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41st Annual Daytime Emmy Award Nominations
Topic Started: May 1 2014, 06:19 AM (16,793 Views)

May 1 2014, 09:08 AM
May 1 2014, 09:03 AM
Chandler Massey doesn't deserve a nod over Blake. Massey phoned in just about every performance last year.
Was Blake in the younger actor category? I thought he was pre nom for supporting
Blake Berris is 29, so he's not eligible to compete in the Younger Actor category.
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Make EJ/Abby happen, DAYS!

1. Blake Berris should've been nominated in the Supporting Actors' category.

2. Greg Vaughan > Eric Martsolf.

3. Casey Moss > Chandler Massey.
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Make EJ/Abby happen, DAYS!

Stalking Ron Carlivati's Twitter page like...

Posted Image

Meltdown in 5... 4... 3...
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While I obviously don't agree with the complaints about Chandler Massey's nomination, I will agree that Casey Moss also deserved a nomination, assuming that he submitted the scenes where he went off on everyone in the police station after learning the truth about Jack. He might not have, in which case I could understand why he wasn't nominated. But if he submitted what he should have submitted, then he deserves to be there, even though I'd still give the win to Chandler Massey either way.

Yes, I'm unapologetically biased.
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"Days of Our Lives" received 14 Daytime Emmy nominations for this year's awards. "Days" has now received a total of 243 nominations.

Drama Series (18th nomination/2 wins...1978, 2013).
Lead Actress (13th & 14th nominations/1 win...Susan Flannery as Laura Horton, 1975).
Supporting Actor (5th nomination/0 wins)
Younger Actor (16th nomination/4 wins...Billy Warlock as Frankie Brady, 1988; Darin Brooks as Max Brady, 2009; Chandler Massey as Will Horton, 2012 & 2013).
Writing (16th nomination/2 wins...1976, 2012).
Casting Director (5th nomination/0 wins)
Costume Design (9th nomination/1 win...1988).
Hairstyling (16th nomination/5 wins...1988, 1995, 1997, 1999, 2008).
Makeup (17th nomination/5 wins...1988, 1991, 1992, 1997, 2012).
Music (11th nomination/2 wins...1990, 1997).
Original Song (3rd nomination/0 wins).
Technical Team (9th nomination/0 wins).
Multiple Camera Editing (8th nomination/2 wins...2004, 2007).


"A Love That Never Ends" has been nominated for Outstanding Original Song. Composers: D. Brent Nelson, Kenneth R. Corday. Lyricist: John David Webb. Episode # 12142 (Air Date: August 6, 2013)



Here's a rundown of the 57 individual nominees for "Days" this year and the number of nominations they have received during their "Days" careers. The list includes 12 first-time nominees (Chuck Abate, Rachel Bonner, John Boyd, Lorraine Broderick, Steve Clark, Randy Dugan, Armando Licon, Eric Martsolf, Nichelle Montgomery, Dave Ryan, Melissa Salmons, Mark Warshaw). Executive producer/music composer Ken Corday has been nominated for his record 24th, 25th & 26th "Days" nominations. Makeup artist Gail J. Hopkins will be trying to extend her lead for the most-ever Emmys won for "Days." She has been nominated 17 times and is going for her 6th "Days" win this year.

Chuck Abate (Technical)...1st nomination
Albert Alarr (Drama Series)...7th nomination
Paul Antonelli (Music)...2nd nomination
Rachel Bonner (Hairstyling)...1st nomination
John Boyd (Technical)...1st nomination
Lorraine Broderick (Writer)...1st nomination
Mike Caruso (Technical)...8th nomination
David Cherrill (Writer)...3rd nomination
Steve Clark (Technical)...1st nomination
Ken Corday (Drama Series, Music, Song)...24th, 25th & 26th nominations
Carolyn Culliton (Writer)...3rd nomination
Richard Culliton (Writer)...3rd nomination
Eileen Davidson (Lead Actress)...2nd nomination
Lisa De Cazotte (Drama Series)...2nd nomination
Deidre Decker (Makeup)...6th nomination
Alexis Dellar Hanson (Technical)...5th nomination
Rick Draughon (Writer)...3rd nomination
Randy Dugan (Drama Series)...1st nomination
Christopher Dunn (Writer)...2nd nomination
Michael Fiamingo (Editing)...5th nomination
Jeanne Marie Ford (Writer)...3rd nomination
Glen Alen Gutierrez (Makeup)...5th nomination
Gail J. Hopkins (Makeup)...17th nomination
Janet Iacobuzio (Writer)...2nd nomination
Jayne Marie Kehoe (Costume Design)...2nd nomination
Tina Keller (Editing)...4th nomination
Barbara Langdon (Technical)...3rd nomination
David A. Levinson (Writer)...2nd nomination
Armando Licon (Hairstyling)...1st nomination
Joseph Lumer (Editing)...11th nomination
Eric Martsolf (Supporting Actor)...1st nomination
Chandler Massey (Younger Actor)...4th nomination
Greg Meng (Drama Series)...3rd nomination
Nichelle Montgomery (Technical)...1st nomination
Jenee Muyeau (Editing)...3rd nomination
Fran Myers (Writer)...7th nomination
D. Brent Nelson (Music & Song)...10th & 11 nominations
J.C. O'Neill (Technical)...8th nomination
Maria Elena Pantoja (Hairstyling)...2nd nomination
Leigh Ann Pitchon (Hairstyling)...2nd nomination
Lugh Powers (Editing)...10th nomination
Margie Puga (Hairstyling)...7th nomination
Ryan Quan (Writer)...3rd nomination
Stephen Reinhardt (Music)...9th nomination
Joleen Rizzo (Makeup)...9th nomination
Dave Ryan (Writer)...1st nomination
Marnie Saitta (Casting Director)...5th nomination
Melissa Salmons (Writer)...1st nomination
John Sizemore (Technical)...8th nomination
Janet Spellman-Drucker (Drama Series)...9th nomination
Tim Stevens (Drama Series)...4th nomination
Gary Tomlin (Writer)...3rd nomination
Mark Warshaw (Technical)...1st nomination
John David Webb (Song)...2nd nomination
Nina Wells (Makeup)...11th nomination
Christopher Whitesell (Writer)...3rd nomination
Arianne Zucker (Lead Actress)...3rd nomination



Days of Our Lives NBC
Executive Producer
Ken Corday
Co-Executive Producers
Lisa DeCazotte, Greg Meng
Senior Coordinating Producers
Janet Spellman-Drucker, Tim Stevens
Coordinating Producer
Randy Dugan
Albert Alarr


EILEEN DAVIDSON, as Kristen DiMera
Days of Our Lives NBC

ARIANNE ZUCKER, as Nicole Walker
Days of Our Lives NBC


ERIC MARTSOLF, as Brady Black
Days of Our Lives NBC


Days of Our Lives NBC


Days of Our Lives NBC
Head Writers
Gary Tomlin, Christopher Whitesell
Breakdown Writers
Lorraine Broderick, Rick Draughon, Christopher Dunn, Ryan Quan, Dave Ryan
Fran Myers
Script Writers
David Cherrill, Carolyn Culliton, Richard Culliton,
Jeanne Marie Ford, Janet Iacobuzio, David A. Levinson, Melissa Salmons

Days of Our Lives NBC
Casting Director
Marnie Saitta


Days of Our Lives NBC
Technical Directors
Chuck Abate, Mike Caruso, Jay C O'Neill
Electronic Cameras
John Boyd, Barbara Langdon, John D Sizemore, Mark Warshaw
Camera Operator
Steve Clark
Senior Video Control
Alexis Dellar Hanson
Video Control
Nichelle S Montgomery


Days of Our Lives NBC
Supervising Editor
Lugh Powers
Michael Fiamingo, Tina Keller, Joseph Lumer, Jenee Muyeau


Days of Our Lives NBC
Music Supervisors
Paul Antonelli, Stephen Reinhardt
Kenneth R. Corday, D. Brent Nelson


Days of Our Lives NBC
“A Love That Never Ends”
D. Brent Nelson, Kenneth R. Corday
John David Webb


Days of Our Lives NBC
Costume Designer
Jayne Marie Kehoe


Days of Our Lives NBC
Rachel Bonner-Mason, Armando Licon, Maria Elena Pantoja,
Leigh Ann Pitchon, Margie Puga


Days of Our Lives NBC
Head Makeup Artist
Gail J Hopkins
Makeup Artists
Deidre Decker, Glen Alen Gutierrez, Joleen Rizzo,
Nina Wells-Orme
Edited by Jason47, May 1 2014, 09:37 AM.
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I'm surprised that this is Lorraine Broderick's first nomination considering her reputation. Never mind, just noticed Jason said during their Days careers.
Edited by jam6242, May 1 2014, 09:41 AM.
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May 1 2014, 09:40 AM
I'm surprised that this is Lorraine Broderick's first nomination considering her reputation.
Her first "Days" nomination...I only have that database on my site. She may have been nominated for other shows during her career.
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Oak Alley
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wait, so music from a Fetch love scene, is nominated for 'original song'...

wow, no 'Lead Actress' win for DAYS since 1975 with Susan Flannery.

C'mon Eileen!
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Greg and Blake were the best male actors on the show last year. As much as I like EM they just were. Sad they didn't get noms, especially Blake.

CM is fine, but I don't think he should have been nominated over FS, but I've felt that way since FS started. He's a much better actor, it's just that he's thought of as "supporting" to Chandler (though I think that's starting to change a bit).

Awesome news about Eileen and Ari! Although like others said I really hope they don't split the vote.

Anyway, congrats to the noms!

(And I sort of feel bad for AS).
Edited by blueskies, May 1 2014, 09:47 AM.
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I was kind of expecting this if I'm honest with myself, but I'm pretty disappointed that both Chandler and Chad got nominations over Freddie (and Casey Moss, for that matter). I never watch Y&R so I can't comment on the guys from that show.

I guess I'll begin preparing myself for more music videos of Chandler humping his Emmy (because that actually happened, if anyone missed it). I'm sorry, I'm all for credit where credit it due, and he played an absolutely amazing Will Horton. But I'm frankly pretty over they way a large portion of both the media and Chandler's uber-fans treat him. He basically farts golden Emmy dust at this point, and all the other young actors are left to sweep up the sparkly trail he leaves behind. I wish him luck and hope to see him in some bigger productions at some point, with a real budget and a reasonable schedule, because I do think he's very naturally talented. But for the same reasons Freddie's names is not here (overall quality of the year's work is not considered), Chandler should not win based on whether he "deserves" it in general, or because he's gone now. He better have specifically submitted something worthy of an award if he's going to take it.

I'll also add to the chorus that although Nick's character pisses me off on a regular basis, I am exceedingly surprised not to see Blake Berris' name here. That's a big damn shame.
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May 1 2014, 08:05 AM
I can't believe Blake Berris didn't even get a nomination. He was excellent last year.
Im very dissappointed that Blake didnt get nominated. I was hoping Eileen would be the only Days nominee for lead actress. I am happy for Zucker but dont want her causing Eileen to lose. This is Eileen's year for an Emmy in my opinion. When will the reels be released?
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May 1 2014, 09:21 AM
Stalking Ron Carlivati's Twitter page like...

Posted Image

Meltdown in 5... 4... 3...

That because he submitted last year Nurse Ball for best daytime drama :eyeroll: :soapbox:
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I happy for Chandler, ED, AZ and EM. Really dissapointed that Freddie, Casey, BB and GV we're not nominated. I think all four did a wonderful job and deserved to be nominated along with their colleagues.

BTW, I disagree that Chandler didn't deserve nomination. He did a wonderful job beginning of the year. He's a solid actor who can deliver when he has something to work with. I think his mom knows how to choose his scenes. Freddie made a mistake when he asked the fans for suggestion, IMO. Fans just remember the latest scenes. He had more Emmy worthy scenes at the start of the year.

Edited by Kaha, May 1 2014, 10:48 AM.
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Buh-Bye Tan of Our Lives

The biggest shockers:

GH is SHUT OUT of Drama Series
Blake Berris and Greg Vaughn are SHUT OUT of Supporting Actor.

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Buh-Bye Tan of Our Lives

It is B&B vs DAYS for Lead Actress!
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May 1 2014, 10:58 AM
It is B&B vs DAYS for Lead Actress!
One clearly doesn't belong with the other three though :blulaugh:
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Buh-Bye Tan of Our Lives

Has GH *ever* been shut out of Writing/Directing & Drama Series all in one year...I don't think that has ever happened.
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Buh-Bye Tan of Our Lives

The best news from today - Shawn Christian and Alison Sweeney SNUBBED!
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The Room Stops
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May 1 2014, 08:04 AM
Well, Amelia Heinle is now an Emmy nominee. And she derserved it.

Eric Martsolf but not Greg Vaugh?!? What?!?

Chandler Massey is the only nominated younger actor form Days. I cannot even...
Seriously, show me one scene that even warranted Eric Marstolf mentioned as a pre-nom. I can't even think of one. I can think of a handful for Greg just off the top of my head.

Blake deserved the nom. I mean, I genuinely believe the system is fucked up, and it needs to be re-worked completely, but that's a whole other conversation. The soap "community" believes in it, and holds an Emmy nomination/win up as the standard of which they celebrate their fellow actors for excellence (or whatever)... and in that case, I believe Blake and Greg all deserved to be applauded for their excellent work.

It's the same reason I'm beyond thrilled that Jane Elliot is nominated. She's done beautiful work for decades, I adored Tracy from the minute I first watched GH, and it's because Jane makes her complicated, lovable and fierce. I would have loved to see Finola Hughes up there, too, she had some beautiful work with both Jason and Kimberly.

I'm thrilled about Ari Zucker, Jane Elliot and Jason Thompson - and I'll be rooting for Bryan Craig to win his category, he's the most improved and he's showing some excellent work right now. Would have loved to see DAYS shut out of best drama in favor of GH, and seen Finola or even Maura West get a nom, but per usual, they rarely get anything right.
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The Room Stops
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May 1 2014, 10:38 AM
May 1 2014, 09:21 AM
Stalking Ron Carlivati's Twitter page like...

Posted Image

Meltdown in 5... 4... 3...

That because he submitted last year Nurse Ball for best daytime drama :eyeroll: :soapbox:
I LOVED the Nurse's Ball :wub2:
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