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Daytime Emmy Reels; Pop TV
Topic Started: Apr 4 2015, 06:55 PM (4,622 Views)
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Thanks Lysie for the youtube links!!
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Call me a hater but I don't see the big deal about PM's performance. Honestly, all the lead actress reels are rather underwhelming. I hated everything about EJ's acid trip hallucination but I guess with some fanwank I can see why others would think it's good. AS is good but I think she had better performances than that, last year. Laura Wright was pretty good in her reel too.

No to Anthony Geary's reel.

Huge Billy Miller fan here but I feel like Michael Muhney steals the scene from him.

CB is head and shoulders above her competition.

All the rest - whatevs.
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Full disclosure: Iím still miffed that Blake Berris was robbed of a nomination for a second year in a row. With that saidÖ

Scott Clifton Ė This is a good reel for SC. Heís clearly a good actor. The problem is that itís a better reel for Darin Brooks. He kept getting all of my attention, which I donít think is good if youíre going for an Emmy.

Chad Duell Ė What an exciting reel in general. MW was *fierce* in the first few minutes, but even then it didnít detract from CDís performance. You get to see him react to all of the revelations, and it feels genuine. One issue that bothered me, and maybe this is nit-picky: CDís body language while holding the gun is all wrong. His body should be tense, his arm straight. His body seems almost relaxed, and it contradicts his face/voice/eyes. But the face/voice/eyes are quite good, and that might make the difference.

Kristoff St. John Ė Heís clearly the most experienced actor in the group. He plays the emotions effortlessly. He also plays blind well. The problem is two-fold: thereís no big Emmy moment, and itís a long reel. Long reels arenít always an issue, but when itís lengthened by a bunch of flashbacks (should flashbacks even be allowed in reels?), it feels tedious. But because he is such a natural pro, that might not matter. It would not surprise me to see him win.

Jacob Young Ė What a reel! The emotion was pitch-perfect here, and JY was helped by great writing (loved the school of fish/pack of wolves line). The flashbacks at the end were a bit annoying, but it built up to the explosion of anger, so I can overlook it. Not a false or boring note to be found.

1.Jacob Young

2.Chad Duell

3.Kristoff St. John

4.Scott Clifton

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Tough race. I see four potential winners here, and my rankings could change depending on my mood. Seriously, itís that tough, and they are that good.

Linsey Godfrey

Sheís pretty good, but overshadowed by the rest of the cast (particularly by JY in the first half of the reel), despite the masca-rying (mascara crying). She spends most of the time listening and reacting to other actors with more emotional material. She does it well, mind you, but itís not enough. The length of the reel doesnít help in this case, either.

Amelia Heinle

I believe I had her ranked in last place for the awards last year. She won. So what do I know? In general this is a sweet reel. She does really well when she reads the homework assignment. Pitch perfect, in fact. The same goes for her crying about not being owed any more apologies. Really great emotion there. I like how the reel tells a bittersweet story about Ďmoving oní. Thatís the emotion that I get from AH here. Good reel.

Elizabeth Hendrickson

The reel kicks in when they get to the office, and her reaction to her loved ones is good. The tears are real, and you can feel the characters guilt and hope for a recovery (although Iím not sure what the story was). Each ďgoodbyeĒ moment worked for me, because she wasnít overshadowed by her fellow actors, she was complemented by them. Itís a longer reel, but in a case like this it works, because she is at the center of every moment, and every moment feels genuine.

Finola Hughes

A shorter reel, but wow! This is a veteran actress at the top of her game. One problem here is that IB gets just as much time and just as many moments as FH through much of the reel. It borders on the dreaded ďovershadowingĒ, but then I look at FHís face. Itís right on the mark.

Lisa Locicero

Ahhh, a drunk reel. And a good one at that. Itís a funny reel, but there is more to it than just humor. Thereís emotion and sadness underneath. But the funny parts keep coming, and they actually made me laugh: Itís Always Sunny in Philadelphia, adopting the dogs, and ďthey would never have sex with Ava JeromeĒ. Comedy is tough to pull off on soaps, but she LL nails it. I think this is my favorite, just because itís so different.

1.Lisa Locicero

2.Elizabeth Hendrickson

3.Finola Hughes

4.Amelia Heinle

5.Linsey Godfrey

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Anthony Geary

Lots of exposition/explaining, which doesnít lend itself to emotion very well. Plays the physical aspects of the drugged up Luke role convincingly, although the ďfilthy handsĒ outburst seemed hammy. He plays the villain role convincingly, too, but it comes across as a cartoonish villain, although the last scene of him speaking into the camera is good. But I donít think AG will be adding an Emmy to his mantle this year.

Christian LeBlanc

Overshadowed by TBís laughing reaction at first. Then he has a few moments of indignation, which is followed by more overshadowing by TBís angry reaction. But then he gets the scene back in a big way with his own outburst. The rest is more evenly matched, but still TB gets the most emotion to play, although his final speech about the diagnosis is also good (the quiet moment is excellent, the Ďwhy meí is a little hammy). So while there is that one great (and another good) moment, I donít know if this is the right showcase.

Billy Miller

In the first few moments (perhaps because Iím unfamiliar with the story), BM seems a little hammy. But that subsides quickly as he discusses his last night with his daughter (although there are a few moments where it veers back into hamminess, but he keeps it under control). MM is quite good, and I think he plays grief better than BM plays anger, which again causes some overshadowing.

Jason Thompson

Just ten seconds in and I thought that this was the best reel. The next 10:50 only reinforced that opinion. This is a very good actor and a very good performance. I did not sense a false moment in his eyes, his face, or his body language. Heís not overshadowed by KM, heís only complemented by her. No contest to me, and as a Days fan I have no skin in the game here.

1.Jason Thompson

2.Billy Miller

3.Christian LeBlanc

4.Anthony Geary
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Full disclosure: Days fan here. Would love to see one of the Days ladies, particularly AS, take home the trophy. As with Supporting Actress, I could easily see any four out of the five winning.

Peggy McCay

Such a sweet reel and speech. Itís 4 minutes, but she knocks it out of the park. I wonít get into any allegations of category fraud. Been there, done that. Based on the merits of the reel itself, itís so good. And letís remember (not that it matters in judging the best reel, but it amazes me nonetheless): PM is about to turn 85! The writing of Carolineís speech is spot on, and she sells it. A great reel, but thereís so much else happening in this category.

Alison Sweeney

Gonna need a few paragraphs for this one, since itís such a special case.

This nomination is long overdue. AS was never the best actress. She was, quite frankly, awful when she started in the early 90s. But her awkward nature happened to fit the character of Sami, and Days was not a ďseriousĒ show at the time that she was the resident villain. But she improved. She was overlooked when Sami was on death row. She was overlooked with Graceís death and the baby-switch. And now finally, she gets her nomination.

I havenít seen this reel since it first aired. It starts off slow for the first 2:30. And then she sees the picture and realizes whatís happening, and weíre off to the races. The next few minutes of processing are really good and quite realistic. The quiet way that she looks at the photograph; the silent tears. Then the slapping starts and we get Sami the lioness that we all know so well (and that AS has perfected). As long as the reel is, itís enthralling (until the dream ends). Unlike other overlong reels (KSJ in supporting actor), I did not once look at the time stamp.

The one con is that the last few minutes are sort of dull, which is to be expected when a dream sequence ends. I do wonder if that will detract from the impression. Or it might impress voters even more to see how she changes gears so easily in the course of one episode.

I reviewed this reel last out of the group. As I was watching the others, I thought that she wouldnít compare to the likes of MW or GT. But I think she has more than a great shot. Look, AS is not the best actress of the group. Some can argue that she might not even give the best performance in this category. But itís the reel that matters. And the length of a really really good reel might outweigh a shorter great reel.

Gina Tognoni

In those first few moments she was a firecracker! Then the reel dips in energy when the daughter enters. But it picks back up again as she confronts PB. Man, she is good here. The hurt, the anger, itís all there. PB is also very good, but it doesnít detract from her energy. Very good reel.

Maura West

Holy mackerel! Another firecracker of a performance. This is clearly a complicated, damaged woman, and it shows through every ounce of the performance. There are a few quieter moments that belong to MB, and that might hurt her chances in a shorter reel. But the last two minutes of the reel is off-the-charts, and it might just seal the deal.

Laura Wright

And yet another really good reel. Against any other set of reels, this could be an easy winner. This is some great soap opera here, and LW pulls it off like a pro and she has a great screen partner in RW. In her favor is that itís a consistent performance. There are no quiet moments.

1.Alison Sweeney

2.Maura West

3.Gina Tognoni

4.Laura Wright

5.Peggy McCay

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We don't have info about shows' submissions for Best Drama or Writing, do we?
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The 42nd Annual Daytime Emmy Awards air live tonight at 8:00 ET/5:00 PT on PopTV.

Please join us in the live viewing thread for discussion of the ceremony as it airs.

We hope to see you there!

Link: http://daytimeroyaltyonline.com/topic/9234105/1/
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