure as hell know what she did to your unsuspecting son. You can't stand there and tell me that you don't hate that low-life snake as much as I do. A uniformed cop comes up to Roman and tells him they found the other vehicle. He asks Nicole if she's sure she's okay.

Hope and Brady arrive at the scene of the other car. Brady - That's Kristen's car. A cop is crouched down near the driver's side - I think you should see this for yourself Det. Brady. She tells Brady to wait. She goes to the car. Any survivors? Brady - Is she dead? Hope - There's no one in the car. Kristen's not here.

Segment 3: Will comes out to find Sonny pouring them wine. Sonny tells him it was Gabi's idea to give them some alone time. Will - You two must be getting along then. Sonny says they are. Will tells Sonny about his 'chat' with Ari. Sonny tells him how he knew Ari missed him while he's gone. Sonny takes the wine glasses. They start kissing.

Eric - I promise you Father I didn't even know what was happening with whom until that video started playing. FM - So that guilt had nothing to do with Kristen. Eric - It was on my own that I realised that the sexual dreams that I was talking to you about were actually memories. I started to put all this together and I mistakably thought the woman I was with was Nicole. FM - Did you talk with her about this before it happened? Eric - Yes I confronted her and she denied it obviously. FM - Why would you think that Nicole would want to do something like that to you. Eric - There were coincidences. She was there that night at the Capitol and the woman that I was remembering, she had blonde hair and then ... FM - And then what? Eric - Then I found out Nicole actually had feelings for me. FM - So you leapt to the conclusion that the person in your dream, your memories was her. Eric - Father, I was accusing Nicole without proof; refusing to believe her. FM - Have you spoken to her since the truth came out? Eric - I was actually on my way to go and look for her before you got here. I should go. FM - Hold on, there's another matter you must deal with. Bishop White heard what happened and wants to meet with you tonight.

EJ - Don't you dare look at me that way. Sami - What way? Like what you just said wasn't incredibly stupid or insensitive or infuriating. EJ - If anyone on that video was the aggressor it clearly was Eric. Sami - Obviously because she pumped him full of a cartload of drugs. EJ - Tell me, what kind of drug would a man take to ravish somebody against his will and then have no memory of it. Sami - Lets ask Kristen shall we. EJ - No, let's ask you. Unless it is that you don't remember the name of the drug that you used to get Austin to sleep with you. Sami - I can not believe that you are throwing that in my face right now. EJ - That's exactly what you're throwing in my sister's face. Sami - I was a kid. She's a fully grown psychopath. And obviously Stefano hasn't changed a bit because he helped her do it. EJ's cell rings. Great, it's your father. Yes Roman what can I do for you. What! No, I'll be right there. Sami - What is it? EJ - Kristen. There's been some sort of accident. Sami will go with him. EJ goes to get the car. Sami mutters - Please let her be dead.

Hope tells Brady that Kristen or whoever was driving this car somehow managed to walk away from it. Brady - That doesn't seem possible. Hope - There are footprints leading into the woods; may take time to track. Brady - So we don't even know if she was driving the car. We don't even know if she was in the car. Hope holds up an evidence bag. We found this on the front seat. Do you recognise it. Brady takes the bag. It's Kristen's. She was wearing it at our wedding; what would have been our wedding. Brady - There was suppose to be 2 cars. The witness said there were 2 cars. Where the hell's the other car. Roman calls out Brady. He's helping Nicole walk. Hope calls for one of the cops. Come here. I think I found something. They all rush over. Hope - Look at this. It looks like a torn piece of fabric. Nicole - Her wedding dress. She was still wearing it when we fought. Roman - We'll talk about that down at the office. Nicole - Are you arresting me? What about Kristen? Roman - We'll get it sorted out. Roman - Look, Kristen is alive. She could be hurt but obviously she took off so we need to organise a search. Nicole - And then will you arrest her? Roman - Let's just say she's got more allegations than I can name so yeah, she needs to talk to us. Hope and the other cops continue looking. Brady goes to Nicole - You fought with Kristen. Nicole - I wanted her to admit what she had done and she took off. Brady - And you drove off after her. Nicole - To stop her; to keep her from getting away. Roman told me not to talk about this. I don't care what people think and I'm not sorry for what I did. Brady - I'm not either. Kristen deserved it and much worse.

Segment 4: Gabi finds Nick in the square and says hi. He asks if she decided to sign with that modelling agency. No. Nick - No, not yet or no, not never. Gabi hasn't decided yet. It's a really big deal so I'm thinking it over; it would really change our lives. Nick - It's true. It's just that all the things the agent was describing that they could do for you; it's not going to happen here. Gabi knows that. It's just that my whole life is here. Nick gets that. I just saw Abigail. She said she picked up Will from the airport. Gabi says it was a surprise that he came home early. Nick - So have you seen him? Did you tell him about the modelling character? Gabi - He was so happy. He wanted to see Sonny and the baby. I didn't want to tell him I was considering taking his daughter to New York. Nick understands. Did he seem happy though? Gabi - He did; like he finally knew what he wanted to do with his life. Nick - There's nothing more important. Gabi - What about you? What do you want to do with your life?

Vic stares at a photo of Maggie on the mantelpiece. He gets a call. Yes I have heard about Kristen DiMera's unfortunate accident. No, I hadn't heard that. How very interesting.

Brady - You told me to look out for her and what did I do? I told you to get the hell out of my life; that's what I said to you. Sorry. I'm really sorry. No excuses. Nicole - You should be. You know Brady for what it's worth, I'm sorry that I was right for your sake.

FM - Bishop White and other church officials have heard from a number of parishioners some of whom were at the wedding and saw that video. They're all reporting that the sex looked consensual. Eric - They're all reporting that? You're telling me that not one single person is sceptical in any way; that every single parishioner isn't giving me the benefit of the doubt? FM - Apparently not. The Bishop is going to have to see that video before he makes any decisions. This does not look good. Eric - It's not the truth. It's the furthest thing from the truth that the sex was consensual. My God. How many times do I have to say that I was drugged. FM - Is there any way that you can prove that. Eric snaps - No or I would have already done it. I'm sorry. FM - I understand your frustration. Eric - Frustration? Try regret, disgust ... FM - Of course you have those feelings but don't you see, unless there's some proof ... Eric - I know if I don't have any proof I was drugged, no one's going to believe me. Even after seeing that video I still have no recollection of what happened with Kristen. But I can honestly say even though that evening was a loss, there's no question in my mind or my heart that I did not willingly have sex with Kristen. You believe me, don't you?

Sami and EJ rush to Hope. EJ - We saw the car. Is Kristen in the emergency room? Sami - Or the morgue? Hope - She's not in the ER unless she got there on her own. The car was empty when we found it and she's nowhere in sight. EJ - So she walked away. I don't quite understand. That's a serious accident. Are you telling me she survived and then she just fled? Hope - Potentially she's facing some very serious charges. Sami - For the horrible things she did to my brother. EJ - My concern right now is for my sister and if you're going to continue to imply that it would be better if she were dead you can take it somewhere else, alright! I think Sami asks 'any leads' but I'm not sure. Hope - No. There's no blood. It seems she left on foot. I doubt she's gotten very far. We should know more when we find her.

Segment 5: Nick - I'm still trying to figure things out just like you. I'm fine financially because of the formula's I sold Kate. It's not about money for me. It's about figuring out the right situation that's going to make me happy. Gabi knows. Nick - You have a tough decision to make. I just hope you make the right one that's best for you and it's not about trying to please other people because I have been down that road before and it's ultimately self-defeating and it never works out.

Will and Sonny bask in the afterglow. They're naked in bed together. They talk about the seminar and how Will was inspired and how much he loved writing. Sonny tells him to just write and see where it takes him. Will - It feels good knowing what I want to do with my life. They kiss.

FM - I do believe you Eric. Eric - You don't know how much that means to me. FM - I know you to be a thoughtful, prayerful man, decent and honest, dedicated to the church. But Eric, your vocation is at risk no matter what I believe. Eric - I understand and of course I'll meet with Bishop White but right now my main concern is Nicole. I should go. Fr. Matt, thank you for having faith in me.

Roman hands Nicole a piece of paper. I need you to sign that to indicate that you waived your right to an attorney. Nicole - I don't need an attorney. Roman - You were following Kristen DiMera in your own car on Hwy 41, right? Nicole - Right. Roman - Let's make this clear. It was very foggy out there tonight, isn't that correct? Nicole - Well it wasn't really ... she sees Roman making a sign with his hands ... Uh, yeah it was really foggy. I could hardly see. Look, I was just trying to stop her. I never meant for her to get hurt.

EJ - Hope, there's a second car down the embankment. Was that involved in ... Hope - EJ, call Roman first thing tomorrow morning and he will give you a full accounting of everything we find out tonight okay. In the meantime I think the both of you should go home. I promise you if we find anything or locate your sister I'll contact you. EJ - You do that, anytime day or night Hope. I'm not going to talk to my Father or brother about this until we know more. They come face to face with Brady. Sami tells EJ 'Now is not the time.' Brady - Those DiMera's, they are loyal to each other until the end, aren't they? Hope - Right to the bitter end. She virtually destroys his fiancée's brother yet he comes around here like he has the weight of the world on his shoulders; like it would actually be a tragedy if something really did happen ... I'm sorry. Brady - I think that guy is the last person on the planet to give a damn about that woman anymore.

Segment 6: Sonny and Will are now dressed and eating and drinking in bed. Will asks how things have been. Sonny tells Will that he and Gabi are now closer than they've ever been. Did you know Cameron left town? He's doing Doctors Without Borders. Will didn't know that. Is Gabi okay with that. Sonny - I think she is. She's been in really good spirits lately. Like she's excited about something. Someone or something is making her very happy but thankfully I know for sure it's not Nick Fallon.

Nick is looking at a photo Gabi and Ari on her phone. Would you text that to me ... so I can show Hope and Maggie. Gabi - Sure. I've got to go. I'm meeting up with Abigail. Take care.

Nicole - And that's the whole story. All I wanted to do ... Vic comes into Roman's office. Don't say another word Nicole. I'm calling Justin to represent you. Nicole - Wow, where did that come from? Roman - Victor, just relax, back off. Nicole waived her right to an attorney. Everything is just fine. No charges are being filed. He answers his phone. Okay I'll be right there. Roman tells Nicole he has to take care of something. When I come back I will witness you signing your statement. Nicole - Okay but can you hurry back; I really want to go home. Roman - Okay. He points at Victor. He offered his help; look the other way. People that Victor Kiriakis offers help to end up with a knife in their back. Nicole - Thank you for your advice but I already know that. Roman - Just a reminder. He leaves the room. Nicole - Do you want to explain this? Victor - You heard about the video of Eric and Kristen DiMera. Nicole - I was in a car accident; not under a rock, of course I know. Vic - Premiered at the wedding. I orchestrated it. Nicole - I'm sorry. You mean to tell me that you're the one that pulled this amazing stunt off all by yourself? Vic - No, actually Marlena was my accomplice. Nicole - What! Marlena. You mean to tell me that she was willing to aid and abet in publically humiliating her son not to mention ruin all the hard work he's done. Vic - She was more than willing to expose Kristen DiMera. In fact it's been her life's work ever since the bitch came back to Salem. Nicole - I didn't ask you if she was willing to expose Kristen, I asked you if she was willing to screw up her son's life six ways to Sunday. Vic - Well no, actually she didn't know Eric was Kristen's victim as it were. Nicole - Wasn't aware. What are you saying? You tricked her into thinking it was someone else? Vic - There was no trickery involved. She simply didn't know who Kristen was with until she saw the video herself. Nicole - Of course she didn't know her son was Kristen's co-star. She never would have agreed to it. This is one for the books no doubt. Vic - It turned out exactly as I hoped it would. That means if I had to do it over again I'd do exactly the same thing. It was the only way I could show Brady what kind of a monster he was about to marry.

Brady is still at the crash scene. Damn you Kristen.

Vic - I did hear that you managed to run Kristen off the road and that's a good deed that deserves to go unpunished. In fact if you'd managed to kill her I'd have thrown you a parade. Who knows, if we're lucky you still may get one. Nicole - I'd settle for some peace of mind; not having to worry about the next vicious stunt Kristen DiMera's going to pull that I would get crucified for. Vic - I don't get it. Why would you be crucified for Kristen's misdeeds. Nicole - It's nothing. Just being paranoid. You know me. Vic - Yes I do. Look either way that lying whore is toast and the rest of us get to live happily ever after. He leaves. Nicole - Not everyone Victor.

EJ and Sami have returned to the mansion. Harold tells them that Master Johnny had a nightmare. He's fine now. EJ offers to go and check on him. Sami tells him to call if he needs her. She looks at the newspaper with Kristen's pic on the front cover. She rips the story out and throws it in the fire. She hears a phone ringing. She checks hers and realises it's EJ's. Oh God it might be Hope calling about Kristen so she digs his phone out of his suit jacket pocket.

Segment 7: Nick is walking through the park talking on his cell. Hope is right Aunt Julie. I may actually be leaving town. Yes of course I'll miss the family but I have to go where I'm going to be happy and I can lead the life I've always wanted to lead.

Gabi returns to the apt and goes to her room. Sonny comes into the living room and accidentally knocks over Gabi's stuff. He picks up the contract. Gabi comes into the room. What are you doing?

Nicole wonders what's taking Roman so long. I just want to sign this thing and get out of here. She opens the door to find Eric standing there.

Sami reads - EJ, have you executed the contracts ... work related. She sees that he has a text from Kristen. She reads it. Hi EJ. Thank you for being a loyal brother and keeping my secret about Eric. EJ knew that Kristen had slept with my brother. EJ comes back and goes to get his phone. EJ - What are you doing with my telephone? Sami - You S.O.B.

Hope tells Brady it's been a long, long day. You need to get home. Brady - I'm not tired. I want to be here. Hope - What you said before, that EJ is the only person left that cares about Kristen, is it true? Just a few hours ago before the truth came out you were going to marry her. Brady - Hope she disgusts me; disgusts me! The only reason I want to find her is I want her to pay for all the crap she has caused. A cop comes to Hope and says they found a woman hiding in the woods. Hope - Where is she? Cop - Bennett's bringing her right now.
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Sweet and Salty

Brady and Eric sound so much alike at times. When Brady said "That's it, that's Kristens car", At first, it sounded so much like Erics voice.
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Nov 15 2013, 12:09 AM
Nov 14 2013, 06:16 PM
Nov 14 2013, 06:06 PM
Nov 14 2013, 01:45 PM

Quoting limited to 4 levels deep
I don't know much about such things, but wouldn't there be some kind of time stamp on the video? And doesn't the video prove they were in the hotel bedroom? What other time did Eric ever check into that hotel?
Time stamps aren't really solid proof of anything, because they can be altered. Also, Eric could have gone to the hotel multiple times under an assumed name, like Kristen did. That's what I would do if I were a priest looking to break my vows and I lived on church grounds.
Don't most hotels have surveillance cameras? And also, wouldn't he have alibi's for most of his time? It was at the state capital and it took travel time to get there. And there's also lie detector tests (not that those can be admitted in evidence--but there won't be any trial anyway).

Ok, I'm running out of ideas! :blulaugh:
I'm guessing the hotel doesn't have surveillance cameras or doesn't save the video for long, because if they did, why didn't the PI get the video for Eric and figure out Kristen was at the hotel, a long time ago? Not sure how far away the capital is. Nicole made it there over the course of an episode. If it's just an hour away, Eric could have easily slipped out during the night and returned without anyone missing him. Then there's the issue that when he's not doing church stuff, he's usually with a friend or relative, who would probably be willing to lie on his behalf. Good on you for trying to find a way for him to clear himself, though. ;)
Edited by six, Nov 15 2013, 10:32 AM.
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Nov 15 2013, 07:33 AM
Nov 15 2013, 06:51 AM
I always liked Kristen in the 90s because Eileen played her as 100% believing she was the heroine of the story. Everything she did was to restore John to her life (and if it harmed Marlena, all the better). I didn't get this quite as much this time around. The Eric rape scheme had no possible "positive" outcome for Kristen and was pure spite, so it's a little different.

I felt bad for her more in the 90's than I did this time around.
Not me. At least not after she found and read John's letter. It was heartbreaking when this happened but not since. Why go after a man who clearly loves another woman? It didn't make sense to me, so I didn't feel for the character back then. I didn't see her as if she lost "her chance of happiness" or someone she could have been happy with because John loved another woman, there was no chance. The tragic of the current story is that this time around she really had that chance with Brady but lost it in a very self-destructive way.
(As for Eric/Kristen, I think they should have done it as some fake-making-out and not as rape. I still can't understand why they did it, the way they did. To have pregnancy scare? Was definitely not worth it.)
Well I have to say the story line was good it kept me on the edge of my seat and I thought Eileen Davison did
a wonderful job of acting ,I will miss her, she plays an evil bitch really well.Hope we get some good stuff from Marlena and John when he gets back. :blulaugh:
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S loves EJ

Nov 14 2013, 08:45 PM
Nov 14 2013, 08:28 PM
Nov 14 2013, 07:45 PM
Nov 14 2013, 07:41 PM

Quoting limited to 4 levels deep
Nah. That sort of thing has never been treated as rape before, so there's no reason to start now.
at 9:37

Oh, I know Days tried to change things up during the R2 story in their quest to kill EJami and sell safe. I'm not buying it though. They did that same story too many times in the past without calling it rape, so if it wasn't rape then, it's it's not now, AFAIC. So what they need to do is ignore the stunt they tried to pull.

I believe itīs rape even if the show hasnīt called it that, but Iīm not sure if EJ understood that so I just see him quilty of rape to a lesser degree. I agree however that it was an attempt to kill Ejami and to sell Safe therefore I canīt take it to seriously.
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The attempt to kill ejami was the least of my issues with it. I just don't like the double standard.
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i love the car part :) that was really missed on the show
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