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Days Weekly Wrap Up; January 27th-February 2nd
Topic Started: Feb 2 2014, 07:12 PM (1,437 Views)
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This was a weird week in Days social media. Greg tweeted about working with Ari, Missy, Ali, and Deidre on Monday. Kristian tweeted she’d be seeing them, too.
Greg Vaughan @greg_vaughan
Back in the saddle this morning [email protected]_Zucker @missyreeves4 @Ali_Sweeney & @DeidreHall @DaysofourLives @nbcdays @nbc #Days

KJAlfonso: Good Morning ;)) see u soon ,gym 1st ! ;)))@greg_vaughan @Ari_Zucker @missyreeves4 @Ali_Sweeney @DeidreHall @DaysofourLives @nbcdays @nbc

Jen Lilley caughto up on all the Days news she missed during the dark week (Kassie, Ali, and the renewal).
jen_lilley: Welcome to #Days @KassieDePaiva! I can't wait to work together! http://kassiedepaiva.com #DonovanSisters

jen_lilley: So...A LOT happened in the #Days world while I was in Ireland! what the?! Welcome @KassieDePaiva, & best wishes to @Ali_Sweeney #soapfam <3

jen_lilley: Wait?! We got renewed too?! This is so amazing! Luck of the Irish? Nope! Just THE BEST FANS EVER!!!!!!!!!!! Woohoo! THANKS! #Days @nbcdays

Jen Lilley @jen_lilley 8m
HA! I LOVE this behind the scenes laughing shot! RT @theLandofKoz: What does Theresa hope to gain from Brady? #Days pic.twitter.com/VIZ7IJFuLh
Posted Image

Jen Lilley @jen_lilley 1m
I love Meredith more than sugar! RT @TeamJenLilley: #DAYS @MeredithSLynn comments on working with @jen_lilley & more. pic.twitter.com/IbicKyNwYM

Blake Berris live tweeted Monday’s show. All of the tweets are below. To sum up, he was very complimentary of Camila, Chrishell, Guy, Kate, Kristian, and Lauren. He says he is friends offset with Kate, Galen, Chrishell, and Greg. He said there were two weeks between filming the episode that aired on January 24 and the episode from the 27th. He said he already misses Ali, loves the upcoming story, has scenes with James coming up, prefers the current incarnation of Nick, and always knew he would be back. He teased about whether or not Nick really wants revenge and whether or not Hope believes Nick’s stories.
harklynn: @BlakeBerris. @nbcdays do you see a fling with Sammi in nicks future? #Blakers
BlakeBerris: @harklynn @nbcdays @Ali_Sweeney I certainly hope so.

BlakeBerris: what do you guys think of gabi and this dude? hmmmm

JennyNedbalek: @BlakeBerris @nbcdays #NicksBack #NickIsBack did you know you'd be coming back or was it a complete surprise?
BlakeBerris: @JennyNedbalek @nbcdays I knew : )

saraGG14: @BlakeBerris Are you going to miss @Ali_Sweeney what has been your favorite scenes so far? #DAYS
BlakeBerris: @saraGG14 @Ali_Sweeney already miss her.

TammyWalker6: @nbcdays @BlakeBerris whom does Nick want the most revenge on? Kate, Sami, or Gabi? #Days #Nickisback
BlakeBerris: @TammyWalker6 @nbcdays who says he wants revenge?

Vnessarsanchez: @BlakeBerris do you like playing the good or bad Nick better?
BlakeBerris: @Vnessarsanchez i think everyone is somewhere in between. nobody is wholly good or bad.

BlakeBerris: these scenes were a blast bc I hadn't seen anyone in a while. it added an energy a cool tense energy onset

Vnessarsanchez: @BlakeBerris how long does it take you to memorize your lines on a good script?
BlakeBerris: @Vnessarsanchez. 30 night before and then hours of rehearsing day of.

EmilioTay: @BlakeBerris before getting a role on #Days did you know about the show @nbcdays
BlakeBerris: @EmilioTay @nbcdays i knew about it.

BlakeBerris: how freaked does @camilabanus look? soooo good.

BlakeBerris: we filmed the scene from friday on a friday and then had two weeks off for book tour. then came back to film these two weeks later.

jamienm82: @nbcdays @BlakeBerris do you have a favorite episode that you have been part of?
BlakeBerris: @jamienm82 @nbcdays I love this upcoming storyline.

MargeCervenka: @BlakeBerris #nicksback Do you hang out with everyone after shooting?
BlakeBerris: @MargeCervenka yes! me and @KateMansi and @galengering have nice trifecta going on at the moment. throw @Chrishell7 and @greg_vaughan in too

Britt_the_brat: @BlakeBerris well you made a big stir in Salem! What is your favorite thing about playing Nick?
BlakeBerris: @Britt_the_brat you can never predict where he'll go next.

BlakeBerris: therapy... that's good right? @nbcdays

mrhenline777: @BlakeBerris @nbcdays What do you think of @THEguywilson as the new Will?
BlakeBerris: @mrhenline777 @nbcdays @THEguywilson our first scenes are coming up...

BlakeBerris: how cute is @Chrishell7 ?!

BlakeBerris: first scene ever with @THEguywilson

Blake Berris @BlakeBerris
first scene ever with @THEguywilson

Blake Berris @BlakeBerris
I was glad Nick and Will hadn't seen each other in awhile for my first scenes with @THEguywilson so I could actually see him as a new person

Candace Williams @Candozier1
@BlakeBerris What's it like working with Guy Wilson?
Blake Berris @BlakeBerris
@Candozier1 awesome.

Debra J. Riccio þ@DebraJosephine
@BlakeBerris Did you feel is easier, harder, no change, to work with a new #WILL? #DAYS @nbcdays
Blake Berris þ@BlakeBerris
@DebraJosephine @nbcdays it;s not about difficulty its just about adapting to a new human's energy. different people. you treat differently.

BlakeBerris: sometimes I wish @KateMansi 's character and nick weren't cousins you know...

Beauni1: @BlakeBerris when do we get to see EJ and Nick square off? Something tells me it would be must see tv #nickisback #Days @IamJamesScott
BlakeBerris: @Beauni1 patience my friend. there are definitely some scenes with me and @IamJamesScott ... really like working with him.

MelWrites87: @BlakeBerris You're so good looking for such a mean character
BlakeBerris: @MelWrites87 i don't think those two things are necessarily exclusive to each other are they?

BlakeBerris: I can't believe they're chowing down right now!!

JenniferA611: @BlakeBerris how long does makeup take to create your 'head wound'?
BlakeBerris: @JenniferA611 a LOT of time. three times longer than usual #Days

joint: @BlakeBerris Will Nick have amnesia?
BlakeBerris: @joint does he have it??

saraGG14: @BlakeBerris Are you jealous that EJ and Abigail spend alot of times together? @KateMansi @IamJamesScott #DAYS
BlakeBerris: @saraGG14 @KateMansi @IamJamesScott yes.

melissadocouto: @BlakeBerris do u like to act as Nick Fallon in Days?
BlakeBerris: @melissadocouto best and most complex character i've ever played. have to thank all the writers at @nbcdays

MargeCervenka: @BlakeBerris @nbcdays #nicksback Do you really want to hurt Kate after she helped you so much?
BlakeBerris: @MargeCervenka @nbcdays helped me??!

tatirye: @BlakeBerris you go back and forth...good guy, bad guy...which do you prefer?
BlakeBerris: @tatirye i think everyone is a mixture of both.

kimmiejo713: @BlakeBerris If characters are really mean on a soap does it decrease their longevity?
BlakeBerris: @kimmiejo713 interesting theory.

10Stb: @BlakeBerris Does it ever feel strange playing a crazy.Hard to remove your mind from feeling his Insanity.#nicksback
BlakeBerris: @10Stb you let the lines do the work and play it as sanely as possible.

BrookieChris: @BlakeBerris which Hollywood movie star would you like to play your new #Days love interest and why?
BlakeBerris: @BrookieChris Eva Green.

RaedenaC: @BlakeBerris After your disappearance, what's the best part about being back on? #Days
BlakeBerris: @RaedenaC hanging out with all my friends onset.

krazydance20: @BlakeBerris so how long does it take to film a weeks worth of episodes?
BlakeBerris: @krazydance20 half a week. ha @nbcdays

BlakeBerris: @KJAlfonso is so good. classic beauty too.

LisaPlott: @BlakeBerris Blake can u answer this my phone is almost died how much time in between ur death and this with filming
BlakeBerris: @LisaPlott maybe two months since the river?

xPatrickxStump: @BlakeBerris What were your favorite scenes to film on today's episode? #nicksback #Nickisback
BlakeBerris: @xPatrickxStump i think the awkward ones with @camilabanus @THEguywilson and @freddiemsmith. so uncomfortable. but also love @KateMansi

Bucknell2000: "@BlakeBerris: @KJAlfonso is so good. classic beauty too."
Hell yes, she is gorgeous but her character is Stupid ! Believing Nick....
BlakeBerris: @Bucknell2000 @KJAlfonso does she actually believe him? i'm not sure..

CJaimesRDN: @BlakeBerris Which version of Nick do you prefer, the sweet nerdy guy who first came to Salem or the new manipulative crazy one? #Days
BlakeBerris: @CJaimesRDN new one. for sure. waaay more interesting. #Days

daysfan2001: @BlakeBerris Do you think Nick will be a changed man? #DAYS #NicksBack
BlakeBerris: @daysfan2001 always changing #Days

daysdramashow: @BlakeBerris you seem so calm... Like 'too' calm! What's up your sleeve!?
BlakeBerris: @daysdramashow hmmm... maybe it's that hit to the head. #Days

BlakeBerris: uh oh.... @camilabanus

katelinpillay: @BlakeBerris hey what is it working with lauren koslow
BlakeBerris: @katelinpillay one of the coolest chicks ever. @laurenkoslow is a badass. smart funny warm sexy interesting and cool

CindraHall: @nbcdays @BlakeBerris Glad you're back Blake. Every family, including the Horton's have to have at least one bad sheep. Plot twists coming?
BlakeBerris: @CindraHall @nbcdays plot twists?? probably not. it's #DAYS right??

BlakeBerris: Thank you all for the warm welcome back. excited for you to see all of our hard work with this storyline. buckle up. #Days

Kristian enjoyed Blake’s compliment.
Jan 27 2014, 02:09 PM
BlakeBerris: @KJAlfonso is so good. classic beauty too.
KJAlfonso: @BlakeBerris Awe ,XOXO yr the sweetest ;))))))))

Jan 27 2014, 02:09 PM
Bucknell2000: "@BlakeBerris: @KJAlfonso is so good. classic beauty too."
Hell yes, she is gorgeous but her character is Stupid ! Believing Nick....
BlakeBerris: @Bucknell2000 @KJAlfonso does she actually believe him? i'm not sure..
KJAlfonso: @BlakeBerris @Bucknell2000 ; )

Chrishell joked about her character.
Chrishell Stause @Chrishell7 1h
“@BlakeBerris: how cute is @Chrishell7 ?!” Awww, that's something I've never been accused of while playing Jordan -ha! So thank U!! ❤️❤️

Days competed for best soap ever.
Days of our Lives @nbcdays
We’re in the running for best daytime drama! Make sure you VOTE for #DAYS: http://bit.ly/VOTEforDAYS

Guy Wilson posted a picture on Facebook, and then took it down. Days continued to encourage people to vote for them in the greatest soap poll. Chrishell asked for hair color suggestions. Alison Paige posted a pic with Casey from BTS. Guy posted a pic with Freddie and Kate where wedding rings were obviously present. Jade is sick. Kristian posted a pic with Deidre. Deidre posted a pic with Ali and a pic of one of the Arianna babies.
Posted Image

Days of our Lives þ@nbcdays
We made it to the next round! VOTE AGAIN to ensure #DAYS comes out on top. http://bit.ly/VOTEforDAYS

Chrishell Stause @Chrishell7
Would like to switch up my hair color. Suggestions? (Yes, Days would have to approve)
Posted Image

Allison Paige@AllisonPaigeN:
If JJ and Bev went to prom and somehow @ericmartsolf was there @1CaseyMoss #DOOL #latergram Today's episode was fun! instagram.com/p/juotLGJsTv/
Posted Image


Bestie vibes in da dressing room with @KateMansi and @freddiesmith :-) #Days #WilSon pic.twitter.com/5vo7Pgkmci
Posted Image

Jade Harlow: Update: two words... Avian Flu
SMH yes u heard me right I've been diagnosed with the friggin bird flu! But I'm surviving it I'll Never not get a flu shot again- Never

KJAlfonso: Hope you all had a Beautiful day ;)) @DeidreHall http://pic.twitter.com/xfuALsHd3K

Posted Image

All from Deidre Hall’s facebook
"It was girls day. My sis came to visit the set and everybody went crazy. Such fun! Hilarious reactions!!"

"Easy relaxed day back with my darling girl."

"Pretty laid back, eh???"

The soap poll continued and Kassie was conflicted on who to vote for. Kristian and the Hayes joked about jewelry and chocolate. Pictures started coming in from the shows’ celebration of the 2 year renewal. Kate posted a video of her and Ali slipping into character. Guy and Freddie posted pics of each of them with one of the babies. Guy complimented Blake. Jen has been mispronouncing something wrong, but we don’t know what.

Michael Logan @TVGMLogan 1h
FINAL ROUND! It's #OLTL vs #Days in the @ParadeMagazine SOAP POLL. Could a cancelled soap win this thing? VOTE! http://parade.condenast.com/256480/viannguyen/soap-opera-showdown-vote-for-the-best-soap-of-all-time-in-our-tournament/

Kassie DePaiva @KassieDePaiva 33m
@TVGMLogan Oh no... Which to I pick?

Michael Logan @TVGMLogan 8m
HA! The difficult life of a soap superdiva! "@KassieDePaiva: @TVGMLogan Oh no... Which to I pick?" http://parade.condenast.com/256480/viannguyen/soap-opera-showdown-vote-for-the-best-soap-of-all-time-in-our-tournament/ … #Days #OLTL

Days of our Lives þ@nbcdays
VOTE to name #DAYS the greatest daytime drama: http://bit.ly/VOTEforDAYS

Days of our Lives @nbcdays
We made the final round! Show your support one last time. VOTE for #DAYS: http://bit.ly/VOTEforDAYS

DaysHayes: @KJAlfonso @HFM_Jewelry Kristian, do you make any jewelry out of chocolate?

KJAlfonso: Lol XORT @DaysHayes: @KJAlfonso @HFM_Jewelry Kristian, do you make any jewelry out of chocolate?

DaysHayes: I'm thinking there must be a lot of chocolate lovers in this world. In fact, can you really trust anyone who doesn't love chocolate? Hmm.

Drake Hogestyn
Celebrating the pick-up with NBC, cast, crew & production at the Brady Pub.

Posted Image

Alison Sweeney @Ali_Sweeney 9m
Celebrating with #Days family!! @KJAlfonso @laurenkoslow @nbcdays http://instagram.com/p/jxPjsALZ_k/

Drake Hogestyn @DrakeHogestyn 22m
Love this guy like a brother... #thosewerethedays pic.twitter.com/0XkGChDb5j

Posted Image


Posted Image


Posted Image


Posted Image


Posted Image


Posted Image


Posted Image


Posted Image


Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Alison Sweeney @Ali_Sweeney 9m
Celebrating with #Days family!! @KJAlfonso @laurenkoslow @nbcdays http://instagram.com/p/jxPjsALZ_k/
https://twitter.com/Ali_Sweeney/status/428656141812236288[/quote]Posted Image

Jen Lilley @jen_lilley
That awkward moment when you realize you’ve been pronouncing a word wrong your whole life. #ActorLife

Guy Wilson @THEguywilson 1m
Blake is a powerhouse actor RT “@TheKennyLane: It's so much fun seeing @THEguywilson and @BlakeBerris play against each other. #Days”

Mari þ@Txgurl_79
@THEguywilson is that harper or sydnee?? Can u tell them apart yet
Guy Wilson þ@THEguywilson
@Txgurl_79 Sidney!

Ali and Ari worked together and laughed. Galen had some sort of reaction to SID’s love for Jafe. Days got a GLAAD nomination and won the greatest soap poll. SON teased that Days’ ratings for the previous week were good. Kate took a pic with Joe and Kassie went to the set. #Cordaysfault trended for an insane amount of time. Some people loved it. Some people thought it was stupid. This somehow translated to DR having a meltdown.

Alison Sweeney @Ali_Sweeney 9h
Had fun,@Ari_Zucker in our scenes today!!!

Arianne Zucker @Ari_Zucker 8h
Too much laughing was involved!!!RT @Ali_Sweeney: Had fun,@Ari_Zucker in our scenes today!!!

galen gering @galengering 11h
Wait...who? Oh us! Right. Well...thanks;) RT @soapsindepthcbs: I adore @galengering and @Chrishell7 together. They're just adorable. #DAYS

Kristian Alfonso @KJAlfonso 11h
Who's voted ?;))) http://parade.condenast.com/256480/viannguyen/soap-opera-showdown-vote-for-the-best-soap-of-all-time-in-our-tournament/

Kristian Alfonso @KJAlfonso 11h
Thank You everyone fr alllll yr Love & Support through the years !;)))) XO

Kristian Alfonso @KJAlfonso 11h
Right on !;))RT @mrsobrien: @KJAlfonso 50 more! Let's do this! #Days

Kristian Alfonso @KJAlfonso 11h
I'm soo thrilled yr enjoying the Hope Aiden scenes ;)))

GLAAD announced the nominees for the 25th Annual GLAAD Media Awards and DAYS was nominated! :)

#CordaysFault is trending on Twitter...
Posted Image

Days of our Lives @nbcdays
WE WON! Thanks to your votes, #DAYS took the title as Best Soap of All Time in the @ParadeMagazine Tournament: http://ow.ly/t76bb

Soap Opera Network @SoapOperaNetwrk
RATINGS TEASE: @nbcdays @daysofourlives ties highest Women 18-49 Rating in Nearly 3 years.

Carolyn Hinsey þ@CarolynHinsey #CordaysFault is trending. Soap fans are so funny. #DontMessWithTheirSuperCouples #Days

Posted Image
Love hearing Joe's stories. Did you know when he first started #days he only intended to be here for a wk!! http://instagram.com/p/jzit2MQlfJ/

KassieDePaiva: Guess where I was today!! http://pic.twitter.com/ddn00Gux5e
Posted Image

Freddie congratulated Chandler. Deidre and Casey took a pic in HTS. Someone asked Guy if Guy is really a name. Guy didn’t punch them. Deidre posted a pic with Josh. Kristian went to the set. Casey posted a pic with Alison Paige and Shawn in a nice little scarf. Jade hasn’t worked with James and says there will be a bit of a wait for Lush. Jade said she likes Ejabby and hasn’t seen any Ejami. Kristian took a pic with Missy. Jen would like to work with Blake. Greg thanked SID for a write-up.
Freddie Smith: Congrats @ChandlerMassey 3rd year in a row #GLADDAWARDS

Casey Moss @1CaseyMoss 12h
In Horton Town Square with #deidrehall #JJ #Marlena nbcdays @ Days Of Our Lives http://instagram.com/p/j0UPWJhQp_/
Posted Image

Guy Wilson @THEguywilson 12h
you answered your question :) RT “@masonusc10: @THEguywilson your name is guy. Is that even a name?”

Deidre Hall @DeidreHall 47m
Spent time with JT yesterday. Everyone happy for the renewal!! http://fb.me/18K4iyd8h

Deidre Hall @DeidreHall 47m
Spent time with JT yesterday. Everyone happy for the renewal!! http://fb.me/18K4iyd8h

Kristian Alfonso @KJAlfonso 1m
Good Happy Friday Morning ;))) done working out ,heading to Salem ;)))) fun scenes yesterday ;))!Have a gorgeous beautiful day;)

Casey Moss @1CaseyMoss 4m
Entertaining ourselves @allisonpaigen nbcdays #smileforthecamera #shawnchristianbg @ Days Of Our Lives http://instagram.com/p/j18TypBQj3/
Posted Image

Kristy @shark_nieto 16h
I've got a #LUSH video in the works. Can't wait for more scenes with the lovely @jade_harlow & @Bryan_Dattilo ☺️

Jade Harlow @jade_harlow 16h
@shark_nieto @Bryan_Dattilo ☺️☺️☺️ Can't Wait to see it! 😀😀 (gonna be a bit of a wait for more #LUSH though )

Sara Yu @saraGG14 12h
@jade_harlow How is like meeting @IamJamesScott @ShawnC4real on #DAYS set

Jade Harlow @jade_harlow 11h
@saraGG14 @IamJamesScott @ShawnC4real & Shawn got to screen test with & he is a very warm & talented guy. A playful & engaging teammate

Jade Harlow @jade_harlow 11h
@saraGG14 @IamJamesScott @ShawnC4real haven't had an opportunity to really chat with the dashing Mr. Scott yet

Greg Vaughan @greg_vaughan 3m
Thank you cbs @soapsindepth for the Bonus Section write up! Been an enjoyable journey as Eric Brady… http://instagram.com/p/j2EghHhj_w/

umm I like all the relationship dynamics but the Hottest I've seen so far, is between the characters Abby & EJ IMHO

Jen Lilley @jen_lilley 55m
I would work with @BlakeBerris ANY day! RT @OhMyJewels: I kind of want Jeannie T and Nick to be crazy together. Thoughts? #DAYS #Thick

KJAlfonso: Giggling my @missyreeves4 in the Horton ;) http://pic.twitter.com/ogw3ysDh8J
Posted Image

Days of our Lives
Monday, January 27, 2014
Kate, Sami and Gabi fear their secret will be exposed.
EJ gives Abigail a stern warning.
Lucas and Sheryl grow closer, while Rafe asks Jordan about her past.

Days of our Lives
Tuesday, January 28, 2014
Eric tells Nicole he’s leaving town to sort out his future.
Daniel realizes there’s still hope to exonerate Eric.
With Bev’s help, JJ carries out the first part of his plan to stop Theresa’s reign of terror.
Stefano tries to persuade Kate to have dinner with him.

Days of our Lives
Wednesday, January 29, 2014
EJ warns Sami things must change between them – one way or the other.
JJ scrambles to throw Theresa off track.
Kate finds herself in a sticky situation.
Fed-up Maggie declares she can no longer be Brady’s sponsor.
Hope has another tense meeting with Aiden.

Days of our Lives
Thursday, January 30, 2014
Daniel and Nicole work together to clear Eric’s name – and eventually come up with an exciting breakthrough.
Eric does some major soul-searching.
JJ worries Theresa won’t take the bait.
Rafe is furious when he learns about the latest developments in Gabi’s life.

Days of our Lives
Friday, January 31, 2014
Daniel and Nicole decide to hunt down Dr. Chyka. 
Jordan comes to Rafe’s aid during a tense encounter.
Kate is stunned by a potential new employee.
Maggie and Brady clash over his use of alcohol, and Victor winds up in the middle.
DVR Alerts:
Wednesday—Kate finds herself in a sticky situation
Friday—Rafe has a tense encounter

SOD Articles
February Sweeps Preivew
Nicole and Dan Under Fire

Other tidbits
Ratings were up
The promo was for Ejabby in the shower
A casting call for an upscale business man aged 50-70 came out
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