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Monday, May 5th Daily Discussion
Topic Started: May 5 2014, 01:11 AM (16,581 Views)
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Today was a defining episode IMO.

Today we learned that Gabi did get a clue about Nick's insanity and that she's going along with him because she's afraid of what he would do if she didn't. She also still thinks that by going along with him that she will be able to let Will and Sonny have all the access to Ari that they desire - on that, she's underestimating how hateful and vindictive Nick really is. Nick is hell bent on getting what he wants and he doesn't care how he hurts or what damage he causes to get it. He wants his picture perfect ideal family - Him, Gabi and baby Ari and he's not going to let Will and Sonny ruin that picture for him.

Today we also learned that Sami is beyond redemption. She knows exactly what EJ was intending to do and she calmly told him to order a hit on Nick - human life means nothing to her - unless of course it's her own life. But I'm sure someone else will get to Nick before the hitman does and Sami and EJ can tell themselves they're innocent in all of this.

Today we learned that Jordan truly does have Kate's number - LOL! Loved their little catfight. I can't wait for Rafe to find out just how much Kate has been harassing Jordan.

Today we also learned that no matter the rosy, optimistic picture Maggie tried to paint for Sami, she knows that Nick has passed the point of no return and there's no way this is going to end well.

Today also reinforced how much Rafe does love his sister and how much this whole situation is frustrating him. He knows there's way more to the story than anyone is telling him and that lack of knowledge is preventing him from truly helping his sister.

Today also showed how far gone Nick really is and he's being very careless by letting everyone see just how deranged he really is.

Today we also learned that Aiden does have a sense of humour and he can loosen up.

And of course Ciara proved once again what a little gem she really is ... LOL! Her scenes with Roman were precious and so gosh darn cute and funny!
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Please note: This report is not to be copied and pasted to any other sites. Please link only. Link to summary archive:


Director: Albert Alarr
Scriptwriter: Jeanne Marie Ford

Segment 1: Repeat of Jordan and Kate's confrontation. When Kate throws the name Joan Cooper in Jordan's face, Jordan realises that Kate broke into her apt. Kate mocks - What are you going to do about it; call the police? How do you think Rafe is going to feel when he finds out that you're not the girl he thought you were. How do you think that's going to work out for you! Jordan slaps her into next week. Kate - Oh you're going to regret that. Jordan - You're going to regret being such a nosy bitch. She attacks!

Abby thanks Ben for serving their coffees. Sami - You know him? Abby - Yeah. I've run into him a few times at the club mostly. Why? Sami - I just saw him having an awkward, tense conversation with Jordan Ridgeway the other day. Abby - Really? I don't think they even know each other ... Maggie comes up to the table and tells Abigail she got her message. Sami, what are you doing here? Sami - I need your help with Nick.

Rafe knows that Gabi would never want to sign a contract that limits Will's contact with Arianna to every other weekend. Gabi - That's exactly what I want. Rafe - I know you don't mean that. He turns her to face him. What the hell has Nick done to you!

When Nick sees EJ in his office he asks where Percy is. EJ - I'm afraid your assistant has been terminated. I can see why you were so eager to hire him. He's a very agreeable fellow and a veritable fount of useful information. Whatever will you do without him! Nick pulls out his phone - Percy doesn't take orders from you so as soon as I get a hold of him ... EJ answers Percy's cell. Greetings.

Aiden and Hope walk towards a table in the square. Aiden asks Hope if she's sure she wants to do this today. He heard everything that happened with her cousin Jennifer. Please give her and Daniel my best, would you? Hope will. Thank you. Jen's going to be okay; she's just really shaken up. I mean, she dated the guy. She had no idea he was ... Aiden - Deranged? Hope - Yes, exactly. You think you're a good judge of character; sometimes it's hard to accept that you don't really know people the way you think you do. Aiden agrees.

Sami - I understand this isn't a good time for you after what happened with Daniel and Jennifer last night. Maggie - Actually it's not. Sami - But they're going to be okay, thank God and I'm not sure about our family. Maggie - What do you mean? Sami - Nick's involved himself in Will and Gabi's custody agreement over Ari. Maggie - What! Sami - Yes. No matter how many times Nick claims he's changed, he's still the same old Nick. He's trying to keep Will away from his own daughter.

EJ gets in Nick's face. I had a really good chat with your friend Mr. Ruggles. He told me he took the photograph and you had him take it to my house. Nick smirks - I was wondering when you were going to figure that out. I'm actually disappointed it took you so long. EJ - Do you think this is a game? My child could have picked up that photograph. Samantha could have picked up that photograph. Nick - That was kind of the point. EJ - You miserable ... you're a stupid, stupid ... Nick - Stupid, really? You and my cousin, wow. What were you thinking? I guess you weren't. EJ - Shut up. Nick - Oh no, you don't get to tell me what to do. You brought this on yourself. I told you to keep Sami in line and she's stilling trying to turn Gabi against me. Clearly you needed another reminder about who has the power here. And not just over Sami and Kate and Will and Sonny, but over you too EJ. EJ - You think you have the power here? That would be a serious miscalculation on your part, Mr. Fallon, one that will cost you dearly.

Segment 2: Hope tells Aiden she snagged the caterers before someone else booked them. Aiden - That's great. We just have to make sure we have a venue or we'll all be eating poux de tete in the school gymnasium. Hope - Of course this is all moot if we don't get the silent auction off the ground and since Giselle Van Hopper is repeatedly refusing to participate ... Aiden - I think we're going to be just fine without her artwork. We've just got to get people interested in my vintage Bee Gees vinyls and we'll ... Hope chuckles - Yeah right. Now, if you'd said Abba ... Aiden - Abba? Seriously! Because I ... Hope - No, I'm not serious. Oh gosh, I can't stay any longer. Since the kids have the day off because of parent / teacher conferences, Ciara asked to spend some time with Uncle Roman. He's probably completely swamped. I should go and rescue him. Aiden - No, no, no, you can't do that.

Ciara is sitting across the table from her Uncle Roman in the pub. She plays with her food. Roman - Ciara, you have barely touched your mac and cheese. You want something else? She shakes her head no. Roman - Is something wrong? She nods yes. Roman - Well talk to me. What is it? Ciara - You love me, right, Uncle Roman? Roman - What kind of question is that? Of course I love you very much. Ciara - Then you have to help me or else everything is going to be ruined.

Kate has Jordan by the hair - Knock it off you little twit. They struggle. Kate - I'm going to call Rafe and tell him everything.

Rafe - I love you and I support you but this is not right. You can not keep Arianna away from Will or Sonny. Gabi - That's not what I'm trying to do. This agreement is a precaution. Rafe - Against what? Gabi - Will's the one that wanted this in writing to protect himself and I'm trying to do the same thing. I would never, ever keep Will or Sonny from Arianna. I want them to see her as often as they want to and I would never stop them. Rafe - Even if Nick demanded it?

Abby - Nick came to me and asked about a lawyer. I didn't know why but I referred him to Aiden Jennings. Maggie - The lawyer that represented JJ. What did Nick want Aiden to do? Sami - Draw up papers that allow Will to see his daughter every other weekend. Maggie - But I thought Gabi and Will were getting along? Sami - Oh they are, Nick on the other hand ... well, I'm sure he's the one pressing for this and he convinced Gabi that this is just a lawyer's move, a starting point in the negotiation and of course Gabi believes whatever Nick tells her. Abby - I've tried talking to him. Sami - Everyone has. At this point we're just hoping you could get through to him. Would you please talk to Nick and help him see what a mistake this is.

Nick - So you're saying you have no problem with your fiancée seeing that photo of you and Abigail. She would have no problem with your ravishing my cousin in the old Horton family homestead. He laughs. We both know that Sami would never forgive you. Do you want to make it to the altar this time? Do you want to continue to live a life with your children. Tell me again that I don't have any power over you. EJ - You listen to me very carefully. If one word of this gets back to Samantha you will be very, very sorry. Nick - Is that the best you've got? It sounds a little generic. EJ - You can not even begin to imagine what I can do to you. Nick - What's the worse you can do to me? Kill me?

Segment 3: Roman - Look, like I told your Mom, I can't take Mrs. Van Hopper to the gala. Ciara pouts. Roman - No, don't you do that to me! Ciara - But you promised you would help me 'cause you do love me. Roman - I do love you. Ciara - You can't let me down Uncle Roman, you just can't!

Hope - Why can't I pick up my daughter? Aiden - I didn't mean that you can't. I just meant that you just got here and I thought we could get more work done. We haven't even talked about the centerpieces for the tables. Hope - Don't you think we should make sure we have tables first? Aiden - Yeah but when you order all that merchandise, dicey time-frames and everything so you know ... we should probably ... so, what do you think, should we go with something like flowers or candles ... Hope - Why are you stalling? Aiden - Did you ever see those fishbowls with ... Hope - You're stalling, what's going on? Aiden - Fine. I'm just enjoying our time working together. There I said it. Hope laughs. Now I know you're lying. Goodbye Aiden, I'll call you. He grabs his stuff and calls out - Wait! and chases after her.

Jordan - Tell him what? You don't know anything. Kate - I know that you toted a box of phony ID's all the way from Birmingham or wherever the hell you're from. And I'm fairly certain that you planned to use them until your little love fest with Rafe sort of derailed all of your plans. Jordan - You are so deranged and if you think I'm going to let you get away with breaking into my apt ... Kate - Do you want to call the police? I can help you do that. In fact I think I have Rafe's number on my phone. Do you want to call him? No, you don't, do you? I warned you I would not let you hurt the people I care about. Jordan - And how am I doing that? You're the one that is hurting Kate. You're the one in love with a man that doesn't love you back. Why don't you get that! Kate snaps - Why don't you get that Rafe is my friend and I will not let you hurt him. Jordan yells - That is not what I'm doing but you're too busy blaming me for Rafe falling out of love with you. News flash! He was never in love with you! Kate - You're really good at changing the subject, aren't you? But if you're so harmless and you're so innocent then why do you have more aliases then P Diddy?

Rafe - When were you planning on telling me about this? You know what I think? I think you were too ashamed to tell me because you know that this whole agreement is wrong. Gabi - No, it's not wrong to do whatever it takes to make sure that I am never separated from my daughter. Rafe - Will would never do that. Gabi - You don't know what might happen. Rafe - I know that a judge would never keep your little girl from you. Gabi - You don't understand. I am talking about them keeping me away from her.

Maggie - Wish me luck. Sami - One more thing, Nick shouldn't know that I asked you to speak to him. Maggie - And why would I tell him that? I don't want the conversation to be over before it starts. She leaves. Sami - Please God, let him listen to her.

Nick - We both know that you're not going to kill me because that's not who you are anymore. I don't know if it was having kids, falling in love, but I think you're soft now. I don't think you have it in you anymore. EJ - Are you willing to bet your life on that theory? Nick - I don't think you killed Percy either. I think you played the big bad DiMera and scared him into submission and sent him away. EJ - Mr. Ruggles was a lackey. I can assure you I will not be so kind hearted when it comes to meting out your punishment. Nick - There is nothing, NOTHING, that you can do to me that could even begin to compare to the hell that I went through in prison. So spare me your empty threats because I'm not afraid of you. You see, my threats aren't empty, so you should be afraid of me. You'd be wise to remember that. He leaves.

Segment 4: Roman - Ciara, you listen to me okay. The last thing I want to do is let you down but your school will be fine. Ciara - Uncle Roman, why are you being so mean? Roman - Ciara, I ... Ciara - I miss my Daddy so much and all I have is you. She pouts. Roman - Oh no ... no ... no ... that's not fair. Don't you do that! Don't you do ... okay! Alright, I will do it! Hope is there - Do what? Roman - I will take Giselle Van Hopper to the gala. Hope - You will! Roman - Yeah, it's no big deal. It's one night. Ciara - And it's for a wonderful cause. Roman - Oh, you are just lucky I am crazy about you! Ciara - I love you too Uncle Roman. Hope hugs Roman. Thank you. Roman points at Ciara - I love you and he leaves. Hope - What just happened? Ciara shrugs. Hope - No, no, no. That's not an answer that ... Aiden rushes up - Hope, I'm sorry, it's not Ciara's fault. Ciara turns to him - Good going big mouth.

Sami thanks Abigail for everything. Abby - Yeah. I'm really sorry things got so out of hand. Sami - I really appreciate you. I mean I don't have many ... any ... friends for a very long time. It's just nice to see how much you care about Will and that you are willing to do what you can to help. I'm glad you're someone I can count on. Abby - I haven't really done anything. Sami - You've done more than you know, really. Would you mind if I called you again for another art lesson, my honeymoon's coming up. Abby - Of course not. Sami - I'll be in touch. She leaves. Ben asks Abby if she wants a refill. No thank you. Ben - Are you okay? Abby - Yeah. Ben - Can I get you anything else. Abby - No. Can I ask you a question? Ben - Sure. Abby - How do you know Jordan Ridgeway?

Jordan - Did you ever have a part of your life that you needed to put behind you, or maybe a dozen? Did that prevent you from living your life and pursuing a career, falling in love. Of course it didn't. My past is exactly that, it's my past and it has no bearing on who I am now. Kate - Okay. What about the person you're going to be a week from now? Or a year from now? You don't think that could come back and bite you and Rafe? You see if it's that terrible that you won't talk about it, it's never going to go away. Take it from someone who knows. Jordan - Rafe is the only man I've ever loved. I would never hurt him. Kate - No, you just lie to him to spare him the pain of finding out you're not who you really say you are. Jordan - You don't know the whole story. Kate - Then tell me, tell him. But no, you're not going to do that because it's bad, it's real bad. Don't tell me I have no idea what I'm talking about because I am going to find out and then I'll have the information to prove beyond a doubt that you are both a liar and a fraud. I'll be able to prove that to Rafe and then it will be over so enjoy it while you can. She leaves.

Maggie hugs Nick. It's been too long. (They're at the K mansion). Nick - I'm sorry I've been such a stranger but I feel like I've been working 24/7. Maggie - How's the job going? Nick - It was a hard day at the office today but tomorrow will be better. Maggie - I hope you're not working so hard that you don't have time to socialize, you know, live a little. Nick - Personally, things couldn't be going better. Maggie - You mean with Gabi? Nick - Yeah, with Gabi. Look, I was kind of hoping to avoid the lecture. Maggie - No lecture. Nick - But? Maggie - I'm concerned. Nick - And who told you that you should be concerned?

EJ is at home. He pours himself a drink and broods.

Segment 5: Ciara is not present any longer. Hope - Am I to understand you conspired with my sweet, little daughter ... Aiden - I wouldn't say conspired, it was all my idea. Hope - To manipulate her Uncle Roman ... Aiden - No, manipulate is such a strong word. I'm sorry. I never should have promised her a reward. Hope - A reward! What kind of reward? Aiden - Just chocolates ... a watch. Hope - What were you thinking! Aiden - I wasn't. Hope - Yeah obviously. So you approached my daughter ... Aiden - I didn't approach her. She overheard us talking about it and she offered to help. Obviously I should have said no. Hope - Obviously. Aiden - I'm just so worried about this gala falling apart and your daughter is so very persuasive as you must know, I succumbed. You have every right to be angry with me if not thoroughly disgusted especially since I was so judgemental of your parenting skills when we first met ... I'm probably making this worse right now ... Hope - Probably but I do appreciate the fact that you did own what you did. Hope gets a text. It's from Giselle. Roman works fast. He asked her out. She'll be at the gala with bells on, artwork in hand. Aiden - That is great! That is just what ... maybe we should just have Roman give her a call and tell her to forget the whole thing.

Ben - Jordan Ridgeway? Abby - My friend saw the two of you talking. Ben - And? Abby - And I'm kind of surprised because I thought you just moved to town and didn't know anybody. Ben - She comes in here a lot. Abby - Did you guys go out or something? Ben - No. Abby - I'm sorry, it's so none of my business. It's just that we're friends. Ben - Oh, you are? Abby - Yeah, and in case you didn't now, she's dating someone else. Ben - I didn't know. Like I said, we just talked. Table 4 needs me so I'll see you later.

Rafe - What are you talking about? Who would keep you from Arianna? Gabi - That isn't what I meant. Rafe - Is it Nick? Is he threatening you? Gabi - No, things are fine between us and I want them to stay that way. Rafe - Something's not right and it's not been right for a long time and if you're not going to tell me, I'm just going to have to find out another way. From Nick actually, even if I have to beat it out of him. Gabi - No, no, no. You're going to leave Nick alone. Anytime anybody ever talks to Nick they just make it worse. Rafe - How can it be worse? Gabi - If you want to help me, if you love me, if you love Arianna, please just promise me that you're going to stay out of this. She hugs him hard. Just promise me that you're not going to talk to Nick. Promise me. Rafe - I promise you ... for now. He leaves.

Maggie - I understand that you got involved in the custody agreement between Will and Gabi. Nick - I was just trying to help Gabi. Maggie - If Gabi needed a lawyer why didn't you come to me, your Uncle Mickey's firm. Nick - Let me guess. Abigail told you that I tricked her into recommending a lawyer, is that right? Poor, little, sweet, innocent Abigail is upset that I'm attacking poor, sweet, innocent Will. Never mind the fact that I'm her cousin too, right? But I'm not like her or Will or any of the other perfect Horton's. So why should I be surprised that no one's on my side.

EJ drinks and recalls Nick saying that they both know he won't kill him because that's not who he is anymore. EJ stares at the portrait of Stefano. He moves it aside and opens the safe.

Segment 6: Hope is with Aiden and Ciara at the square. I do not approve of what the two of you have done, not at all. Is that clear. Ciara - Yes. Hope - But I've been thinking, because it was for a good cause ... Ciara - I'm not in trouble! Hope - Mr. Jennings has taken full responsibility for everything that happened however, Ciara Alice, I don't want to see you use your sad face on Uncle Roman or anyone else for that matter, okay? Not ever again. Ciara - Okay. So do I get my chocolates and watch now? Hope - Absolutely not. Aiden makes a sad face. But a promise is a promise. Hope - One piece of chocolate. Ciara and Aiden fist punch.

Maggie - I care about you very much. Nick - You all tried really hard to get in touch with me and you all missed me very much when I was in New York, I get it. Look I understand why everyone in this family and in this town was glad when I left Salem. I could sprout wings now and I'd still be the screw-up, the black sheep but Abigail and Will, they're perfect. Maggie - No, they're not perfect. Nick - You're right. They're not perfect but you wouldn't know it from talking to people in this town. JJ gets caught stealing drugs and everyone is 'oh poor JJ, his father died, it wasn't his fault.' He deserves a second chance, but not me. Maggie - That's not true. You do deserve a second chance. You've got a second chance Nick. I just want to see you make the very most out of it. Nick - I know you do but Melanie is your granddaughter and I hurt her. How could she not come first. Aunt Julie, the only reason she's pulling for me is because she can't resist a lost cause. Maggie - Honey, you are not a lost cause. Nick - I was when I first got to Salem. I let a lot of people use me and abuse me. Not anymore, that's not who I am anymore and you want to know what changed me. Love. I love Gabi and she loves me back and I swear to you Aunt Maggie, nobody is going to get in the way this time of us being together. And I don't care what I have to do but I'm going to make sure that I get ... that I have the life that I've always wanted. Maggie cries - Nick ... Nick ... Nick - Goodbye Aunt Maggie.

Jordan rushes up to Ben and tells him they need to leave Salem. Someone knows. Ben - Who? Rafe? Jordan - It doesn't matter who it is. What matters is that we get out of here before someone else finds out. Ben - How much do they know? Jordan - They found the fake ID's. Ben - That's it? That's what you're freaking out about? Nobody's going to be able to put anything together because of that. Jordan - It's too big of a risk. Ben - You think if we leave people aren't going to start asking questions. Rafe's a cop for God's sake. What if he starts looking for you. No, we worked too hard to cover our tracks. We need to stay here. Jordan - If this person says anything to Rafe ... Ben - You're just going to have to deal with it. The running has got to stop. I had to lie again today. I hate that. Jordan - I understand that. You have to leave ... Ben - I'm not leaving and neither should you. I've got to get back to work.

Rafe bumps into Kate outside the pub. Sorry. Kate - Are you alright? Rafe - Have you talked to Will? Kate - So you know about the custody agreement. I can't imagine how you feel about it. Rafe - I tried talking some sense into Gabi. Kate - Me too. So it didn't go well. Rafe - I'm not giving up. Whatever it takes to save my sister from Nick that's what I'm going to do.

Sami is talking on her cell to Maggie; she's outside the D mansion. How did it go? Maggie - Nick is convinced he's doing the right thing. He's not a bad person Sami, he truly cares for Gabi and Arianna. He just wants what's best for them. Now we all know what that is. Sami - For Nick to end up in Siberia. Maggie - In the end I'm confident that everything will be alright. Sami - I wish I could feel the same.

EJ dumps an envelope full of cash on to the desk. He holds a piece of paper in his hand and starts to make a call. Sami walks in. Hey, what are you doing? EJ - Close the door.

Segment 7: Aiden reaches for a chocolate. Ciara - You better not take the caramel one 'cause that's Mom's favourite. Aiden - Duly noted. Ciara - Hey, you took two. Aiden - Well, do you think Mom's rules apply to me. Aiden holds out a chocolate to Hope - Here you go. Hope takes it. Thank you. Do you remember that discussion we had earlier; that you think you know someone but you really don't. Aiden - Yeah. Hope - Yeah, sometimes that's not always such a terrible thing. Sometimes people can surprise you in a good way. Aiden - I know exactly what you mean.

Rafe pulls out a chair for Kate inside the pub - she thanks him. Rafe - No thank you. I was ready to explode. It's good to know I have someone I can talk to about this. I don't want to involve Jordan in this mess. Kate - Of course not. I'm so glad the two of you are happy but you have to know you can come to me anytime about this situation. Jordan walks in. She sees them together - Oh no. Rafe - I'm not sure Gabi's really fallen for Nick again or if she's just scared to death. I know she loved him once but I thought she understood. Kate - Understood what? Rafe - That it was all based on a lie. Jordan hears this.

Gabi is hold Arianna - I promise I will never, ever keep you from your Daddy, okay. Mommy just has to fix things with Uncle Nick. You know he loves you very much, both of us. And in time, I can learn to care for him, maybe even love him. I don't have a choice. No one is going to take me away from my baby girl.

Abby is in the park. Nick comes up behind her. Couldn't stay out of it, could you? You went to Aunt Maggie. You made me out to be the villain. Abby - No, that's not what I was trying to do at all. I'm just worried about Gabi ... Nick - It's none of your damned business. Abby - Will is my cousin ... Nick - So am I. Abby - I know. Nick - But I always come last, don't I? Abby - No, you don't. That's not true. Nick - The whole family thinks that you are so perfect, this little saint. If only they knew the truth. Abby - What truth? Nick - That perfect little Abigail Deveraux is nothing but EJ DiMera's whore.

Sami - What happened? EJ - I just came from seeing Mr. Fallon. I realise now he's never going to let us have any peace. His demands are always going to escalate. He's completely unhinged. Sami - I asked Maggie to talk to him but I don't know if it helped. EJ - Probably made it worse. Sami - So what do we do? EJ - I'm not going to allow Nicholas Fallon to destroy my family and everything we have fought for. Sami flips one of the stacks of bills and picks up the paper with the number on it. Do it.
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