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Locked Topic
Days Weekly Wrap Up; February 3-9
Topic Started: Feb 9 2014, 02:49 PM (1,590 Views)
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On Monday, Jen and Galen bantered about an onset prank. Eileen was excited about the show that won the WGA award. Kassie got some cupcakes. Deidre worked with Lauren and Ali.
Jen Lilley @jen_lilley
The only person you should try to be better than is the person you were yesterday.

galen gering @galengering
@jen_lilley well that shouldn't be too hard for u cause you've been a Bad girl! #payback
Posted Image

Jen Lilley @jen_lilley
Hanky pranky "@galengering: @jen_lilley well that shouldn't be too hard for u cause you've been a Bad girl! #payback

Eileen Davidson @eileen_davidson
This was the scene between Marlena and Kristen after Marlena shows Brady the blackmail photos. It won the Days writers the WGA award last!

Eileen Davidson @eileen_davidson
Kristen tells Marlena about John's plan 05-30-2013:
via @youtube

KassieDePaiva:These are the most amazing cup cakes I have EVER seen.. Thank you team unforgettable http://pic.twitter.com/pvL4NBsBkq
Posted Image

The Deidre Hall Fan Page
Now, here's trouble!!!

On Tuesday, Deidre was excited about the WGA award. Days celebrated 1 millions Facebook fans and 100,000 Twitter followers by having Kristian, Chrishell, Casey, Freddie, Kate, Guy, Greg, and Shawn make thank you videos. Kate had some awkward fan interactions. Alison Paige worked with Kevin Riggins and Casey while someone who might be Justin Gaston sat in the background. Deidre worked with James Reynolds.
Deidre Hall @DeidreHall 1h
Congratulations to our writers who won the Writers Guild of America for the second year!!

Kristian Alfonso

Chrishel Stause

Casey Moss

Freddie Smith:

Kate Mansi:

Guy Wilson:

Greg Vaughan:

Shawn Christian

Days Of Our Lives: Thanks a million from Salem! Guy and Kristian wanted to share their gratitude to our 1 MILLION Facebook fans.

Thursday, February 13, 2014 Rafe & Jordan make love for the first time. @galengering @Chrishell7

Chrishell Stause @Chrishell7 49m
ď@iheart_Sonny Thur-Feb 13 Rafe & Jordan make love for the 1st time" That's @galengering's real bday. Coincidence, I think not! Lol

Allison Paige @AllisonPaigeN
Romantic dinner with my boys in Salem nbcdays @1caseymoss @KRiggin815 #DOOL http://instagram.com/p/kApnyAJsaw/

Posted Image

Deidre Hall @DeidreHall 1h
Dream day!! Great to work with Jim again!! http://fb.me/2vRAF90iX

nbcdays: Kisses from @KateMansi! https://t.co/H404sV0Hwj #OneMillionDAYS
rexwood336: @nbcdays @KateMansi Get this girl off my screen !! Her acting is horrible. She could be prettier for her role. As ABBY she is PHYCO
KateMansi: @rexwood336 aren't you sweet.

Kate Mansi Verified account @KateMansi
What she said.
Posted Image

.@katemansi I HAVE to show you this picture of Jack/Jen's shower scene in 93. Cool right? #Parallels #EJabby #DAYS pic.twitter.com/S6h8Xcg9fU
Posted Image

@OhMyJewels woa! That is crazy! I'll have to share w her tmrw

Ali worked. Kristian, Lauren Boles, Deidre, Josh, and Greg all had scenes at the Brady Pub. Deidre referred to it as family day. Freddie hit 25,000 followers.
Alison Sweeney @Ali_Sweeney 32m
After a fun night celebrating with all the #BiggestLoser alum, Bright and early back in Salem - another action-packed Day for Sami. #Days

KJAlfonso: All smiles at the Brady Pub ;) http://pic.twitter.com/TvwYFqa1qo
Posted Image

The Deidre Hall Fan Page
Family day at the Pub!!

The Deidre Hall Fan Page
Hilarious scenes at the Pub! Keep Ďem coming!!

freddie smith @freddiemsmith ∑
Look at that. 25K. Now if only I could get my tweets that high :)

On Thursday, Chrishell complimented Kate, Ali, and James then got involved a bit in the fan drama. Kristian worked. Deidre posted a pic with Guy and another pic with both Guy and Freddie. She also wrote a long post supporting Guy in the role of Will. The babies playing Arianna Grace have been with the show for a year.
Chrishell Stause @Chrishell7 13h
I think my TV needs a cigarette and a cold shower after watching today's #Days ! @KateMansi @Ali_Sweeney and James give GREAT soap!! Love

Kate Mansi @KateMansi 1h
Hahah whoopsies ;)RT @Chrishell7: I think my TV needs a cigarette&a cold shower after watching toda's #Days ! @KateMansi @Ali_Sweeney&James

Mrs. EJ DiMera @Mrs_EJDiMera 1h
@KateMansi @Chrishell7 Abbiwhore really pulls off the wet dog, bitch in heat look! #disgusted.. promo is vile and stopped watching this s/l

Chrishell Stause @Chrishell7 1h
@Mrs_EJDiMera Well the actress is a kind, lovely person. But she is obviously playing the character so well to cause such a reaction! Xo

KJAlfonso: Raining in LA ;) but clear sky's in Salem !;)) http://pic.twitter.com/N5ymeW1SeK
Posted Image

Deidre Hall

So much has been said about Guy, who has taken over the role of Will. For my 2 cents, there is no more difficult job that replacing a cherished character when the creator has chosen to move on. Such is the job that Guy has accepted. Chandler left the show after winning 2 Emmys and our hearts. Guy is a dear man and an exquisite professional. He deserves our energy and appreciation and he has mine completely.
& another photo,

Steve Udell @steveudell11 ∑ Feb 5
One year ago today the babies taped their 1st episode for Days. Today makes 80! What a crazy year!Ö http://t.co/liYY442QF7

Ali and Bryan got a gift from the Lumis. Apparently, they were both on set to receive it. Kristian, Freddie, Lauren, Missy, and Terrell all also worked and appeared to be dressed up for something.
Alison Sweeney: @lumirules @luvinglumi @HaleyluvsLumi thank you from @Bryan_Dattilo & me to everyone at #SecondChances #blessed
Posted Image

Lauren Koslow @laurenkoslow
Into the weekend... Happy #days! ⭕
Posted Image

KJAlfonso: Happy Friday ;)) hope yr all having a Beautiful day ! ;)busy busy day 4 me lots happening ;)))family,@days,HFM & Believe jewels .juggling ;)

freddiemsmith: Suit and Tie day at Days!!!! If only I could tease more ;)

TerrellRansomJr: #workflow #setlife #Theo #Days #DOOL #DaysOfOurLives #Stage4Days #BLESSED http://instagram.com/p/kIU2dgloA2/
Posted Image

The promo lady had several conversations about why WilSon were left out of the Valentines Day promo. I tried to include as much I could here. This took place over the span of a couple of days. Basically, she says that WilSon couldnít be in the promo due to FCC regulations due to it airing at random times of the day. She encouraged WilSon fans no to be too discouraged by this and to look at how well she believes the WilSon story is being written. She also said they would be in promos in the future.
Posted Image

Judie @heyjude14
@CJmaq @hpcharmed
we cannot always promote content in promos that airs in the show because of the different day parts the promo airs in.

Kay @CaliKay10
@heyjude14 @willandsonny
Now Iím more confused than ever

Judie @heyjude14
@CaliKay10[/b[ you can choose to watch a TV show but cannot choose to watch a promo...they air all day randomly.

John Walter Seip @johnwalterseip
@heyjude14 @hpcharmed
So cause the olympics are in Rusia, Days cant show Will & Sonny in a promo? that is messed up. #Days #Wilson #DOOL

Judie @heyjude14
@johnwalterseip @hpcharmed
nope that is incorrect...

Judie @heyjude14
@therealSnicks @hpcharmed
Iím talking exclusively on where it airs on all the NBC networks and Affiliate stations

Kay @CaliKay10
Couldnít you just show them together without showing them kissing and be OK? If not, will WilSon ever be in upcoming promos?

Judie @heyjude14
yes they will

Judie @heyjude14
@ShorteeMichelle @therealSnicks @hpcharmed
Days airs in 1 time slot the promo airs at different times in different parts of the country.

therealSnicks @therealSnicks
@heyjude14 @ShorteeMichelle @hpcharmed
But how is Russia involved? Does NBC not want people who are watching the Olympics to see WilSon?

Judie @heyjude14
@therealSnicks @ShorteeMichelle @hpcharmed
not involved

Judie @heyjude14
@therealSnicks @ShorteeMichelle @hpcharmed
no promos wonít air in Olympics usually only prime time promoted

PassionateLiberal @ShorteeMichelle
@heyjude14 @johnwalterseip
so it was nbc decision to cut #wilson to appease certain affiliates?

Judie @heyjude14
@ShorteenMichelle @johnwalterseip
broadcast TV FCC is governed by different parameters than cable

PassionateLiberal @ShorteeMichelle
@heyjude14 @johnwalterseip
thank you for trying to clarify Jude :). Was it nbc decision by force or by choice though?

Judie @heyjude14
@ShorteeMichelle @johnwalterseip
itís a fine line broadcast networks walk

John Walter Seip @johnwalterseip
@heyjude14 @ShorteenMichelle
TY Jude. I donít agree with it at all. Feel its just a shame there is some love that cant be seen in promos

Judie @heyjude14
@johnwalterseip @ShorteeMichelle
I hear you and agree but unfortunately not everyone in this country is accepting as you know

Vicky @4luv4all
@heyjude14 @ShorteeMichelle @johnwalterseip
Considering the challenges, Iím grateful Days/NBC keeps pushing the envelope as much as it does!

Judie @heyjude14
@4luv4all @ShorteeMichelle @johnwalterseip
exactly. Think about the story of WilSon and how well itís been told.

Judie @heyjude14
@4luv4all @ShorteeMichelle @johnwalterseip
and donít miss next Fri. Episode...

PassionateLiberal @ShorteeMichelle
While Iím happy bout the engagement I sadly believe going 4ward things 4 #Wilson will be cut, edited or eliminated on #Days...

Judie @heyjude14
no that wonít happen. I think the scenes with WIlson have been sexier than some of the scenes for heterosexual couples

Judie @heyjude14
look at the scenes that have aired of them in bed...thatís mire progressive than any daytime show.

Chrishell chose to get highlights. Deidre posted a pic of herself and Lauren with one of the babies playing Arianna Grace. It may be an old pic.
Chrishell Stause @Chrishell7 8h
Thanks for the hair color feedback! Decided to go with a highlight...for now :) pic.twitter.com/vnR711omRW
https://twitter.com/Chrishell7/status/432334860003184644Posted Image

The Deidre Hall Fan Pate

Do you love this child? I could eat her...them!

Days of our Lives
Monday, February 3, 2014

Abigail blasts Adrienne for gossiping about her and EJ to Jennifer.†

JJ receives bad news about his case.

Brady seeks refuge at Danielís empty apartment so he can drink in peace.† However, itís not long before someone unexpected discovers him.

Kate alerts EJ and Gabi to a new problem.

Days of our Lives
Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Sami comes home early from a business tripÖ and is poised to get the shock of her life.

Daniel and Nicole track down Dr. Chykaís hideout and prepare to make their move.

Theresa falls for JJís trap!

Days of our Lives
Wednesday, February 5, 2014

EJ scrambles to conceal the truth from Sami.

Daniel and Nicole confront Dr. Chyka and demand information to clear Ericís name.† At the same time, Stefano orders his henchman to neutralize Dr. Chyka using any means necessary.

Brother Timothy presents a new option to Eric concerning his future.

Theresa is horrified when JJ reveals he set her up Ė but sheís not going down without a fight.

Days of our Lives
Thursday, February 6, 2014

Stefanoís henchman arrives just as Daniel and Nicole start to get information out of Dr. Chyka.

Theresa takes out her frustration on Brady.

Hope has another disastrous meeting with Aiden.

Days of our Lives
Friday, February 7, 2014

Daniel and Nicoleís mission takes a dangerous turn.

Kate breaks into Jordanís apartment and makes a startling discovery.

While hanging out with Rafe, Jordan and Sheryl, Lucas makes a mistake that could lead to his motherís undoing.

Gabi continues to unravel.

DVR Alerts:
TuesdayóTheresa falls for JJís trap!
FridayóNicole and Daniel find themselves in danger

SOD Articles
EJ to Abby: Move On
Rafe and Jordan have sex
Eric Makes His Choice

Odds and Ends
The promo was for Valentines Day and featured Ejami, Ericole, and Jafe.
Ratings were up.
Lead and Supporting Actress submissions were released. Days submitted Ali, Ari, Deidre, and Eileen for lead and Mary Beth, Judi, Jen, and Meredith for supporting.
Jade Harlow did an online interview and here's blueskies' recap
-so far she's said there's an interesting person Sheryl meets next week, we'll have to wait & see
-her "soundtrack" will be getting sexier, but there's a break in their eppi's, so sounds like we'll have to wait a bit (aka, Lucas/Sheryl will be off for a while I think)
-she keeps in touch with her Passions parents but that's abt it
-her path doesn't often cross w/Ali, so doubtful we'll have many/any scenes with the two of them
-she has a "racy photo shoot" coming out in March
-sounds like something good is coming up the 1st/2nd week of April for Sheryl, said she'll be "flooding them with music"
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