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Days Weekly Wrap-up; June 30-July 6
Topic Started: Jul 6 2014, 08:08 PM (782 Views)
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The show is still dark, but we did learn some things from twitter this week. Galen has signed another contract with Days. Jen confirmed that the show is dark for four weeks (the longest break theyíve had since their first year on the air). Wally confirmed he still isnít doing any work at Days. Casey made some vague comments about Paige and Eve leading people to further believe that Will will be sleeping with Eve. Guy made a cryptic comment about Ben being gay and mentioned that EJ is Willís pseudofather. Eileenís first airdate is July 25th.

Promo Judie had a lot to say this week. First she has changed her mind about when Stefano will be back onscreen and says heís not on through the 18th. She also revealed that someone unexpected is going to defend EJ in front of Sami, there will be no Ejami reunion before the 25th (thatís as far as sheís seen), EJ is out on bail on the 21st, EJ shows lots of remorse, Sami has conflicting feelings, Sami doesnít slap Abby, Judie believes that being humiliated in front of Jennifer is enough, the confrontation starts off innocent and then bam, Sami wants to attack Abby but Jennifer gets in the way, and Sami threatens to expose the affair to everyone.

galen gering
Hey peeps! Wanna laugh? Then Listen to me on @iHeartRadio's #MeltingPot w/ @TimOnAir & @OnAirAsh: http://www.iheart.com/talk/show/25498552/?episode_id=26947306 Ö

Jen Lilley mentioned in a video interview she posted on Twitter that they were dark for 4 weeks.

ď@kittycats45: @wallykurth Hey buddy...you're doing both shows?Ē //. No, as of now I'm a GH man. Days hasn't called.

Casey Moss DC Interview

Guy Wilson DC Interview

XTINAfighter @xtina_fighter2
@heyjude14 what date will Kristen return to #days?


@xtina_fighter2 July 25th

Lauren @flawlessolake
@heyjude14 Is Stefano supposed to be back this week or next week?

Judie @heyjude14
@flawlessolake not on thru the 18th. Just starting to watch shows for week of the 21st.

week if July 21 i will be promoting the return of Kristen...but you'll be surprised who comes to EJ's defense in front of Sami

megan kearley @megankearley1
is there any hope of them reuniting this month

Judie @heyjude14
definitely not through July 25

megan kearley @megankearley1
is there anything u can tell me abt ejami thats good at all

Judie @heyjude14
he's out on bail the 21st

Paul McNamara @SBlover130
Does EJ show any remorse what he did when Sami calls him out on his cheating?

Judie @heyjude14
lots of remorse

megan kearley @megankearley1
during the shows u are watching does it look like sami still loves ej

megan kearley @megankearley1
and does it look like she still wants 2 b with him

Judie @heyjude14
conflicting emotions

Paul McNamara @SBlover130
Judie will it be physical between Sami and Abby on Friday? She got at least give her one slap

Judie @heyjude14
no slaps

Josie @EjamiJosie
@heyjude14 @SBlover130
Omg, what a ripoff! I wanted Sami to bust her in private so she'd beat her ass. Judie, can you digitally add slaps?

Judie @heyjude14
@EjamiJosie @SBlover130
trust me humiliating her in front of Jennifer is punishment enough.

Josie @EjamiJosie
@heyjude14 @SBlover130
Lol, not for us, Judie. Please consider adding the digital slaps if you can†;)

Judie @heyjude14
@EjamiJosie @SBlover130
:)†she wanted to attack Abby but Jenn got in her way. You'll see. It starts out all innocent then bam

Paul McNamara @SBlover130
Judei did Abby look scared when Sami went for her? I bet it was unexpected and took her by surprise.

Judie @heyjude14
Abby is just completely humiliated

Laura @Laura722
@heyjude14does Sami threaten Abigail?

Judie @heyjude14
she let's her have and threatens to expose the affair in Salem

Daily Recaps
Days of our Lives
Monday, June 30, 2014

Kate is stunned when she learns Clydeís connection to Jordan.

Jordan and Ben discuss their past Ė and why theyíve been running all these years.

Nicole tries her best to clear Ericís name.

Eve learns intriguing information when she finally gets around to visiting her sister, Theresa.

Days of our Lives
Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Sami and EJís wedding begins!

Rafe is given information which may put a damper on Sami and EJís big day.

Theresa isnít pleased when Eve flirts with Brady.

Jennifer reaches out to Daniel.

Days of our Lives
Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Chaos erupts at Sami and EJís wedding!

Clyde contacts Kate about his future plansÖ

Hope questions Aiden about his deceased wife.

Roman uses Giselle to make Marlena jealous.

Days of our Lives
Thursday, July 3, 2014

EJ is certain Stefano is to blame for his troubles.

Marlena and Roman rush to Samiís side to support their daughter.

JJís graduation day is marred by Eveís lawsuit against Jennifer.

Jennifer informs JJ of Eveís connection to Theresa.

Days of our Lives
Friday, July 4, 2014

Salemís citizens celebrate the 4th of July with a BBQ by the lake.

Eve uses her charms on Daniel.

Theresa shares a warm moment with Caroline.

Paige confronts JJ about keeping something from her.

SOD Article
Brady and Theresa's Vegas trip turns tragic
Sami to EJ: I know you had sex with Abigail
Eve makes her move on Daniel

Odds & Ends
About.com confirmed Molly Burnett's return
Kristian Alfonso told Michael Fairman that they have already filmed the Bope resolution
The promo was for EJ confronting EJ and Abigail (separately)
The ratings were up over the previous week and down over the previous year

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