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Days Weekly Wrap Up; March 3-9
Topic Started: Mar 9 2014, 01:18 AM (1,618 Views)
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On Monday the Kunitz twins, Guy, Freddie, Kristian, and Kate all worked. Jen, Camila, and Shawn celebrated the Emmy prenoms. Michael Benyaer (Dr. Chyka) continued in his pursuit to be the ultimate Days cast stalker by running into Jade Harlow and Matt Ashford. The Better Living book is going to Canada.

Jane Kunitz @JaneKunitz
Happy Monday...getting ready it's time for set!!! #DAYS #DOOL

Coffee coffee coffee w/ @freddiemsmith
Posted Image

THEGuyWilson: Heartfelt thx from me & @freddiemsmith for this marvelous & loving gift. We're fighting over who's room it'll go in!

Posted Image

KJAlfonso: Hope u all had a gorgeous day ;))catching up in the makeup [email protected] ;)) http://t.co/yT1Fr3SVT0
Posted Image

KateMansi: @KJAlfonso loved seeing you today friend ! Xo

KJAlfonso: @KateMansi XO ;))

I just received the sweetest note, cuddly teddy and absolutely INCREDIBLE orchids to celebrate my air date anniversary. @TeamEJAbby you spoil me... And I LIKE IT! My sincere thanks for your thoughtfulness & Abby support XOXO
Posted Image

Jen Lilley @jen_lilley 1m
Congrats to our @nbcdays cast for their 14 Emmy prenoms!! So happy! #Days

camila banus @camilabanus 9m
Feeling great this Monday morning! 13 days pre-noms!!! Photo shoot in an hour! Kicking butt and taking names! And I haven't had coffee (:

Shawn Christian @ShawnC4real 1m
Congrats to all the #Days Emmy pre-noms. I'm proud to be included with such a hard working ensemble of actors. Thanks for all the love.

Michael Benyaer: #days fans I ran into @ha de_harlow at an #oscars after party last night! #chyka @nbcdays #dool #daysofourlives
Posted Image

Michael Benyaer: Also met #days star @matthew_ashford at post #oscars party! #days #chyka. @nbcdays #daysofourlives #dool
Posted Image

BetterLiving_TV: BIG NEWS! #BETTERLIVING & DAYS' cast members are going to Toronto, Edmonton and Vancouver the week of March 17th! Stay tuned for details!

On Tuesday Lauren, Galen, Kristian, and Lauren Boles worked. Miles Gaston posted a pic of himself with Casey and True, but it was unclear on if it was recent or not. Wally was excited about the prenoms. Casey thanked fans for no apparent reason. Kate liked that someone caught the symbolism of her wardrobe change.

Lauren Koslow @laurenkoslow 2h
#Days Fans rock! Hope you enjoyed your visit to the studio!! #SummerInSalem @galengering pic.twitter.com/G1P4xUmwBX
Posted Image

MilesGastonV: SURPRISE! Back on the set of @nbcdays w/ these young stars! I'm a lucky "boss"! ;-) #recurring #soaps #daytime #days http://t.co/YrrCY4BmJD
Posted Image

KJAlfonso: Ciara's growing up fast ;)) always fun working with Lauren ;)) http://t.co/WR120quwuo
Posted Image

Wally Kurth @wallykurth 6h
Very excited to be on the Pre-nomination list for the Emmys this year. Looks to be a crowded field.

Casey Moss @1CaseyMoss 18m
Thank you very much to all of the fans supporting me and the show. It is highly appreciated. Thank you \m/

Kate Mansi @KateMansi 2h
XO I loved that red dress too RT @melknepp: @katemansi was the best dressed on @nbcdays today. Both dresses were fabulously flawless.

Heather Marie
@Heatherina159 2h
@melknepp @KateMansi @nbcdays I actually adored the symbolism of starting in the white dress, having it stained, and then going in to red.

Kate Mansi @KateMansi 1h
@Heatherina159 glad you caught that ;)

On Wednesday Eileen, Kate, Missy, Jen, Deidre, Drake, Guy, Freddie, Eileen, and Shawn worked (Ali most likely worked, too). Drake might have been wearing a hospital bracelet. Brendan Coughlin will be gone for a few weeks. Blake tweeted about scenes with James that may or may not have been what actually aired that day and not what they filmed. Ali and Kristian reminisced about their latest aired scenes as did Ali and Eric. Eileen is doing more appearances on Y&R. Ali thinks Sami is insecure, and we all said duh.

Eileen Davidson @eileen_davidson 59s
First day back at #dool! fun but I'm exhausted. I now need a nap!

Kate Mansi @KateMansi 1m
Well well @TeamEJAbby you’ve got the best sense of humor!@missyreeves&I have been cracking up all day about this package!Stay tuned for pics

I seriously adore the Queen ♡ @DeidreHall @nbcdays #Days #DOOL http://t.co/0FCy8aOtVi
Posted Image

Deidre Hall @DeidreHall 47m
Drake got a yummy welcome today! So good of him to share!!! http://fb.me/2zxHrivHm

Deidre Hall @DeidreHall 45m
Worked with Eric and thought this was cute!! http://fb.me/1YWlUMNnZ

Deidre Hall @DeidreHall 58m
I posted a new photo to Facebook http://fb.me/1dLiQMnwG

Deidre Hall @DeidreHall 40m
It takes this kind of extreme close up to see how gorgeous Jen really is!!! Love the girl! http://fb.me/291HNbcl7

Drake Hogestyn @DrakeHogestyn 5h
Thanks for your support! The thoughtful gifts and cake were AMAZING

Drake Hogestyn @DrakeHogestyn 36m
xxoo pic.twitter.com/Ql8BCvoojL
Posted Image

Drake Hogestyn @DrakeHogestyn 38m
You're #1...That's a fact! pic.twitter.com/rdh7EBU7nx
Posted Image

Guy Wilson @THEguywilson 9h
"I'm loitering by the water fountain. Give me your milk money @freddiemsmith ... #DAYS #WilSon pic.twitter.com/lc9PJ6bG7z "

freddie smith @freddiemsmith 9h
"The irony @THEguywilson is that you didn't scare me. In fact you were so scared you bought me trail mix from the vending machine #goodtrytho"

Guy Wilson @THEguywilson 10h
"@freddiemsmith I bought you the trail mix because you didn't have any money on your person, doofus"

Brendan Coughlin @Bren_Coughlin ·
My home for the next few weeks. Brian's head, Utah.

Blake Berris @BlakeBerris 53s
got some good scenes with the always keep-you-on-your-toes @IamJamesScott today on #days @nbcdays

Ali_Sweeney: Me too! RT @applecross22: I always enjoy Sami and Hope in scenes together :) #Days @KJAlfonso @Ali_Sweeney

KJAlfonso: And me 3 ;)))!RT @Ali_Sweeney: Me too! RT @applecross22: I always enjoy Sami and Hope in scenes together :) #Days @KJAlfonso @Ali_Sweeney

Soap Opera Digest @SoapDigest 11m
Eileen Davidson Returns To Y&R: http://soapoperadigest.com/content/eileen-davidson-returns-yr … @eileen_davidson @YRInsider @YandR_CBS

Alison Sweeney @Ali_Sweeney 53m
Yay!! RT @shannonsdca: Scenes with @ericmartsolf and @Ali_Sweeney make my day! #Days

Eric Martsolf @ericmartsolf 34m
“@shannonsdca: Scenes with @ericmartsolf and @Ali_Sweeney make my day! #Days”
Ain't she sweet...

KJAlfonso: Thank You everyone for all your love & support today and everyday ;))))))

KJAlfonso: Thank you ,me too ;)RT @chattyc24: @KJAlfonso Great scenes today with Drake!!! So glad @DrakeHogestyn is back !

TMoore8114: @Ali_Sweeney @shannonsdca Ali ? For u - is Sami insecure or does she have a huge ego?
Ali_Sweeney: @TMoore8114 @shannonsdca IMHO she has insecurities. It's where her take-charge attitude comes from. She knows she's gotta make stuff happen

Drake, Kate, Greg, and Freddie all worked. We found out Eileen worked with Shawn on her first day back, and the monkey paw left marks on all our faces. Ali liked Drake’s cake from Wednesday. Deidre doesn’t know about statement nails which is fine since they’re so 2012. Rakefet and Kristian enjoyed working together. Kristian did Martha’s radio show and talked about Hope’s frustrations with Bo.

Drake Hogestyn @DrakeHogestyn 4h
Surfs up in Malibu...but I'm riding my wave in Salem today! #hi-ho-hi-ho pic.twitter.com/N0Z7OYjf6I

Kate Mansi @KateMansi ·
Sleeping on the job? @greg_vaughan #freddiemsmith nbcdays http://t.co/m82drqC9hv
Posted Image

freddie smith @freddiemsmith ·
It's Friday cut us some slack :)“@KateMansi: Sleeping on the job? @greg_vaughan #freddiemsmith nbcdays http://t.co/DPtw3BjcCR

@eileen_davidson: @ShawnC4real Thanks for the epic day yesterday! I'm still recovering. lolol #goodtimes #daysofourlives

@ShawnC4real: I hear ya. Rest and recover. It's just the begining....RT @eileen_davidson: @ShawnC4real Thanks for the epic day yesterday! I'm still recovering. lolol #goodtimes

Alison Sweeney @Ali_Sweeney 22m
So thoughtful- the .@drakehogestyn fans sent him a 'welcome back' cake he shared with cast & crew! I… http://instagram.com/p/lNPqvxLZ4M/
Posted Image

Nancy Harkins Burris posted
been a fan of days for years .....could you tell me why Hope and others paint one finger nail different color than the others?

The Deidre Hall Fan Page
Beats the hell out of me!!!

rakefet27: Me and the lovely talented @KJAlfonso ! On @nbcdays ! @DaysofourLives http://t.co/K5qbtiTAeH
Posted Image

Kristian Alfonso @KJAlfonso 7m
So fun,we nd more scenes 2gether;)))RT @rakefet27: Me &the lovely talented @KJAlfonso ! On @nbcdays ! @DaysofourLives pic.twitter.com/YZLVO2hQsr

Kristian's interview:

Meredith Scott Lynn took a pic with Deidre at some point. Kassie really wants her OLTL fans to follow her to Days.

meredith scott lynn @MeredithSLynn 7 min
With the awesome diva of Days! @DeidreHall @nbcdays @DaysofourLives pic.twitter.com/6UcxnhuAjm
Posted Image

KassieDePaiva: I am really loving my new job. #Days #OLTL
Eve is a delicious character! I'm having so much fun.

Lauren’s birthday is Sunday, but she got a cake on set some time before then, and Galen was there. Meredith Scott Lynn had a birthday.
Lauren Koslow @laurenkoslow 20m
;-) RT @theLandofKoz: LK & @galengering with Lauren's Birthday Cake from @IcingCupcake - @nbcdays #RATEisLOVE #DAYS pic.twitter.com/5NKmIQKSOX
Posted Image

Jen Lilley @jen_lilley 1h
The happiest of birthdays to one of the kindest, most selfless, most creative, talented ladies I know @meredithslynn! pic.twitter.com/UPQEcv2TsF
Posted Image

Days of our Lives
Monday, March 3, 2014
Nick threatens Sonny and later blackmails Sami.
Eric and Nicole go out for a romantic date… but the mood is ruined when Brady and Theresa arrive. 
Jennifer and Daniel’s reunion gets off to an awkward start.
JJ is smitten after an encounter with a beautiful young woman.

Days of our Lives
Tuesday, March 4, 2014
Sami is thrown when Johnny claims that Abigail loves Rafe.
After another intense exchange with Ben, Jordan gives Rafe shocking news!
Kate gets a lead on Jordan’s past from an unaware Sheryl – much to Lucas’ dismay.
John returns to Salem!

Days of our Lives
Wednesday, March 5, 2014
John delivers devastating news to Hope about Bo.
Brady is not pleased to have his father back in town – and he makes his feelings abundantly clear.
Rafe is heartbroken and confused over Jordan’s decision.
Sami and Hope get into a heated argument over Sami’s actions.

Days of our Lives
Thursday, March 6, 2014
Marlena tries to dissuade Eric from getting involved with Nicole.  Later, Marlena runs into John!
While working together, Hope and Aiden have a slight thaw.
Jennifer gently breaks things off with Liam – and is stunned by his reaction.
Kate gets good news from Rafe.

Days of our Lives
Friday, March 7, 2014
Abigail is horrified when she realizes she might be pregnant!
Things heat up between Eric and Nicole.
Daniel warns Brady to stay away from Theresa.
John and Marlena have a tense reunion.
DVR Alerts:
Tuesday—John returns to Salem!
Friday—Is Abigail pregnant?!

SOD Articles
EJ learns Abigail might be pregnant
Marlena blasts John and turns to Roman
Jennifer is targeted

Odds & Ends
The promo was for EJ/Abby/Sami
One of the spoiler pics was of EJ on the ledge of the hospital.
Jason announced that another contract actor will last air in May
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