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Emmerdale, Hollyoaks, EastEnders Spoilers week of Feb 1st; updated 1/31
Topic Started: Jan 27 2016, 06:24 PM (205 Views)
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Emmerdale spoilers: Chas Dingle will be left devastated as Aaron reveals the truth about Gordon

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TV Guide UK Daily Spoilers

2/1, Aaron accuses his mother of getting back together with Gordon when he sees the for sale sign being taken down outside the pub. A furious Chas responds by throwing him out of the house. Emma provides Noah with a place to hide, as a terrified Moira desperately searches the village for him. Nicola offers to quit her job to look after the kids, and Kerry and Dan end up on camera without knowing.

2/2, Cain tells Chas about Aaron self-harming, and she blames Robert - who advises her to talk to her son about his past before it consumes him. Emma is warned that she will not have access to Moses when Charity is released, so pays a visit to the prison with blackmail in mind. Pollard competes to win an award, Nicola hands in her notice, and Carly and Tracy face a wine shortage

2/3, Chas takes Aaron to the seaside in the hope of rebuilding their relationship, but on their return, he angrily tells her the terrible truth about the abuse he suffered. Moira receives a visiting order asking her to take Noah to see Charity and warns her to keep her hands off Cain. Pollard confesses his financial problems to Diane and Finn, who urge him to think about what Val would do in his situation

2/4, Chas confronts Gordon about Aaron's accusations, and he tries to convince her of his innocence. Charity calls in a favour from Emma, Nicola finds life as a full-time mother boring, and Rakesh helps Ross to sort out the issues with Moses' birth certificate. Duncan seems to be up to no good, a suspicion that is confirmed when the wine tasting is gatecrashed by trading standards agents

2/4, Chas turns to Cain for comfort after her confrontation with Gordon, but struggles to keep her son's secrets. Pollard faces losing his alcohol licence as the trading standards agents examine the wine. Nicola suspects Jimmy is hiding something when he tries to stop Rakesh checking the books - and later discovers he has not been keeping track of the business accounts since Charity went to prison

2/5, Chas talks to Aaron, who considers whether to go to the police. Nicola agrees to take over sorting out the books from Jimmy while he looks after the kids - leading them both to realise that they would rather be in each other's shoes. Diane offers a reluctant Pollard a solution to his predicament, and Kirin is unable to cope with fatherhood


2/1, Emma hides Noah from Cain and Moira. Aaron is not impressed by Chas's decision. Nicola is touched by Jimmy's suggestion.

2/2, Chas becomes worried about Aaron. Charity gets a visitor. Tracey comes up with a plan.

2/3, There is shocking news for Chas. Moira gives Charity a warning. Pollard spots an opportunity to make some money.

2/4, A confrontation leaves Chas shaken. Charity has the upper hand over Emma. Pollard's money-making scheme backfires.

2/4, Cain wants revenge. Pollard needs help. Jimmy has to act quickly.

2/5, Aaron gets a wake-up call. Nicola suggests a new job for Jimmy. Kirin struggles to cope
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TV Guide UK Hollyoaks Daily Spoilers

2/1, Nancy is frosty with Darren, still suspicious about what he and Maxine have been conspiring about. Meanwhile, Jade is terrified about her first chemotherapy session, Simone gives Louis the silent treatment after Joanne's accusation, and Cindy tells Mac she is continuing with her plan to get what she is owed from him

2/2, Tony buys football tickets for him and Harry as a peace offering, and wonders whether he should start spending time with his other `son', Alfie. Meanwhile, Sienna is concerned about Maxine's behaviour, and Marnie threatens to take Ellie away from Mac if he does not give her what she wants

2/3, Darren and Nancy are concerned when Charlie gets into a fight at school after they tell him about Jade having cancer. He panics when faced with Lindsey at the hospital and reveals a secret, leaving Darren and Nancy shocked

2/4, Grace is unsure about whether she should let Trevor see Curtis, but when she and Esther bump into him in the village, they have a heated row. Meanwhile, Neeta returns to The Dog and Celine encourages Tegan to take part in a poster campaign at the hospital

2/5, Trevor is confused when DS Thorpe arrives to arrest him, while Lindsey decides to use it to her advantage when Celine reveals that she does not have an alibi for the latest attack. Elsewhere, Celine, Kim and Tegan are stunned when the new face of the hospital billboard campaign is unveiled


2/1, Simone gives Louis the silent treatment after recent shocking accusations, while Jade's bravado crumbles behind closed doors. Mac can't believe his eyes when Cindy teams up with two of his arch-rivals in a bid to ruin him.

2/2, Tony extends a peace offering to Harry, but is it too little, too late? Maxine is stunned when Mrs St Claire summons her, Nancy and Sienna to the school. Mac is feeling the pressure when someone threatens to play dirty.

2/3, Lindsey comes face to face with the gloved killer witness, while Alfie struggles to come to terms with recent alarming revelations. Darren and Nancy break bad news to Charlie, but are shocked to discover he has a dark secret of his own.

2/4, Celine encourages Tegan to take part in the new hospital poster campaign, while a familiar face returns to The Dog. Lindsey takes drastic measures to ensure she's out of the frame for the gloved murders by eyeing up her next victim.

2/5, Trevor is angry that he's back in trouble with the law, while Lindsey sees an opportunity that's too good to miss. Celine, Kim and Tegan are stunned when the new face of the hospital billboard campaign is revealed.

Channel 4 Daily Previews (Update 1/28)

2/1, Mac can’t believe his eyes when Cindy teams up with two of his rivals in an attempt to ruin him. Elsewhere, Simone gives Louis the silent treatment after last week’s shocking accusations, while the brave face Jade has been wearing starts to crumble behind closed

2/2, Maxine is in for the shock of her life when Mrs St Claire summons her, Nancy and Sienna to the school. Tony offers to make amends with Harry, but it may be too little too late. Elsewhere, Mac is really feeling the pressure when someone threatens to start playing dirty.

2/3, Alfie struggles to get his head around yesterday’s shocking news, while Lindsey finds herself face to face with the only witness to her killings. Elsewhere, Darren and Nancy break some bad news to Charlie, but they’re shocked to discover he has a dark secret of his own!

2/4, Lindsey takes drastic measures to make sure she’s out of the frame for the Gloved Hand murders by eyeing up her next victim. Celine encourages Tegan to take part in Dee Valley Hospital’s new poster campaign, while a certain someone returns to The Dog.

2/5, Trevor is furious when he’s landed in more trouble with the police, while Lindsey sees an opportunity that’s too good to miss. Elsewhere, Celine, Kim and Tegan are speechless when the new face of the hospital billboard campaign is revealed…

Channel 4
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TV Guide UK EastEnders Daily Spoilers

2/1, Ronnie tries to persuade the family to visit Phil - but is stunned when Sharon reveals he was the one driving the car at Christmas. At the hospital, the doctor delivers bad news about Phil - and as if that weren't bad enough, Ronnie then receives an unexpected visitor who makes a shocking accusation. Martin asks Shabnam to help take Arthur to visit Stacey, and after making her excuses she and Kush are left to wonder how much longer they can go on living this lie. Nancy and Tamwar launch their pop-up restaurant in the launderette, and the evening goes well - until Denise and Claudette start arguing

2/2, Ronnie is stunned to be blamed for causing the death of Hannah's parents and is determined to help, although Honey worries when she returns to find her looking at her bank accounts. Is she about to give the girl money? Masood and Carmel head home to find Shabnam, who tells them she has left Kush - and despite asking her father to stay out of it, the situation soon descends into an argument. Tamwar mysteriously disappears, leaving Nancy to cope with an embarrassing incident alone, and Shirley is in a foul mood after receiving a request to visit Dean. Denise gets more than she bargained for when she interrupts Kim and Vincent's night in, and feeling lonely she makes a phone call


2/4, Phil arrives home from hospital and makes an immediate beeline for the bottles - despite Ronnie's pleas for him to stop drinking himself to death. Buster worries about Shirley's plans to visit Dean and asks Denise to talks some sense into her, but all it does is convince the latter to go see Lucas as well, and the two women end up in the prison waiting room together. Will they regret their decision? Nancy hides out at the Vic, still embarrassed about what happened, and when she does finally see Tamwar she refuses to accept his apology. Shabnam says her goodbyes as she gets ready to leave for Pakistan, despite Kush's insistence he doesn't want her to go

2/5, Shirley, Ronnie, Buster and Tina head to court for Dean's plea hearing, and are surprised when Linda asks to accompany them, having previously refused to go. As he takes the stand, Shirley stares at her son, urging him to do the right thing - what will he plead? Back in the Square, Shabnam comes to a final decision about her future with Kush, while Lucas's sister Gloria arrives to see Denise, with worrying news about her troubled nephew Jordan


2/1, Ronnie attempts to reunite the Mitchells for the sake of Phil, but will her plan work? With the lies weighing heavily on Shabnam's mind, she makes a life-changing decision.

2/2, Nancy and Tamwar embark on their new venture, but will all go to plan? The Masoods and Kazemis reach breaking point as truths come to light. Shirley is stunned when she receives a letter from Dean.

2/3, n/a

2/4, Despite her better judgement, Denise decides to face past demons. Shirley visits Dean, but her words are not what he expected. After the events of last night, Nancy questions what she really wants.

2/5, It's judgement day for Dean, but will he plead guilty or not guilty? Realising the importance of family, Shirley makes a decision. Patrick grows concerned about Denise.
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Soap spoilers: EastEnders returnee, Coronation Street fury, Emmerdale outburst, Hollyoaks Freddie

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